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Same sex Stories

same sex

One night, I was chilling out watching Netflix, and was very very horny. I checked all my hookup apps to see who was about and looking. While checking fabguys, I saw a man I've not seen on there before; he was older (in his late 40s), good looking and had...


My own fault

I couldn't believe that Roland was on top of my wife fucking her and she was enjoying it

My wife Beth and I had been married for a little under four years. It started with a whirlwind romance and the most passionate love making. I was inexperienced as I had only been with two other women before Beth, on the other hand Beth had four, perhaps f...

Mr H

Party favors

Watched my families sexploits while away at work

My work takes me away from home for long periods of time, so when I bought my families new home I decided to make it as good and secure and safe as I possibly could. It was in 1990's when I bought the property outright. I had cash from when my parents die...