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"I was on the floor she was clocking my cock bulge"

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This happened a few years ago , as a electrician I see all cultures and classes of people , from the worst squalor to the rich . I did a job for this middle aged lady from The Wirral , 1st visit was a “look and see” with a price quote , she was a sort , I may be common but I have the cheeky banter and I complaints one the trouser department . Laying on the floor I could see her looking at my package , I told her I could do the job 3 days later she said could I come back after 5pm the next day , she said I will make it worth your while. We swapped numbers , I finished one job early so I phoned her back saying I would be there after 5. I knocked on her door she was dressed in a nice blouse , skirt she looked hot. I said you didn’t have to get glammed up for me , I got stuck into the job , she was watching me like a hawk , laying on the floor she asked me did I want a cuppa I said yes please , she filled the kettle from a water bottle , right over my head a lovely view of her white panties , I was hooked in . Job was finished , tools in the van , a little clean up , it was cash in hand , and a 50 sov bonus , I got the vibe and moved closer , a kiss sealed the deal , her hands on my dick , dropping my pants my dick woke up , she wanked me as we kissed , hands on her shoulders she maybe posh but she knew the drill , on her knees and sucking my with style ,I knew I wanted to blow but I wanted a piece of her snatch, pulling her skirt up , panties off with a deep sniff , she said don’t cum in me , a lick of her pussy I told her she smelt fucking good , she said fuck me . From behind I fucked her with deep thrusts , she was rubbing her clit as I fucked her , I was getting close , I pulled out wanking , she opened her mouth and said on my face , I gave her 3 lots of cum , she swallowed the lot , on my knees I finger frigged her and she came . Then reality hit me , she said thanks but have people coming around in an hour , she said let yourself out , that was that , my thoughts were was that my fantasy to fuck a posh girl or was it hers to have a scally bit of rough.
Written by Kenny & the wirralite

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