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Spit roast Stories

spit roast

By now you know I opened an account after I discovered Liam and he had taken advantage of me in a chatroom. I did spend a few hours on several days in the chatrooms, but soon I was looking for company. There were many I spoke with, some I liked but were s...

The first time, I couldn't believe my eyes

From an innocent accident to the craziest night of my life, I dont think this make me a cuck

I suppose I should give a bit about my wife Sarah and I before we start, we are both in our early 30's I'm 6'1 somewhere between average build and athletic, my wife is 5'9 with long blonde hair amazing with great tits and legs, she doesn't really work out...


Theft while fucking

While I was fucking Tina Gazza was robbing the house.

I had spent four months conversing with a couple that said they were into threesomes and wanted extra men. In her photos Tina looked gorgeous and Gazza looked ok. As time went on I was beginning to think they were just time wasters. I had heard the term s...


One Lady, Two Cocks

How much cum can one little lady pull from two hard cocks? A lot, apparently.

My wife is 5'4" / 164 cm and built like a Ukrainian gymnast. In fact, it was her hard, round ass that first made my cock stir those 25 years ago when I first saw her. She's also a beauty. A babe. And now, in her 40s, a certified eastern European MILF. Our...


Three's Allowed

Smutty poetry

Tell me, oh tell me Do you like smut The thought of a hand Squeezing your butt Or slapping it hard Whilst you're on all fours Or maybe you like it When they use their claws As someone's fingers Gently go tracing All over your thighs Your heart begins raci...


Became part of the act.

Ended up at a gentleman's evening by addident and my wife joined in.

This happened in 2017. Our marriage was flagging after fifteen year and to spice it up we had started to have date nights. It was my turn to choose where we went and after some thought I decided that we would go to a club we had gone to many years before....


Innocent girlfriend

My girlfrien was naive and innocent, but we soon educated her

To say my girlfriend was innocent and naive was an understatement. As part of her college course she had to attend a Crown Court case. She was nervous and I agreed to go with her. During the trial she was taking notes and as the case concluded she had to...

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Ray B

Partners wife

My partner wanted me to take his wife on holiday with me.

My business partner and I bought into a time share villa. He bought two weeks and I bought the next two weeks. We had both used the villa a few times over the last few years when he found that an important meeting he had booked clashed with his two weeks...