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"Lewis starts to understand that being himself might be better than being others."

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So, how will Lewis cope now his relationship with Kate is over before it began?  What escapades will he stumble into next?  What was the last film to win all five major awards at the Oscars?  All of these questions and more will be answered in this part of the story.


  Kate was ghosting me.

  I’d sent two messages to her, but these days anything more than one feels like fifty.  I pondered just how bad things had got.

   I’d fucked two MILF strangers I’d met called Carol and Barbara as they’d mistaken me for someone else (also called Lewis) before meeting Carol’s daughter Kate, who was Lewis ex, before taking part in an orgy by pretending to be some bozo named Jerry who’d fallen face-first into a beehive, meeting up with Kate, hooking up with her for two weeks before blowing it by getting caught in a threesome on a TV screen causing Kate to have a threesome on stage at the same Halloween-themed sex party.

  What a ridiculous three weeks!

  But here I was, ruminating on just how bad my life had got.

  “Oh Lewis,” Teri moaned as she rode on my dick.  I held onto her hips as eased herself up and down my pole, her pointy breasts hanging down within licking distance as I moved my head to get a taste, nibbling on the sturdier flesh before sucking hungrily on it.  “Oh that’s right.  Nibble them!  Pull them with your teeth!” Teri demanded.  I wasn’t about to disappoint her.

  After being dumped by Kate the only good thing to come was Teri (one of the participants of my sex-party threesome) coming onto me.  Under the circumstances I was never gonna say no.

  I began to gently nibble and tug on her nipples, her own movements stretching her breast in my mouth, seemingly causing her pain and pleasure in equal measure.  I began massaging her cheeks before bringing my hand down to slap her arse firmly, bringing a scream of surprise from my temporary fuckbuddy.

  “AAAGGHH!…keep going,” Teri appealed as I increased my speed beneath her, slapping her arse cheeks as I did so, feeling my seed building up along my shaft, getting ready to explode inside her as I thrust ever upwards into her surprisingly tight pussy.  I gripped her glutes hard so I could ram inside her at greater speed, my mouth closed around her nipple, my eyes closed as I imagined it was Kate on top of me, her larger boobs in my mouth, her smaller backside that my hands were mauling, her more slender frame that I was powering into, the black bobbed haircut that moved like curtains in the wind when she bounced on top of me…

  “Oh…FUCK!” I exclaimed as I came beneath Teri, the nubile brunette moaning in a satisfied manner as I shot my spunk deep inside her.

  “Boy, your dick feels so good inside,” Teri observed as she continued to writhe on top of me, lying on my Torso as we both caught our breath.  I don’t know if I was using her for comfort sex, she was using me for any sex or we were both using each other.  I hoped it was the last one as that made me feel less guilty.  Eventually she moved off me to go to the loo and I drifted off to a sleep that was far from settled.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  The room was dimly lit, but the shapes around the room were unmistakable.  The inhabitants of these tables in this pub or club were engaged in various levels of sexual revelry.

  I could see men with the faces between legs while their hands grasped their meat, awaiting the opportunity to get wet and warm as their mouths sought out a fleshy dessert tastier and more enjoyable than truffles as they feasted eyes closed savouring the flavours and the moment.

  Women were seated with other women with their hands between each others thighs as they looked at each other, forehead to forehead, intense looks of lust and longing between them as their fingers explored their hungry cracks, yearning for touches, licks, penetration from each other as their desire brimmed over and their bodies writhed in delight at the pleasure provided and received.

  Women were between the legs of seated men, slouched like kings as their female companions had their lips wrapped around hard cocks, seeking the thrill of causing cum to explode forth from swollen girthy ends, muscled torsos squirming as talented tongues roved over poles seeking semen spurting out.

