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A trip to a swingers party in London with Bi and straight action!

"My first swinging party with a work colleague"

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Author's Notes

"This is a follow-on story Billy Rational has a 3 some! Again names and geography tweaked!"

Kate and I won the job we had been pitching for that meant we had to visit some locations in London to bring our work ideas alive. That meant that Kate needed to come to my home office to work up a schedule for the client. She sat at the spare desk winked when she first came in, having had a chat with Sue (my wife) then offered to make a round of hot drinks. Sue says she will have a quick one, and says she is off for a game of golf in a bit. We all have a natter with Kate it all felt “normal”. How does Kate do it? Sue says, “see you later”.

As Sue closes the door Kate says…” we have about 4 hours maybe!”. I so want to play, I moved over we had some lovely deep probing kissing. Oh, how important a good kisser is for building the sex vibe! I have a very quickly rock hard cock pushing and fighting to get out of my jeans. Then I say Kate “we can’t we have work to do…we have to sort the plan out let’s see if we can nail that as the client said they want it before lunchtime”. I also said it is to nervy playing in my house, let’s sort something when we are in London. She nods and says maybe we could involve Tom! She pulls away and as she turns squeezes my cock through my jeans!

So, we split the work up and nailed my bits a little quicker than her and quietly did a bit of trawling for a sex party website I had come across (this would be about 2006/7, I checked recently and couldn’t find any details it was Scorpio something) any way back to what I found, a party date Bi play OK and it was to take place in a large ground floor flat near Westminster ! I smile quietly and yell over I am all clear.

We then pulled a draft schedule tighter for our client and there needed to be an overnight! Oh and yep once we sent that off, I told Kate what I had found! Showed her the website she sat at my desk as she scrolled, I could hear her breathing pick up. So, I said “shall we” her brain had already sussed it was practical within the “actual work meetings” schedule.

So, I leant in for a kiss, and asked do you think “Tom can make it?”. She said she’d check, our revery was interrupted by the client phoning, few tweaks to the schedule but playtime was safe. Four hours had flown by, we agreed logistics for travel, I booked us into the party, then agreed where I would pick her up as driving down was best plan.

4 days later, I pull into the pub car park to pick up Kate, Tom was in the car, he waved, Kate got out overnight bag and some work kit, so I helped load it into the boot. She leant into the car window where Tom was and gave him a long long snog, leaning so I could see up her shorter than normal skirt! She turned to walk away then went back and snogged hm again, my cock was getting hard. I guess Tom wasn’t coming! But I got so turned on watching!

She jumped into my car, seatbelt in, a bit flustered, I pulled off, she waved to Tom. No good morning she just “He has work on and can’t make it, but I must tell him all we get up to. We had great sex last night and he got so horny when I talked about having a threesome with you, and he wanted me to peg him. That was after he had come. He normally just turns over and sleeps quite quickly after! Steve he call your name as I drove the dildo in!”…There was a brief silence then she says ”Anyway he needs to look after the kids”

“Morning Kate how are you?” I said in sarcastic humoured tone. Whilst thinking my god how different things between have become a professional work relationship with a bit of matey banter now suddenly she is so open and candid.

On the drive down we shared various stories of our past and she wanted to no more about my playing with other men as much as other dalliances. It felt so comfortable and relaxing being able to open up and share the stories. I was stroking her leg and then holding her hand as we bombed down the motorway. I told I was very nervous about the post work party, she said she still gets nervous but feeds off the nerves. We agree we will have time for a quick shower in the hotel before we get to the party. Thirty mins out, we then switch to work mode, double check prep etc. We pull up outside the client’s office, she leans into the boot, sees I am taking a sneaky peep, and just winks. “Work head, not cock head she says!” I smile, she is my subcontractor, and she is keeping me in line!

The client stuff goes well but as the day unfolds, I feel a crackling energy between the 2 of us, I hold the door open for the client, Kate is next in, she touched my hand as she walks past, she brushed my thigh in another situation. She keeps putting her pen in her mouth (never seen that before in a client meeting) and rubs my leg with her foot under the table as we do a day end recap meeting. One happy client, he leaves.

