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Breast Stories


Breast Feeding

An opportunity not to be missed

An unusual one in that its about me in my male role, rather than my CD role. Breast feeding My nephew and his wife (of just over a year) recently bought their first home, and I’ve been helping them redecorate and rewire the place. Having a 3 month old aro...

Nigel and Clair

wife encourages sex with younger woman

from a quiet sex life to outrageous.

I’m not proud of what I am about to tell you, but I have become hooked on this type of sex. I’m 58 and married to Clair 57. Clair had never been keen to experiment and I still don’t know what happened to cause such a big change but change she did. My wife...

Sexy Cleaner, cleans up Part 2

My thoughts were confirmed, despite being a cleaner, she is filthy.

It was another three weeks before I saw Holly again and during that time my mind had been racing with thoughts about where our conversation would take us. On this second occasion, I arrived home around midday to find her alone in the house; I made us a cu...

Clair L

Husband introduces his wife to swinging and instantly regrets it

he wanted to watch me fuck a man. I fucked his girlfriend as well.

I’m 24 and married to a great guy. His only problem is that he sometimes does things without thinking. We were only married for 6 months before he started to hint at wanting more. We had been together for 3 years and I knew he had a kinky side, so it wasn...

Me and S

the wife and the lodger

Wife encourages me to fuck the lodger so she can play away.

My wife and I are very close but have decided to lead separate sex lives. We still have sex together but not very often. To make up for it she actively encouraged me to shag our lodger who is 19, almost 20 and our daughters’ best friend. So, this is my st...

Paul and Janet

you never know a person.

Wife becomes a slut in minutes.

I want to share my story and after reading some stories, for some it will be tame but for my wife and I it was mind blowing and so unexpected. I’m Paul, I’m 55 and married to Janet who’s 47. Janet is an attractive brunet with (as she would put it) curves....

Not a chance

from wife to slut

I let men into me for my own happiness.

I love reading your stories and it was these that made me take the leap. I am 36 and married with a young family, but I felt that my life was racing away and was so boring. Sex with my husband was mundane, it would last 10 or 20 minutes at most and did no...

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