  The entire room was moaning and sighing almost slithering as I walked through it.  I had no idea where I was till I spied the TV monitors and saw myself with Teri and Gwen, fucking Teri as she ate Gwen’s pussy, even though we never had sex like that, but somehow there we were…cavorting together in a different position from our tryst at the Halloween party at Fives.  I now knew where I was…I was in the basement pub where I found Kate in a threesome on stage.  I looked to the end of the room but this time it was far bigger.  Kate was seated on the floor, naked, with five guys stood around her.

  “Oh no,” I whispered.  I tried to run to get to her but it was as if my feet were glued to the floor.  I tried to scream but i suddenly found I had no voice.  The only sound that carried was the sexual sounds from the rest of the room.  Kate moved up onto her knees and reached out to the first naked guy, looking up at him with an expression of innocence before she took his cock into her mouth and started sucking on it like a hungry goat on its mama’s teat, sucking on that meat like it was the tastiest thing she’d ever had in her mouth.

  Eventually she stopped and I sighed in relief, feeling that this might be it, till she moved to the next guy and, after grabbing his prick and giving it a few playful, friendly jerks to announce her presence for it, started feasting on that tool, whilst throwing a hand out to the first guy and jerking him with her left hand.  As the action increased the semi-circle of guys closed in a little around her.  I tried to speak again but it was almost as though my vocal cords had been cut.  Kate’s expression had now changed from one of innocence to a lascivious harlot, hungry for all the man-meat she could get her mouth, pussy and everything else on.

  By now she had her back to me as her mouth serviced the the third man of the group, her bobbed haircut moving forward and back in response to her head movements.  Her hands clenched around the solid lengths of men two and four as she ran her fists up and down their poles, before moving along and finishing off the final two.  No-one had cum yet but all the guys were still fully hard and clearly up for fun.

  Once she sat back once again the two guys from either end reached out, Kate grabbed their hands and stood up, she then pointed to a few men in an Eenie-Meenie way before bending over at the waist in front of cock number three, the guy grabbed Kate by the hips and just slammed himself inside her.  Kate smirked a mucky smile as he started to pound into her from behind before she reached out to the two guys that held them up and wrapped her hands around their solid beef sticks.

  I wanted to shout, to take her from the stage, to flee even, but I couldn’t move.  I was locked in where I was, trapped on this spot by some invisible force as Kate allowed herself to be taken by these five guys, knowing in my twisted gut that this was only going to get more sordid as time went by.

  Kate was certainly getting bolder moving back somewhat so the guy behind her could cup her breasts, the two guys whose dicks she was tugging moving ever-closer so her hands could continue to massage their inflated organs as she clearly relished the feel of the cock inside her, giving a dirty giggle as she bit her tongue and sneered in my general direction, the sound of the guy’s hips meeting hers someone cascading over the general sexual hum of the place, the pacing almost sounding like a fleshy drum-machine as Kate squirmed from the sensations between her legs.

  The men then moved Kate around again, sharing her like was some kind of toy as guy two led on the floor.  The remaining guys moved Kate over his waiting rod, sticking into the air desperately needing the attention of her sopping pussy.  Kate moved her knees either side of him and sank on top of him, her back arching in pleasure as his tool plundered her warm and sumptuous depths.  It was then my heart sank further as as another guy moved behind Kate.  I knew what he was going to do but could feel myself saying “no, no, no, no,” but the words were so low that even I could only barely hear them, as he placed one hand on her arse cheek and sank his length all the way into her butt.

  Kate quivered as the two men started to move in and out her two holes, both of them using her for their own pleasure.  I couldn’t see any expression on either of them as they were both kind of faceless but Kate’s face was contorted in pain or titillated into pleasure, it was hard to work out which till she spoke.

  “HURR, Fuck me, boys!  I want to FEEL every stroke,” Kate instructed through clenched teeth as the two guys moved in and out her, thrusting angrily as they used her body.  Kate reached out either side of her and managed to grab two handfuls of cock, tugging on them aggressively as the guys pounded into the back of her, all four of them moving in a hideous rhythm as all four members of this single unified creature desired completion of their sexual congress as they humped and pumped each into a frenzied state with Kate looking like she was about to pass out at any point, before the guy behind her eventually withdrew.

