13 Jan 2019

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Callela Holiday 2 (Exhibitionism)

We slept for a while and I was awoken by the sound of the shower, I got off the bed and peered through the ajar bathroom door to see Paula playing the shower head water onto her labia masturbating.

This was not the wife I knew back home but I liked it even though she had been unfaithful and this new side of her was exciting and in some ways frightening.

She stopped the water and her hair was soon wrapped in a towel as she appeared naked from the bathroom, I had a hard on as soon as I saw her but she told me to wait until later as we needed to eat.

I took a shower as she dried her hair standing naked by the patio doors with the curtains open in full view of the rooms opposite.

She put a sundress on with no underwear to go down for the meal which raised a few eyes as her breasts wobbled as she walked.

We had a bottle of wine with the meal and then returned to the room to change and clean up to go out for the night.

Paula was naked in the corridor as we reached the room again and used the bathroom first, I dressed in shorts and tee shirt with trainers and used the bathroom after her.

When I came out she was dressed in the new black Dare to Wear bikini, showing her nipples and vagina quite clearly and black healed sandals, “a bit risky for the night” I said, she just smiled and produced a wrap she brought with us that covered the bikini and gave her some modesty.

We had a few drinks in the hotel bar before going out much to the dismay of the barman as she let the wrap fall open exposing her self to him.

We left the hotel and walked along the prom stopping in a few bars, mostly full of youngster’s who couldn’t take their eyes off Paula as she kept flashing herself to them.

We were sat near the bar so they kept ordering drinks from by us, I noticed Paula’s nipples were very pronounced and her vagina was open and wet, clearly she was aroused.

We had another drink in the bar with Paula flashing even more to the lads as they came to bar for booze. One of them even came to speak to us, actually to speak and look at Paula, his eyes moving from tits to cunt as she moved to give him a better view.

I loved her movements and exposure and the simple way she did it.

We finally left and looked for a bar with music or a club for the night, we ended up in a bar with a doorman who told us we get a free drink if we go in and checked out Paula saying he needed to search us for drugs.

He frisked me first and ushered me inside to pay as he started searching Paula and asked her to told her arms out with her wrap, he quickly started on her tits mauling her breasts and pinching her nipples, making her bite her lip.

Then he reached down to her vagina and slipped his hand into her lips, you could hear the squelch as his fingers went inside her.

The girl on the desk asked for ten euros but the door man said it was free as he released her as she buckled at the knees and he licked her juices on his fingers.

Regaining her composure she joined me and I asked if she was OK, she nodded and pulled her bikini back in position, making our way in she wanted the toilet and made her way there as I went to the bar.

She was there a while and when I saw her she was with two other girls who came across to me with her, Paula introduced me to them, one being Jane and the other Claire.

Both dressed in bikinis with wraps but agreed Paula was dressed in the best bikini and wished they had one like it, they also said it was great I didn’t mind her wearing it.

Claire told us the doorman had searched them the same way and slipped his finger in their clit’s and his thumb up their arse, then licked his fingers.

They got their drinks from the bar and asked to join us, which they did, all three periodically dancing together.

They told us they were going to Barcelona on the train the next day and asked us to join them.

As the room got busier the girls had to dance further on the dance floor, all three leaving their wraps with me and their breasts barely being retained in their tops.

Often lads of all nationalities would dance with them but they only had a few dances before returning for their drinks.

As the night moved on the music got louder and the lights dimmer and the dancing wilder, the girls returning less and were often out of sight.

The DJ was encouraging the women to go topless which nearly all did, the three returning briefly with their tops to me and downing their drinks before retuning to the dance floor.

Jane had very small tits but Claire had great ones with conical nipples, all the girls were quite tanned and looked very sexy.

The DJ played Kaiser Chiefs and encouraged the girls to strip a guy by them, some guys left the dance floor but the ones that stayed were soon stripped bollock naked, the three girls having a guy each. Paula with a very well endowed guy who’s cock was slapping between his legs.

The DJ then asked for the first couple to go to him naked with the guys cock between the girl legs will receive a bottle of spirit of their choice from the bar.

He then shouted go and the girls grabbed their guys toward the stage, Paula grabbing her guy by his cock and dragged him behind her pulling his cock between her legs and rubbing it into her cunt and she won.

The lights came higher and the couples parted leaving them on full view as the DJ asked their names, the guy was from Germany and his name was Hans, Paula introduced herself still holding his cock between her legs. The DJ then said to win the bottle she must bend over with his cock between her legs and simulate sex for three minutes and others could do the same as they may also win a prize.

The DJ then told them to start when the music started and he played “Je Tem” as Hans thrust his cock between her legs but Paula opened her legs and his hard cock slipped in her cunt, her lips totally enlarged and soaking.

The crowed were chanting each time he thrust which encouraged him as he grabbed her tits with her nipples massive and bit her neck. My wife was being fucked in front of all there by this German with a massive cock.

Paula screamed out as she orgasmed and soaked his legs and the floor, within seconds Hans thrust deep in her as he too was cumming but kept thrusting until the DJ declared them the winners.

They then returned to me at the bar, talking to each other until they reached me when Hans thanked me and kissed Paula saying that she could have the bottle they won.

The other two girls had left their guys and also kissed Hans grabbing his massive cock as they did.

Hans left as the lights dimmed and the music started, the girls chatted as I had to go to the toilet, that’s when I heard the guys there saying they wanted to fuck the arse off the sexy bitch who won and would have her next time she was dancing.

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