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Gentlemen Only Please

"As he gently kissed her he slid into her..."

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"My lady needed her itch scratching."

Gentlemen Only Please!

Now this was Mission, almost impossible. You see Sen has a penchant for gentlemen of the Indian sub-continent. Not those I guess who originated from there but perhaps second generation. Why am I making the point? Well, all will soon become clear, You see these gents have assimilated to western culture better than anyone else, in Sen’s estimation. They are self-made and therefore like the good things in life, like my Sen. But they are real gentlemen, not like the silver spoon brigade of the upper classes in the UK. They are well groomed and impeccably turned out, always suited and booted in high quality clothing, cuff links and watches. Am I painting a good picture for you? They are always clean with just the right amount of quality scent they smell pretty good too. The icing on the cake for my gorgeous wife? That beautiful natural coffee tan, she’s sopping wet at the thought.

Now I guess you can see where I am going with this but why mission impossible? Because I wanted to organise a few of these gents to fulfil a second of Sen’s fantasies, to be gang banged. So you can see that I had my work cut out here but after months of planning I found four gentlemen who fitted the bill and who would jump at the chance to fulfil Sen’s fantasies.

On a beautiful, if rather hot day in May four limousines came almost silently to a stop in front of the house, the only sound to be heard was the crushing of stones as they glided up the drive. I greeted them with a gentlemanly handshake and showed them in. Sen was already downstairs in the dungeon, sopping wet and naked on the bed, gently stroking her pussy as I’d told her that I had the surprise of all surprises for her, and she knew it would be good with all this prep and the fact that there were now four chairs around the room as opposed to the usual one observing chair.

I led the four gentlemen downstairs, and Sen let out an involuntary, gentle yelp of delight as all four rounded the corner and arrived in front of my needy lady. She looked from one to the other as her fingers continued to gently play with her clit, diving in and out of her soaking wet cunt.

‘Gentlemen,’ I said, ‘there are only a few prohibitions. No cuming in her mouth, over her face or inside her and no rough stuff.’ As if I needed to tell them the latter, these really were gents. ‘My lady has dreamt of this, and I want her dream to come true today and if you wouldn’t mind, for me, I’d like you to cum over her belly, her tits and her fanny. Now please enjoy! And darling, let yourself go!’

The four gents slowly and deliberately undressed, neatly folding their clothes, and leaving them in four piles and then turned to face my eager wife, who was still stroking her pussy, plunging her fingers inside herself, and sucking on them greedily. I love that she loves the taste of her own cream.

They all stood there, just looking at Sen and they were all frankly beautiful. Yes I know how that sounds but I can’t think how else to describe them. All neatly cut short hair, clearly clean shaven as there wasn’t so much as a five o’clock shadow. A gentle aroma of very expensive scent. Their hair free bodies were not muscly, though neither were they puny, they weren’t fat, but neither were they skinny. As I looked them up and down, I noticed they their shafts and bollocks were all cleanly shaven but that they all had a small patch of perfectly manicured pubic hair. These gents were frankly impeccable, and their cocks were all standing proud and clearly ready for action.

Were they reticent at first or was this the way it was to be done as no one moved for what was in reality  only around twenty seconds but seemed an embarrassingly long time. Then the chap closest to Sen lowered himself toward her cunt but started to kiss her just above. He seemed to be moving the wrong way as he very gently kissed all the way up her body until he reached her mouth. As he did, he kissed her so sensually whilst he so very gently slid inside her and started to push into her again and again. No lube was needed, she was pouring her cream all over the bed as he made love to her. She moaned between his kisses and as he pulled his face away, she gently bit on his bottom lip. The strange thing is that not a word was being spoken and his moans were muted as though it just wasn’t done for a gentleman to moan the way you and I would.

As he raised himself up on his hands one chap on either side offered their cocks to her as she began to wank them. I’m wanking furiously by this time and making far too much noise, or so it seemed. Sen was wanking one on one side while sucking the other and then alternating between the two. The remaining gent was patiently, slowly wanking as he observed. ‘Perhaps if Sen turned over, you could fuck her arse as she sat on another?’ I offered. Without any fuss they gently helped her to manoeuvre over the chap on the left and then she lowered herself onto his cock, bent forward and allowed the lonely gent to push into her tight arse. There was so much of her juice around her arse that he also needed no help to enter her either. One rode her from below as the other from above and she was soon in the throws of her first orgasm. Her language was certainly not for gentlemen’s ears, but she came, explosively, the longest orgasm I have ever heard and let me tell you she has very long and quite exhausting orgasms when it’s just the two of us. I inwardly chuckled to myself that she would be absolutely knackered after today.

As both men removed themselves from her, they all began to take turns with her but only the one fucked her arse, again and again. I could see that they were all close to cuming as no matter how gentlemanly one may appear there is nothing you can do when your body starts to jerk at that point and so they all withdrew as I instructed her to lay back, which she eagerly did. She was then showered with cum as each one in turn came all over her body. I watched as ran down her cunt and arse and dripped onto the bed. The faint smell of expensive aftershave gave way to the heady aroma of cum.

All four then sat in their observation chairs and now it was my turn, as I lay myself across her cum smothered body and rammed my cock hard into her. This part was going to be different as I, now covered in the gentleman’s cum rode her hard. Actually, with so much cum and cunt juice I had a job to stay on. The problem was that I wasn’t going to last long so shortly after I had to withdraw.

‘Turn over you slut!’ I commanded her. Sen loves it when I get all bolshy when were having sex. So, she dutifully turned over. I reached over to the cupboard for the spanking paddle and began to berate her. ‘So, you wanted a gang bang with a difference did you, you fucking slag?’ And I pushed into her, again and again, not too hard, this was for her to enjoy and I could see that she was enjoying it, although I obviously couldn’t see her face but between her now red arse cheeks ran her lovely cream. It was literally dripping on the bed. That’s when I rammed my cock in for the last few strokes before exploding inside her. She shrieked as she came again and as I withdrew, I looked around to four gents with four very hard cocks once again. So, though they never broke their veneer, they clearly enjoyed our rough play too. Poor chaps, poor, poor chaps. I couldn’t leave them in this state, so, with Sen now collapsed and totally knackered in a heap on the bed I tuned around, still kneeling on the bed but with Sen now behind me I beckoned them over and began to take each one in my mouth, well all expect for arse shagger that is, he’d have to have another wank as I alternately sucked his friends until the first, rather unexpectedly shot his load down the back of my throat. Truly a first for me. As I gorged on his load, I brought another off as I wanked him, all over my chin and chest. And then the third pulled my face toward his cock, though I knew what was coming as I could see the pre cum seeping from his hole, so I opened wide and took his cock into my mouth just as he let it go.

As I struggled to swallow all this I sat back and started to wank myself again. I’ve never been so horny in my life. Sen raised herself up and put her arms over my shoulder, kissed my ear and then watched over my shoulder as I wanked myself off. Number four, the arse shagger, in case you’ve lost the thread was now at the point of cuming himself and had decided to cum all lover my cock and bollocks just as I came too. He then leaned forward and lapped up both of our loads from my lap and sucked every last drop from my cock. What a gentleman.

We all showered and mouthwashed of course, dressed and agreed that we must all do this again, and soon.

And with that we shook hands and the gentlemen climbed into their limousines and glided down the drive and out of sight.

Written by cabysen

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