  I breathed a sigh of relief that this shameful debacle was finally over, that the shockingly awful combination of five guys and my sort-of ex was over.  I could finally move and make my way out of this basement of debasement, but as with everything else so far tonight, I was way off as they spun Kate around and she lowered her arse down onto the cock that was formerly in her pussy, slowly sinking onto the engorged thickness as it filled her anus.

  “URGH, GOD!  That’s filling me!” Kate exclaimed, before the first man she took in her mouth moved between her legs and jammed his thick rod into her pussy.  “Oh…FUCK!  Oooooh!” Kate sighed as he started to pummel her quim with an almost inhuman cruelty, smacking into her flagrantly.  Another man moved his prick near to Kate’s face and she began to suck on the end of it whilst reaching out for the remaining two members and grabbing hold of them, tugging those two to try and release their seed.

  All six of them were a sweaty, undulating mess, two of them pounding away into Kate who’d lost her usual composure and was instead in thrall of some thrashing inner desire as she sucked on the guy’s dick like it was feeding her oxygen.  All of them now were moaning and sighing and groaning as if they were about to blow apart before the guy in Kate’s snatch pulled his dick out and with only a few quick tugs emptied his load onto Kate’s fantastic rack, setting off the guy in Kate’s mouth to do the same, splattering her boobs with his sticky mess.

  The two other guys either side of Kate moved inward and she then began to jerk these guys whilst rubbing their hard cocks against her tits.  The feeling of Kate’s fantastic boobs against their pulsing members must have been too much for them and they promptly splashed their hot white goo all over Kate’s fantastic breasts, before she led back on the guy beneath her, bouncing herself down onto his rod as he filled her ass, her face contorting from the sensations coming from down there before he began to groan his approval at his impending orgasm, Kate sped up her hip movements before slamming her butt down hard on his dick as his balls emptied inside her insides, the two of them remaining locked in place before he removed his tool with globs of cum falling out of her with Kate lying back on this stranger and merely laughing in mucky delight at her own debauched behaviour with me still unable to say anything except…

  “Kate,” I said as I opened my eyes and looked out into the darkness but she wasn’t there.  Only the curtain of silence filled my room, until Teri’s breathing alerted me to her presence.  I rubbed my face and wondered if getting up was the better option, because if nightmares like this were all sleep could offer, then the waking world may well have been the better place to be.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

I forced the spoon of shop-brand co-co pops only for Sheila to walk in and attempt conversation.

  “You’re quiet these days.  What gives?” She asked as she washed out her mug.  I waved my hand to acknowledge I would answer but I had a mouthful of food.  I chomped on the soggy rice, chocolate and milk mix before responding.

  “I’m fine,” I lied, unconvincingly before shovelling another mouthful down.  I could tell that Sheila didn’t believe me but was smart enough not to challenge my bullshit.

  “All right,” Sheila came back with, shaking her head, acknowledging my mistruth.  I lowered my head and thought about where I was emotionally at the minute?  A fucking wreck was the honest answer and I knew who was to blame.

  “Oh hi, Kat”.

  I looked up from my cereal to see my former work bestie enter the kitchen take one look over my way then proceed to blank me.

  “Hey, Sheila.  Doing anything nice this weekend?”Kat asked.

  “No.  Might have the grandkids down though.  Yourself?” Sheila questioned.

  “Going up to Leeds.  Gonna spend some time with a pal there,” Kat responded in a sing-song manner.  Kate was doing her masters degree at Leeds university.  This seemed like a thinly-veiled dig, but I decided to carry-on eating my cereal and ignored it.

  “That sounds nice,” Sheila mentioned, seemingly not picking up on the essence of what Kat was saying.

