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Rough Stories



Lewis feels the repercussions of impersonating others

So here we are again with another instalment of this short series (probably another 5-parter. They seem to be my thing). Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is precisely the point of this story…Duh! TRICK OR TREAT? TREAT AND TRICK. There at my door w...


Theft while fucking

While I was fucking Tina Gazza was robbing the house.

I had spent four months conversing with a couple that said they were into threesomes and wanted extra men. In her photos Tina looked gorgeous and Gazza looked ok. As time went on I was beginning to think they were just time wasters. I had heard the term s...


Time for a waoman's view

The sky was full of rainbows as the sensations washed through me

Hi, my name is Lana and on looking on your site and reading some of your letters I see that it is mainly orientated to men as are most things in life. At forty-two I have fought most of my life to change that. It’s not that I don’t like men, far from it,...


Debbie's betrayal

My fiancee Debbie is fucked by her older work colleague weeks before our wedding

I have known my beautiful 43 year old fiancee Debbie since secondary school. I worshipped her from afar then, I never had the confidence to ask her out even though we shared the same group of friends. About seven years ago we bumped into each other again....


Sexual Flavours

Essential sex ingredients for recipes with a twist!

Hi there, I'm Amanda, a 22yo slim brunette with good size breasts and surprisingly for my age, large brown nipples and puffy areola. I'm quite short/petite at only 5ft 2 in height. My boyfriend loves my tits and my hairy pussy which I keep neat as a broad...


My Brother Fucks My Girlfriend

My Girlfriend Is a Freak

So this will be my first story I will be writing about me and my girlfriends naughty fantasies that we turn into real life. My name is Tony and I am 25 5’11 and my Girlfriend name is Rita 24 and 5’3 32DD. She has lovely pair of tits that I love to slap an...

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I was single at 41 and I wanted anal taboo sex

I booked a male escort , he was muscular and ready to play

After a messy emotionally draining divorce I was left on my own , trying to sort out my life , single at 41 wasnt how my life was supposed to be panned out. I decided I needed to change my appearance, signed up to my local gymn, it took a while but slowly...

Kenny & the wirralite

Common or posh they are all the same

I was on the floor she was clocking my cock bulge

This happened a few years ago , as a electrician I see all cultures and classes of people , from the worst squalor to the rich . I did a job for this middle aged lady from The Wirral , 1st visit was a “look and see” with a price quote , she was a sort , I...

Nigel and Tina

The wife's dream cum true

A brutal weekend of shagging

So that my wife Tina could live out her fantasy I took her to a nice hotel. She knew roughly what I was going to do but didn’t have the details. We had decided long before our special afternoon that we needed to spice things up and she had told me several...

Shelly T

from wife to slut again

Sex Is like a drug and turns decent people into sluts

I’m Shelly T (not my real name). I wrote an account of my first venture into illicit sex and I’m so grateful to have had nice responses. It makes me feel better about myself because I did feel a slut for what I do. If it was something my husband was invol...

Steve and Annabelle

fantasy goes a little too far

The wife asks for a titty fuck from a stranger and gets ass fucked into the deal.

Our one and only swinging experience happened because I dared my wife to carry out her fantasy and it went a bit far. I’m 58 and my wife Annabelle is 45. She is attractive and in what I would call a great hour glass shape. Nice big soft breasts, nice size...


Gatwick Hotel

voyeurism produces results

A certain Gatwick hotel boasts an executive U shaped section with the inside room windows facing each other. I always got an upgrade in those days and asked usually for the first one in either corridor , facing inwards towards its opposite across the void...


Winnie finds a young lover Part 1

52 year old wife gets fucked by son's 25 year old former school friend

Hi my name is Winnie , i'm 52 years old, tall slim and platinum blonde and i've been married to Pat my second husband for 18 years. Pat is five years younger than me but has a drink problem and has let himself go to seed over the last few years. He looks...