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My Brother Fucks My Girlfriend Part 2

"My Girlfriend is a Freak"

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So here it is Part 2 !!! So Rita and Paul are kissing with tongues she tells me and she tells me it was amazing that she felt so good as she hadnt had another mans tongue in her mouth before. That already made me know she was going to love the fuck she was about to receive if the kissing was that good. After they finished kissing rita tells me he grabs my by my hair tells me to go on my knees like a dirty whore, and I tell him “ yes daddy” he then spits on my face and rubs it all over my slutty face. I ask Rita did you like that? She goes “ that made me so wet I felt like such a whore I loved it made me want to please Paul even more baby” then she goes on to tell me “ you were right Paul does have a massive cock I did pick the wrong brother” I was so turnt on by this even though I was like this bitch. She tells me “ that she started to suck on Pauls dick slowly like she sucks mine but Paul did not want that, he wanted me to choke on his fat juicy dick so thats what I did” I was on my knees he was pulling my hair hard with one hand and would grab and slap my tits one at a time whilst I choked on his dick.” Rita tells me that she was loving every second of it and that she hoped that she would be able to do it again. I tell her Rita just continue and we will see later!! Rita tells me shes sucking his cock and shes gagging but still continuing as she did not want to displease Paul, she tells me she could see her tits getting red by the hard slaps Paul was giving her and she loved it. Rita tells me she loved how Paul would recognise when I was not able to deepthroat his thick cock he push my head deep in the cock sometimes I could feel his balls getting closer to me. Rita tells me “ i thought I was going to vomit sometimes but I was able to control my self by licking his fat balls instead of deepthroating his fat cock.” She tells me that she has never seen balls that big and she loved sucking on them whilst wanking of his fat cock and that she had never been soo wet before over sucking a cock. She tells me that her eyes were getting watery and she thought they were going to explode at one point when Paul had put her mouth deep inside of his cock and that she loved that feeling and was grabbing his bum to keep balance she said that was the best blowjob she had given. Rita then tells me look baby I love you so much and that will never change I am just being honest Paul knows how to fuck way better then you and that is not your fault baby. Rita then tells me I sucked him off and then he tells me to get ready that he is about to cum, so he is wanking off his fat cock and he slaps my face and tells me to put my hands behind my back so I tell him “ok daddy” That slap on the face made me so horny I am dripping right now baby !!! So hes wannking off with his hand on one of my tits and he then cums all over my face baby and then shoves his dick in my mouth for me to clean what is left on his dick. So i suck the rest of his cum and my face is dripping of his fat load and I quickly put my finger on my face to get all the cum so I can swallow it baby. His cum tasted soo strong I havent tasted cum like that before. Then Rita says “ i get up and Paul slaps my arse and tells me to go clean up so I go clean my face and enjoy the last drips of cum from my face then I am getting wet thinking about how good he is going to be when he fucks me and eats my out. So I walk back downstairs naked getting ready to get a pounding and I see Paul on the phone to a friend telling him that he was with “ a whore and that he would come around later after he was finished with me” and baby I dont know I felt shame but I knew you was ok with it and I loved it. So I walk to him and I grab his cock and tell him “ when will you be finished with your whore” he looks at me in my eyes and grabs my by the throat and tells me “ he wont ever be finished with me” baby I dont know if you want it happen Rita tells me but Me and Paul both want to continue fucking eachother only if it is ok with you. I am left speechless and I tell her baby we will see but you are turnjng me on so much right now. So rita carries on explaining tells me that they walk upstairs with rita infront of Paul and he slaps her bum a few times and she tells me that they stang like a motherfucker and she couldnt wait to get spanked even harder in bed. So he puts me on the bed my legs spread out, my pussy dripping wet he starts to lick me out baby and finger me, i was shaking telling him “youre killing me baby” my legs were all over the place baby I may have kicked him but I was too wet I couldnt control my self, he had one hand on my throat one sliding his fingers through my pussy and even my bum a couple times, he would sometimes put his wet hands inside my mouth at first I was like wtf baby but then I didnt mind I loved it. He would gag my with his wet fingers I loved it I was moaning so hard baby I couldnt stop. This went on for what