  “Well I don’t know about nice.  I think it’ll get a bit dirty this weekend.  A bit messy, maybe,” Kat chuckled before finishing making her brew and exiting the tiny kitchen area, leaving me with a dinted sense of pride and a bad taste in my mouth which wasn’t the slightly chocolaty milk from the coco pops.

  “That was awkward.  You two not friends at the moment?” Sheila asked.  I looked up and smiled.

  “We’re fine,” I lied with my best fake grin.

  “I’m a woman.  We invented that meaning of the word fine,” Sheila said as she too headed back to work with her cup of tea.  “And you are pretty far from fine”.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  Three weeks from the beginning of my adventures had turned into five with the middle of November now surrounding me and the end and Christmas coming ever closer.  Teri would ring me every few days and we’d meet, bone, say our goodbyes and perform the same rutting ritual again soon after.  I had to admit there was a certain comfort to be had from the lack of emotional complication and it was a welcome relief from the gang-bang nightmares that masqueraded as dreams, but tonight was not such a night.  Tonight was a night were I needed to feel something other than empty sex on the end of my old man, so here I was just grabbing a coffee in the gaming cafe.  I took a sip of my coffee and got a huge blast of froth on my unusually large nose.  Not big enough to use for sex but big enough to get in the way for coffee.

  “Oh my God,” I heard a female voice chuckle.  “You look just like a friend of ours like that,” she continued, pushing back her wavy red hair.  After all the problems I’d been through recently I was not in the mood to entertain another mistaken identity escapade.

  “Look, whoever you think I am, I’m not okay?” I replied, far angrier than I probably needed to be.  “I’m not Jerry or Dave or Vincent or Victor or Guillermo or Dennis or Lawrence or Dan or Gareth or Hans or Booby.  I’m certainly not a Mark or Michael or Kevin or a Giles or a Sidney or a Dominic or even a Barry!”

“I was gonna say you look a bit like Barry,” the redhead remarked.  I could feel my annoyance start to build and I was just about to release that volcanic rage when she said something that stopped me dead like a fainting goat.  “Do you think if you look like someone I now that you must have friends that look like me?”

  “What?  I…wait, what?” I replied as I stopped to consider the premise of what she was saying.  In reality there probably was something in that.  After all there may be a chance that similar looking people may find themselves drawn to similar looking others and when one considered that then…my brain then pushed it aside.

  “Would you care to join us?  We’ve got room for a fourth for the game,” a blonde woman suggested whilst flashing a toothy grin.  They were both sat with some guy who looked like even he couldn’t believe his luck that he was out with these two gorgeous women.  I couldn’t believe it and I was looking at him.

  “What game is it?” I asked nonchalantly, prepared to just blow them off and their offer.

  “Go for Broke”.

  My head swished around so fast I was surprised I didn’t give myself a crick in the neck, the shock was so severe from what I’d just heard.

  “Go for Broke?  You’re kidding me?!  I LOVE Go for Broke!” I confessed.  They waved me over and for a moment I thought of sticking to my solitary-for-tonight guns, but the thought of playing my favourite board game from when I was a kid immediately won me over.  I sat down and they all introduced themselves to me as the redhead wiped the froth off my nose that I’d somewhat forgotten about.

  We played for an hour with me introducing myself to them and finding out that friendly red-head was Nina, Nadia was her blonde mate (no relation) and Tuk was the guy who was originally from Vietnam before he came here to study and was hoping to stay.

  “I’m surprised you guys know this game,” I stated after being beaten as I kept winning on the races and the lottery.

  “We’ve never played it before,” Nina admitted, with a toothy smile.  “We’d always seen it but not picked it up”.

  “Shame they’re closing soon.  I could play this all night,” Nadia agreed, leading to a lightbulb moment as I suddenly remembered where there was a version of this game.

  “Well…” I began, but inside I could hear my brain screaming at me, as if the two of us were disconnected.