We drive to the hotel, Kate strokes my leg, reaches for my hand she now has switched to play mode! We check-in, have a lovely sexy kiss in the lift which we don’t break as someone else gets in! 7 floors, we get in the room. So, the party is 10 min walk away, and we are due in under an hour. We help undress each other from our work clothes. Still kissing, then we agree to a quick shower, together, I wash her all over, she washed me, we are kissing and caressing she reaches down for my erect cock the water cascading down and then starts to give me a blow job. I (Bill Rational don’t want to be late …or get my rocks off). She gets up we kiss, and she says take you time I want to do my hair and makeup!

I then reach for my douche kit (it did say Bi welcome) …shower again, I get out of the shower, Kate is dressed in a short leather skirt and see through white blouse which showed a lovely lacey delicate whit bra and her proud tits underneath. My god! Hot lady. I dressed in a tight white T shirt, smart tight black jeans and black suede boots. We leave the room, hand in hand, she has a coat that she allows to swing open as we stride through the busy reception. As we walk, I ask her how she wants to play this, “Steve, just keep an eye on me, you can have me later, let me be a little wild!” What have I got into here, I thought it would be her and I, “are you sure?” I didn’t want to say what about me? She was “let me be wild once you feel I am safe you go wander” – a squeeze of my hand and a lean in for a kiss. We arrived nice ground floor flat in Westminster area!

Tap on the door nervously, nice guy in leather trousers and black T shirt opens the check us out and I pay some money, we walk in we are given the house rules. There is a bar set up in the kitchen so “no means no, and condoms and lube available and must be used, unless you are having sex with your own partner” he says. “Naked or clothed coats in here!” I nod, I take Kate’s coat and return to find her in the kitchen talking to 2 blokes. So, I grab a drink then have a quick walk around, in the lounge there is a mature lady sitting on a chair in the middle of the floor with a guy’s head between her legs, there are a couple of blokes watch stroking their cocks. There was a Dom guy (the guy who appear to share the hosting) with a younger ginger haired girl (say early 20s) with a collar and lead, and she was naked. My head is exploding,60 mins ago I was on the M40!

It is a three-bedroom flat I stick my head round the door of a bedroom and see a lady blowing three guys she is on her knees a hot looking lady say in her 50s. There is bed but no one on it yet, I walk to the other room and there are 3 blokes sucking and playing with each other, my cock is now getting hard. I walk back to kitchen to check-in in on Kate. She’s not there, I go back to the main bedroom, she is on the bed and four or five guys are feeling her up and starting to strip her…she catches my eye. “Slow down guys take your time” she says. Then she sits up and takes off her blouse and bra, raises them over her head and signals to me to look after them!

As she slips back down, she grabs one of the guy’s heads and pulls him in for a snog! One of the other goes on his knees and starts sucking on her tits and a third is pulling off her knickers…and lean in and grab them, they are soaking! I continue to watch and take a sniff of her nectar. The fourth guys is throwing off his cloths he has an average sized cock that is so hard as he walked over to the table to get a condom it was bouncing off his belly!

I nip to put Kate’s clothes in a safe place, I come back she has one covered cock in her pussy and one in her mouth. I am so turned on watching but also don’t want to be one of 4 or 5 guys sharing her. I catch her eye, do a questioning thumbs up, she nods I walk back through the lounge. I go down on the lady who is still sitting on the chair, that is all she wants no kissing no reciprocal BJ…I get up and start of go to another bedroom. Standing there with her hands behind her back is the red-haired girl, by herself. “You all cool” I say she says yes, she picks up that I am a bit of a novice in these situations and says, “you can play with me if you want but you have to as my master”. He was the guy who let us in, I walk over to the kitchen, even before I say anything, “Yeah mate you fuck Sally, tell her 4 more to go”. I walk back to the room and pass the message on. Asking what in meant elicited the answer “I have been a good slave, so my reward with 7 men today I have to serve you let me undress you.” Yeah, I have read about this sort of play, but I wanted to talk about it with her, she undressed me, smiled politely and said “quiet just enjoy the gift”. She gave me the most spectacular blow job, having asked me to lay on the bed, so gentle and gradually worked me deeper and deeper into her throat. A first me. At one point her master came in and held her head to the point of gagging her onto my cock. I was a bit uncomfortable he kept saying “she fucking loves it”, she pulls her head off phlegm flying everywhere gasping for breath then gives me the biggest smile…and a couple more repeats her master walks off. She then reaches over for a condom, towels my cock dry of all the spit and then slides it on in a well-practiced move.

