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gentle sex.

One night, I was chilling out watching Netflix, and was very very horny. I checked all my hookup apps to see who was about and looking. While checking fabguys, I saw a man I've not seen on there before; he was older (in his late 40s), good looking and had...


Swapped sisters

Misha was shy and asked me to be gentle with her.

My parents had just bought a new motorhome and I cheekily asked if I could use their old one. To my surprise my father said yes, as long as I insured it. Although it was old it was in pretty good condition. It had seen a lot of work as well as probably a...


Late bloomer

Audrey asked me to be gentle with her.

I consider myself extremely lucky. I only recently returned home from hospital. My mate Peter's wife Carrie found me on the floor gasping for air. I was rushed into hospital and put on air and given loads of medication. Fortunately for me I turned the cor...