  “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  Look at what’s been happening in your life these last five weeks, man!  And now you’re thinking of inviting THREE strangers back to your flat.  Are you insane?!” my brain yelled internally, which I completely ignored.

  “…I have the game back at mine if you want to keep going,” I suggested.

  “JESUS, MAN!  HAVE YOU LEARNT NOTHING!” my brain ranted inside my skull as I paid it little heed and proceeded ahead anyway.

  “That is…if you guys want to,” I asked.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  I looked about the room and wondered how I’d managed to get into such a mess.  We’d all got back to mine and I got some beers out and the game and set it up on the coffee table.  The first game took two beers but then Tuk pulled out a blunt and the second game then had that and two more beers with plenty of giggles at the silliness of it all.  Then sone idiot suggested a strip version.  You lose a hundred grand you lose an item of clothing, just to spice things up.  By this stage people have a warm buzz going on and here we all were, halfway through a game and Tuk in his boxers, both girls down to their underwear and myself naked.

  “Well bravo,” my brain chimed in as I sat there laughing as I had to fork out £180,000 for a round the world trip on the titanic.  Somehow I still had three hundred thousand left and was nowhere near losing a million. My game was now completely frazzled.

  “On the upside I’ve no more clothes to lose,” I stated smugly to unified boos from both women as I giggled at the silliness of it all.

  “You should have to do something for us then,” Nadia suggested.

  “I can make you a cup of tea,” I offered before we all burst out laughing at the ridiculousness of the suggestion.

  “I know what you can do,” Nadia chortled, before she yanked her bra down.  “Get these bad boys standing upright”.

  I looked at her nipples that seemed pretty sturdy already in response to what was going on, but I certainly wasn’t going to turn down that offer.  I bent over and took the right one into my mouth, drawing a little scream from Nadia as I nibbled and sucked on the end of her impressive tit, licking and sucking it so it was solidly erect before moving to the left one, attaching my mouth to it and pulling on it, whilst my hand teased her right nip.  I could hear Nadia breathing heavier and her head went back as she was clearly revelling in my efforts, at that I let go with a dramatic smack of my lips.

  “There…all done.  Although I think a cuppa would have been more satisfying,” I quipped as I sat back down.

  “I don’t.  You can’t have these with your tea,” Nadia replied as she tweaked her own nipples like was playing with stereo knobs.

  “Well, I’ve never tried dip them in tea before.  I’m sure they’d taste nice,” I continued to jest.

  “I guess it’s a novel way of getting milk at the same time,” Nina carried on with the joke, all of us chuckling at her crack.  She took the dice and shook them together after throwing a six and finding out she had to spend a hundred and sixty grand on a round Switzerland yacht race, she then counted up her money and found she had only two hundred and eighty grand left and punched the air in delight.

  “What are you taking off?” Tuk asked whilst his eyes travelled down to her moderate boobs.

  “Hey!  My Face is up here!” Nina reminded him, before she stood up and let her panties fall to the floor, much to everyone’s surprise as she sat down crossed legs and drew her hand upwards giving herself the merest of rubs.

  “Wow!  That was pretty awesome,” Tuk complimented Nina again, whilst keeping his eyes on her shaved pussy.

  “Hey!  My face is STILL up here,” Nina proclaimed.

  “Yeah, but there’s so much of you that’s worth seeing,” I interjected, getting a high-five off Tuk and a stern look of rebuttal from the girls.  Tuk picked up the dice and rolled a seven, moving around the board till he found he had to buy a share in Really Big Steel for a hundred grand.  Tuk stood up and let his boxers slip to the floor, flapping his cock from side to side hilariously as he did.

  “I think you should do a forfeit too,” Nadia remarked as she looked at Tuk, hungrily.

  “But I’ve only just got naked now,” Tuk pointed out.  Both girls giggled at his assessment before Nina echoed Nadia’s action by pulling her bra down and jiggling her breasts.