She then slides down my body, and as she is kneeling over me, she grabs my cock and rubs it from her ass to her pussy, I am not sure where this is going to end up, then I hear her master say “pussy”, she slams down on my cock in one move. By now there are a couple of other blokes watching. I am slightly bewildered, as well, I focus on the moment with Sally. I want a more slow and sensual session, she is more interested in driving up and down on my cock, she would do those 6 or 7 times in a row, then suddenly leans forward (my cock still in) then slide 6 or 7 inches up my body, mmm flesh on flesh for 3 or 4 times then back to pile driving! I tried to meet her as she slammed down. Her breathing is getting more erratic she clearly is building to a climax, I tell her to tell me when she is less than 5 seconds from coming and then I would come at the same time as her (I was battling to hold back)…She is red faced we are both sweating, I am beginning to think I miss read her “close to coming signals” , I was on the verge, then she starts to scream “I’m coming!” . Boom I let rip at the same time she kept on riding me for 30 secs or so then sat up, lifted her leg over me and climbed of the bed to applause! She suddenly looked shy! She then slid the condom off me and started to clean my cock.

“Shower?” I ask. She takes me by the hand to quite a large bathroom and we have a shared shower, the door left open! Kate walks in sweaty bedraggled and sits on the loo! I leave the shower and check-in with her. She wants a shower, so I let her in as Sally gets out. Sally quickly dries off, a peck on the cheek and walks out, again door left open! I sit with the towel around my waste. Kate finished her shower I help dry her, she leans in and kisses me. “I am knacked she says” “A bloody good knackered!”. Before I can say anything a really nice sexy, I guess 50-year-old lady walks in with a black corset on and looks like she might have enjoyed some action, then my next thought was she was the one blowing off those guys when I first walked round! She sits on the loo, wipes herself and chats to us. A long story short she (Debs) wants to know if we fancy going to her house, within walking distance. I look at Kate and Kate goes “can we go back to the hotel just you and me! The lady tries again, then a bloke walks in semi erect, a nice sized cock I look at it, Kate sees me…looking and I see a cheeky glint in her eye. Debs introduces me to him (I can’t remember his name). Debs somehow had picked up that I wasn’t averse of a bit of cock action, she gets off the loo, puts the lid down and tell me to sit. She then tells this chap to suck my cock…Kate is looking well turned on… (again I am struggling with the sudden speed and openness of this party). He goes to drop to his knees and before he touches the floor, he suddenly leans into me and starts to snog me, I respond and get really fired up, Kate is rubbing my head, my back…finally he drops to his knees and proceeds to give me a brilliant blow job, Kate then leans in and kisses me! I tried to get the guy to stop as I was about to shoot, Debs is egging him on, I just find myself zoning into the moment and relax, that puts off my shooting for a while I look around the bathroom look at Debs, who has had the odd snog with Kate…then I look at Kate right in the eye…”I am fucking loving this feeling of total freedom”…I warn the chap again I am about to shoot…I just goes at it harder. I shoot my second load of the day…He doesn’t swallow it directly he climbs off the floor and leans in to kiss me. I snog him back, fuck that was this felt so so horny. If someone told me I would end up doing that I would have said no way. Now as I type this, I get hard over the thought again!

Kate then leans in kisses me and him and says, “Come on let’s go!”

Written by slick2

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