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The wife's dream cum true

"A brutal weekend of shagging"

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So that my wife Tina could live out her fantasy I took her to a nice hotel. She knew roughly what I was going to do but didn’t have the details. We had decided long before our special afternoon that we needed to spice things up and she had told me several times that new experience she wanted, and this was it. What I didn’t know was how horny and life changing it would be for me. My wife Tina is 36, she’s just over 6’ ( like me ) is slim with long legs and nice hips. Her tits aren’t too big or too small but they are firm so I knew I wouldn’t have any problems getting ‘helpers’ so she could live out her fantasy. I made sure that she really wanted to go ahead with part of her fantasy which was a role play where she is blindfolded, and I pretend to be a stranger who comes in a fucks her. Her words to me were, ‘maybe one day we can ‘do it’ with a real stranger. That sealed her fate. I told Tina to undress and lay on the bed. I blindfolded her with a lace blindfold that meant that even though she wouldn’t be able to make out who was who, she would be able to make out that someone was there. Tina’s fantasies were plentiful. She wanted to know what it was like to fuck a stranger, she wanted to know what it would be like to have sex with a woman with a cock (after watching a particular porn film)and feel tits on her as well as a cock inside her, she wanted to know what it would be like to have a threesome, so I made her fantasy’s all come true at the same time but as fat as she knew, this was our role play and no one else was involved. I had told my new friends who I have only just met the day before after exchanging numerous e mails that they were not to say anything. I had paid for two adjoining rooms so that they could come in already prepared. He was a big muscular guy with a long fat cock, his wife was butch and muscular, plain looking with huge tits. If you didn’t know her you would assume, she was a lesbian, not a married mother of 4. She had tattoos all over her body, from her neck to her arms, chest and down her leg. I would even go as far as saying that she scared me. I kissed my wife and ran my hands down her body. She arched her back when I put my fingers inside her. I told her to stay there and I went to open to adjoining door before going back to kiss my wife’s perfect lips so she couldn’t see anyone else. Then I moved back. Tina trembled and took a sharp intake of breath. I knew that she had made out that fact that other were in the room. She looked over at me, unable to make me out before turning her head back to her new fuck buddies, one , overweight with a skin head, tattoos and a rubber cock, the other, also with short hair, tattoos on his muscular arms and a real cock in his hand, fat and long and erect. His wife knelt in between my wife’s and immediately went down on her shaved pussy whilst her husband knelt beside the bed and proceeded to suck my wife’s erect nipples. Tina was panting and seemed to be well on her way to a panic attack. His wife ate Tina’s pussy and came close to making her cum before she stopped and ran her huge tits up my wife’s legs then stomach. Tina was panting and I was worried that she was going to want to stop or have a panic attack. Tina put her hands in the wife’s face and asked ‘ are you going to fuck me’. The wife said that she was. Her husband put his cock in Tina’s hand and she closed her fingers round it and muttered ‘oh fuck’ at its girth. Then Tina asked if she could see them and took her blindfold off. Her eyes popped out of her head as she repeated ‘oh’ over and over. The wife put her rubber cock in her hand and pushed it into my wife’s smooth pussy. Tina arched her back and cried out whilst her new butch fuck buddy thrust her ‘cock’ deep into my wife over and over. I sat on a chair next to the bed as my wife was fucked by a rubber cock. I watched the two women almost eat each other’s mouths whilst Tina gripped the other woman’s enormous soft tits whilst she thrust away. As I sat and watched I saw that this wasn’t the first time these two had done this. She had my wife in a lot of different positions, on her back, on her tummy and then on her side with the rubber cock still deep inside her pussy and a leg held up to improve access. But that when the husband played his part. My wife was on her side facing him. I stood up in time to watch his long fat cock pushed past my wife’s hot lips. His wife looked at me and grinned then motioned to my jeans. My cock was so hard it hurt as I listened and watched my wife being ‘used’ by strangers. I listened to her muffled gags whilst her mouth was fucked and her muffled squeals as she was slowly fucked by a big pink rubber cock. I undressed and let me slid but much smaller cock bounce out. The butch wife beckoned me over telling me that I should be left out and with that she put her hand on my buttocks and pulled me closer, close enough for her fat lips to slide over my cock. I stood there and fucked her mouth whilst her husband fucked my wife’s and she fucked my wife’s pussy. Tina pulled back and screamed that she was cumming which ended my blow job. The wife pounded Tina hard until the two of them climaxed. She pulled out of my wife allowing her husband to quickly take her place sliding his real shaft into my wife. By now his wife was on her knees in front of me, my cock back in her mouth. Whilst she sucked me off her husband fucked Tina hard, her legs up round his shoulders, my wife, normally quiet and totally opposed to profanities calling out ‘fuck your cocks big’ , fuck its deep’ fuck me hard to bastard’ followed by a lot of ‘keep going’ begging and pleading for him not to stop. He didn’t. I was well on my way to ejaculating and I warned his wife who pulled back and wanked me off until I shot cum over her face and her neck and those enormous tits. My wife on the other hand had no such inhibitions and called out, pleading with her big lover to cum inside her repeating that she was going to cum and telling him ‘cum inside me, oh fuck fill my pussy’. She climaxed over and over as she shagged her and she repeated ‘cum in me, cum in me’. He obliged and from what I could tell, several times. When he was finished his wife went back for more then so did he emptying what cum he had left into my wife who was partially passed out or was at east unable to talk properly. Our new FB friends had lots of stamina. They ‘instructed’ me to cuck my wife. My much skinnier cock went into my wife’s soaking wet pussy without her even noticing whilst the husband and wife team shagged on the floor next to the bed. I managed to cum again which at least made my wife arch her back and quiver. And then it was over. They said how much they had enjoyed it and hopped that we could do it again. I looked at my wife who was half awake and half asleep out of exhaustion. Tina mumbled that she wanted to be fucked again but he let my wife down gently telling her that it would he to be another time. And then they left. I had paid for the evening, so they stayed the night. As I lay next to my recently showered wife who trembled now and again, and she climaxed in her sleep I swear I could hear the other fucking again which made me feel totally inadequate. I got up at 8am, showered and tried to get Tina to do the same but she wanted to stay in bed and suggested I go for breakfast which I did. Half an hour later the butch wife who had ruined Tina for me came into the breakfast room and sat with me. I asked her where her husband was, she raised her eyebrows and whispered that he was fucking my wife. I was angry and she could tell. That wasn’t part of the agreement to which she whispered back ‘its only sex’. I rushed my breakfast and against advice from his wife I went back to my room. I could hear long before I opened the door that my wife was having sex. I slid the door open, say a fat arse bouncing up and down in between my wife’s legs and listened to her telling him how amazing he was and how what a ‘fucking amazing shag’ this was. How could I be mad when I had set this all up. I closed the door and left them to it and returned to finish my sup of coffee. Breakfast stops at 9:45am. He just about managed to make it. I asked where Tina was, he laughed and told me that she couldn’t get out of bed, then laughed again and said that he thought he had ‘broken her’. I went back to the room to make sure she was ok. Tina lay there still naked, her face was red with exhaustion, it was wet with cum as was her tits and belly. I said that at least he hadn’t cum in her this time. My wife laughed ‘fuck, yes he did’ and opened her pussy to let cum drip out. She got up, kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for an amazing weekend before going to the shower. I asked her if I could join her put she said that she couldn’t cope. That was out first and so far last experience. Surprisingly Tina doesn’t want to meet her friends again instead promises me that the next one will be for me.
Written by Nigel and Tina

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