  “Yeah.  Get sucking, bitch!” Nina laughed.  Tuk turned to me and shrugged as if to say “some forfeit this is!” before moving his head down to Nina’s right nipple and taking it between his lips, his technique being somewhat more gentle than mine, but watching the way Nina reacted with eyes closed and lips quivering, it was certainly appreciated.

  Tuk moved his hand under the bra’s left cup and gripped the other tit gently whilst swirling his tongue around the right nipple.  I looked over at Nadia who was staring at the two of them with her hand between her thighs as she bit her tongue enviously.  I decided to take advantage of no eyes being on me and grabbed my tool, to give it a crafty tug as Tuk moved his mouth to the left nipple.

  “HURR!  Yeah, that’s the one,” Nina breathed as Tuk tantalised her tit with his tongue, his cock bobbing in delight as he enjoyed sucking on her mammaries as much as he did, the two of them getting as much out of the moment as the other before Tuk sat back, licking his lips leaving Nina’s nipples sticking out like two earplugs on her chest.  Nadia grabbed the dice and gave two shakes before hurling them across the board, watching as they came to a stop on an eleven.  Nadia moved her piece forward till she could buy the hotel splendide for a hundred and twenty thousand.

  “WOO HOO!” Nadia yelled in celebration.

  “What are you losing though?” Nina enquired.  Nadia thought for a moment and stood up to remove her panties as well, leaving both women without undies, just in their bras with me and Tuk looking over, licking our licks as they both held their legs tightly closed so their moist treasures could not be seen, only their trimmed areas were visible but that was hot enough for me.  I desperately wanted to lose some more money and get my tongue roving through either woman’s cleft.  I rolled the dice and moved forward looking forward to losing another hundred grand.

  Congratulations!  You’ve won the lottery!

  Goddamit.  Whilst everyone chuckled at my good misfortune I counted up my winnings and was cheesed off to see that I was now sixty-five grand better off.  In a game were losing a million is the object a lottery win is not a good outcome.

  Nina grabbed the dice and threw it across the board to a lousy five.  She landed on go to snake eyes, the game where you roll the dice and try to avoid a one, often it was the ‘one more throw’ school-of-thought that did people in.  I’d seen people be on a streak of up to a hundred and forty thousand, only to throw a one and have to pick up a hundred and fifty grand…or worse, DOUBLE one and win three hundred grand.  No-one wanted that.  Nina threw the dice and we all held our breath.

  Double six.

  “YES!” Nina yelled.  She picked up the dice and started to shake her hands.

  “Are you sure?  It might not be lucky,” I remarked.  She just shook her head and let go of the dice watching as they bounced over the board before coming up with…eleven.

  “HA-HA!” Nina chuckled, evilly before grabbing the dice and placing them back down on the board.  “I think I’ll leave it there at one hundred and fifteen thousand pounds”.

  Nina handed the money back into the bank and then just sat there being stared at lustily by the three of us.


  “You lost over a hundred grand,” Nadia reminded her.

  “Oh right, yeah,” Nina replied removing her hands around her back and unhooking her bra, spinning it around her head a few times before hurling it across the room, but Nadia didn’t stop there.

  “Forfeit, forfeit, forfeit,” she began to chant with Tuk and I joining in until Nina waved us off.

  “Fine,” Nina replied, doing a quick tease between myself and Tuk before she moved over to him and placed her hand around his shaft.

  “I…think I’m gonna enjoy your forfeit,” he remarked as she gripped his length and moved her hand up and down it.

  “So am I,” Nina replied before delicately licking around the head of his tool, her hand constantly moving up and down as she did so before flicking at the end.

  “HO!  This is the best board game ever,” Tuk stated through clenched teeth, his tool throbbing in Nina’s fist, Nadia moving her hand between her thighs as she watched what was unfolding, her lips pressed together as she inhaled deeply through her nose, her fingers managing somehow to squeeze between her thighs pressed together tightly as her friend sucked on Tuk’s tip as she jerked his tool before letting go and leaning back.