seemed like forever baby and I cummed probably two times baby I was all over the place I have never felt like that before. I tell him when are you going to fuck me. He pulls my up by pulling my hair and slaps me and tells me beg for it. “ paul please fuck my tight pussy” slaps me again “ paul please fuck me please I am your little whore please give me that fat dick” he pulls my head down I put my Mouth in his cock to get it all wet and juicy ready for it to fuck me. I gag on his cock till I feel my eye balls about to pop and His dick is dripping of my spit he then turns me around I am facing the mirror in our room. I arch my back baby I focus hard on trying to maintain the shape baby make the sex the best he has ever had because He is a special guy. He had already had me cockwhipped I wanted him everyday already I want him now just telling you about it. So he is pulling my hair and using that as balance and baby I never knew hair pulling was soo sexy it hurts but fuck me baby you need to do that I love it. So Paul is pulling on my hair, He slips in his fat cock I do not know how it fit, then he starts to go slowly get the rthym going I can feel it going deep in my Pussy I have never felt anything like this baby. Then he starts to speed up a little and starts to slap my arse baby I can see his big figure in the mirror I can see my self enjoying it but it was painful baby especially at the start I was trying to keep strong did not want to disappoint him baby. He carries on going quicker and quicker he starts to slap my arse even harder my bum was stinging, he then would go on to put his thumb in my but baby wow. I was in shock I let the biggest scream I could I have never experienced a thrill like that baby. He then goes quicker and quicker changing from spanking my arse to putting his finger in my bum, I am speechless all I am doing is moaning. Hes saying to me “ you like this fat dick dont you rita” “ rita you little whore” I am struggling to maintain my arched back He sees the form dipping “ rita dont tap out you whore keep that arse up” again im speechless he is fucking my like crazy. “ rita dont tap out or ill fuck you even harder” im screaming my bum is sore as fuck Im loving paul fucking me he must have been going for 15-20 minutes. I manage to tell him “ im about to tapp out dont stopppoo” then I start moaning again. I lose my strength to hold my arch baby but then this just brought another level to Paul. I lose my posture and I am laying down now still moaning, he then moves his legs and gets into position to carry on fucking me. This position is called “plain kamasutra” if you want to visualise the position. Readers and Tony. So hes fucking me and I am moaning thinking to my self I love this so much he lets go of my hair and has both hands on my hips to get better control. He starts to go deeper baby and deeper and I am screaming I wet the covers I am cumming and cumming I cant believe Paul was still going then he asks me “rita you want it inside of you or in your mouth” baby i was so in the moment I said inside . I am sorry baby but it was just too good. So he carries on fucking me and then cums inside of me and lays beside of me and just starts to kiss me whilst grabbing my bum and breast. Baby he put so much work and I was so tired we fell asleep together straight away. We woke up we had a shower separately and we kissed a little but thats it. He said he needed to help his friend out with work but he would come tomorrow for a surprise if I was willing to accept. I gave him another kiss and said I cannot wait. Baby I done something that you might hate. What did you do Rita? Promise me you wont get mad. Look i allowed you to be a whore so its fine I wanted this to happen. Rita then tells me that during the evening Paul is messaging her flirty texts and telling his friend what he did with this “whore” not mentioning my name. He then tells me would I be up for extra company? I tell him what do you mean ( i knew what he meant) he sends me a picture of his friend who is a big white guy same height as him masculine. So i say Rita no way did you. Rita tells me I tell Paul erm I dunno baby I just want you, he tells me Tony told me that you always thought about dps, and that the bumhole was ready… My adrenaline was so high I was so wet I did not know what to do. He then sends me his friends cock and its massive. Paul tells me that he told you that I was his for One more night. So baby I said Ok to this. I was speechless I still hadnt gone over the fact that she had fucked my brother now she was about to tell me she fucked another man also!!! I was turnt on my heart beating i didnt know what was going to happen. So then Rita tells me she leaves them and she gets the house ready for tomorrow and rests. She wakes up in the morning, and Pauls friend comes over and tells me Paul will be over in an hour… Ok so we will leave this for another part I hope you enjoyed Rita and her slut fantasy being done, I certainly did until next time. Love Rita and Tony xxxp
Written by Anonymous

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