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Wife swap Stories

wife swap

Business deals

While I hid I watched Roger with Suzies tits out and hands in her panties.

Hi, I’m Hank and my wife is Beverley (Bev). I hope it’s no too boring if I fill you in as to how we got to where we were. I had packed in work and had been working on a project with a mate. Unfortunately, he had run out of money and returned to his old jo...


How June became a Hotwife.

There were six of them taking turns and not the four or five I had expected.

I married June when she was twenty-one and I was twenty-two. Within six months of being married we tried swapping. We hadn’t intended to, but a friend of ours and his lovely wife got us merry on orange brandy and then took advantage of us. Afterwards we d...


A wayward Vibrator

Eileen asked me to stand in front of her as she put her hand in her panties and turned her Vibrator off.

Next morning, we had another shag, this time in the shower. That was hard work as Eileen is a fair bit shorter than me and trying to squat as we fucked was hard. Nevertheless, I did get Eileen to come. Then we were off to breakfast where we swapped back p...


How an accidental sex text led to our first swap

My phone pinged and there were four pictures of catherine, two in the nude.

My wife and I had been out with Catherine and Pete and during the evening I had offered to move some rubbish from her garden when I took some of my own to the tip. Catherine said she would call me if she wasn’t going to be in and leave the gate open for m...


The ultimate wife swap

I could her my wife fucking with Alan as I prepared to fuck kis wife.

I was out for the evening with my wife Claire and our good friends Alan and Marci. I had known Alan all my forty-one years and found and met Claire and Marci when we were out looking for girlfriends. It was in a local youth club and for me Claire was the...


Girlfriend suggeted and open relationship

Keith and I seemedto be fuckng the others partner in sync and it turned into a competition.

Emma asked had I ever cheated on her. I was honest when I told her that I had been faithful to her. I asked what had caused her to ask. She started telling me about her friend at work that had an open relationship. It had come about because he had been ch...


Unusual life style

We live as a foursome and told our children.

Ralph and I had been mates for what seemed like forever. We had first met when we went to secondary school. Throughout school we did everything together. We dated girls together and even slept with them together. We must have had at least six threesomes a...

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Mandy n Sam

What happens on holiday

taken photographs ended in wife swaps.

My wife and I were in France about seven years ago. We were staying on a camp site that is pre-pitched for the users. We had been on several nude beaches and were amazed at the different types of people that went naked. I tried several times to get Mandy...

Willibob and Sue

Helping a young couple

Young couple need help in having sex specially as he has a monster cock.

Hi I'm Sue, Billy has written to you many times about our various exploits. Thought I'd write and tell you my version of when Albert and Christine came for dinner and much more. I had a call from Billy that he was bringing a work colleague and his wife to...