  Tuk grabbed the dice determined to lose money and get himself a forfeit.  He threw the dice and moved his piece eight spaces forward.

  “Go to the Stock Exchange,” he read out, moving his piece to the relevant area and spun the share predictor.  We all had shared in various companies and watched as the wheel spun.  Would we lose, would we gain.

  Pound sign…it was a goddamn share dividend for every share.  We all suffered as a result of Tuk’s bad spin with Nadia grabbing the dice, keen to shake off the dividends that Tuk just earned.  The dice bobbed and bounced before it stuck on a six.    Nadia moved her piece forward and read the instructions.

  “But the Eiffel Tower.  Pay one hundred grand for removal costs,” she chuckled as she handed her money to the bank and removed her bra, letting her ample cleavage jiggle free.  “Who’s next?”

  “AHEM!  Forfeit?” Nina questioned.

  “Oh right,” Nadia remembered, looking over at my excitedly bobbing tool, bouncing around like an over-excited Cocker Spaniel.  “What do you think he’d like?”

  “What have you got?” I asked, my head starting to feel light from the excitement, weed and alcohol.

  “Foot job?”

  “Never had one,” I replied, disappointedly.  I mean how good could someone’s feet feel wrapped around your end.


  “Oh wow!  Nadia’s feet are incredible!  I love them!” said Nina, giddily.  I opened my legs and leant back, allowing Nadia full access.  Nadia stretched her impressive legs out and placed a foot either side of my length, and then squeezed them together in a surprisingly sturdy grip, but what was more surprising is just how incredible they felt as she moved them up and down.  The soles and the curve on the base of her feet acted like perfect grips around my girth, stimulating my staff in a way I’d never known before.

  “Holy shit!  That is amazing!” I exhaled as the motion of her feet made my breathing quicken, her soles slipping up and down my pole more easily than a handjob but not as intense as a blowjob.  I was getting spots before my eyes, my heart pounding, the room starting to swirl around me.  The stimulus in my brain demanded blood flow to get the alcohol and smoke around but it was needed around my hips that were jolting upward every time Nadia moved her legs down.

  I looked over at Nina licking her lips, her legs open, her fingers twiddling her bean as she gazed yearn-fully at my prick, Tuk pulling on his length as he switched between staring at Nadia and then at Nina.  I looked back at Nadia who had a wicked look plastered on her features.  She clearly knew how good she was at this and was enjoying pushing me ever closer to the finish.  I was breathing ever more sharply, feeling my orgasm build from the base to the top of my cock.

  “Oh…why have I…never…done this…BEFORE!” I exclaimed as the spunk spurted forward from my cock, hitting my leg, Nadia’s feet and her legs also.  I looked over at the beautiful creature who withdrew her legs, staring at me as though proud of the masterpiece she’d created.  My eyes travelled between the three strangers I’d invited back to play a little game, three strangers who I’d bonded with because I looked like one of their friends, three strangers who I was now naked in front of, as were they to me.  My mind wandered over all of this and as my heart rate descended and the blood rushed away from my tool it also felt like it rushed away from my head as I lay back, closed my eyes, and passed out on the floor.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  I woke feeling like the room was spinning as much as it was when I left it, but as my eyes focussed on the world around me I ascertained it was more the noise of the room that made me feel that way.  My eyes focussed and riding on top of me was Nina, sliding merrily up and down my cock like she was riding a horse on a carousel, somehow my hands had already found her breasts as the flopped beneath her, her eyes closed, her lips moving as if she was speaking but with no words coming out.

  But her sighs of delight as she greased my length were not the only sounds in the room.  I turned to my left expecting to see Nadia and Tuk and whilst this was partly true, it was not the full picture.  Nina was indeed moving up and down Tuk’s length as he was also on his back, but astride Tuk’s face was an equally naked Teri.  My eyes opened wide in shock upon seeing my fuck-Buddy enjoying the attention of Tuk’s tongue on her quim, her body squirming as he lapped at her pussy, the juices going all over his mouth as Nadia leant forward kissing Teri’s neck as she nailed her breasts from behind.

  “What?  How?” I managed to breathe as I watched the threesome next to me.

  “About five minutes after you passed out she knocked at the door.  She’s a lot of fun,” Nina revealed as she lowered herself toward me so her breast was dangling just above my mouth.  I moved my lips forward and wrapped them around the thickened end, causing Nina to flick her head back as she moved deliberately up and down my shaft.  Her throaty moans combining with the panting of Teri over Tuk’s mouth.  The noises seemed to cause the room to sway as I gripped Nina’s ass to give me something to anchor myself on to.  I planted my feet onto the floor and used them to move my hips to power into the red-headed vixen, her wavy hair shaking due to my thrusts, her sighs becoming moans as she bit her lip, my curved tool blasting her insides as I held her in place.

  “Oh wow!” Nadia remarked as she looked over at us.  Something I took as a compliment, as a member of a threesome felt inclined to stare at a twosome.  I sneered as lust gripped me as fiercely as I was gripping Nina’s cheeks.

  “Oh God, oh yeah, that’s good,” Nina stated as my hips rammed upwards as we furiously fucked, our audience enraptured with our loud and energetic efforts.

  “He’s amazing, isn’t he?” Teri asked as she smirked whilst Tuk continued to taste and tantalise her delicious snatch.

  “UGH!  Uh-huh”.

  That was all that Nina could get out as she closed her mouth, her lips pressing together tightly as her breasts heaved, her breath becoming increasingly short, her chest reddening.  I continued to power into her, my fingers digging in slightly as I gripped her butt even more firmly, keeping her securely in place as I rammed my cock inside her.

  “That’s…yeah…OH..HMMMM!” Nina moaned before her hand went on my chest to stop me, her thighs tightening on my legs, her eyes going into the back of her head, her fingernails clawing into my pec as she lost control on top of me as her orgasm wrecked her, before she fell forward on top of me as Teri giggled at the side of us.

  “Yeah, he does that to you,” Teri praised me as she leaned back against Nadia.  Truly I had woken up and I intended to stay awake for as long as I could as this night went on.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

  Kate had cum all over her chest and a crazed look in her eyes as the guys unloaded their seed all over her.

  “No!” said I as I sat bolt upright as my nightmare dissipated and the reality of where I was surrounded me, as did the realisation that I had a number of naked, sleeping people in my flat.  I quickly made breakfast and coffees with the aim of getting them out from there as soon as possible.   Thankfully for me all of them, including Teri kept me company till lunch just chatting the shit about all sorts of crap, like our favourite TV shows, favourite songs and favourite films (mine was The Silence of the Lambs) before they made their way out with Nina, Nadia and Teri all giving me a peck on the cheek before leaving.

  “Oh hey, you’ve got Mail,” Tuk remarked before heading out the door and getting on his way.  I waved him off and looked behind the door and sure enough, a letter was sat on the mat looking back at me.

  I picked it up and opened it, reading the details fully focussed till I leant back against my door, terrified about how this might go, bearing in mind what it was.

  It was an invite…an engagement party…from Barbara…for her daughter.

  My breakfast gurgled up my oesophagus, stopping before it got to my mouth.  What more could possibly go wrong.


  My oh my!  An invite to an engagement party, what kind of trouble could our Lewis get up to there as we race towards the final part of THERE’S A LOT OF ME ABOUT, but before we do what would you like as and ending?  Be sure to write your ideas in the comments as I love getting your take on things…that said do tune in next time to find out how it all concludes and also news on the next story coming.  The sound of drums is a pretty big clue.

Written by goodafterboob

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