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Spartan 4

A virgin wife taken

The advantage of marriage in Sparta is I can afford to choose and support my own Helots. I married early and to a good family. Sparta is the most feared force in Greece, not even the Sacred Band of Thebes (made up of pairs of male lovers) could stand agai...


Taking Sarah's virginity

Dennis just groaned as he watched me take his girlfriend's virginity.

It was a fine Saturday morning and as a photographer I was out doing the wedding photos for a young couple that was just getting married. The bride looked lovely, although there were signs that she had a slight bump. I wondered if this was a bit of a shot...


How I lost my cherry

As I fell I put my hands out and landed with a hand on her large tit and my face in the other one.

I hadn’t been moved into my flat very long. I was a young innocent eighteen-year-old lad. I hadn’t even lost my cherry yet. I had landed a job with good prospects, but the pay wasn’t up to much yet, so I couldn’t socialize that much. No socializing meant...

Sir Arthur Cumalot

Lust Story

Taking my wife's cherry

LUST STORY Even after all this time, we're still mad for each other and deeply in love. With no distraction of kids, I think a lot of our mutual attraction is down to our age difference of a good few years.  I met Ellen a few weeks before her 21st birthda...


Shared wife

April was the girl of my dreams

I was a shy lad in school and a part of that followed me into adulthood. At school I had the biggest crush on April She was tall for her age and fairly skinny. She had long dark brown straight hair presenting her beautiful face that seemed to have a perma...

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Two for one

I had the problem of which one to date, so I dated both.

Heather and Carol seemed inseparable. They lived together worked at the same factory and went everywhere together, even the loos. They even dressed similar and looked similar. How was I ever going to get to ask one of them out. They were both gorgeous so...

Anthony H

Anglo Dutch relations

Olga landed on top of me and my face was buried in her tits.

It started in 1997. I had a great job and had started to buy our first house and had a great girlfriend. I was working all hours as in between normal work I was renovating the house we had started to buy. I was almost finished when my world crumbled. Firs...


Mother in law shows the way

my first sex was with my mother in law.

I was watching porn and wanking when my stepmother walked in on me. I was really shocked as I thought she was out the house and she looked just as shocked as she stood looking at my cock, all seven and a half inches of it. Then I quickly pulled my bed cov...

Old man

Lesbian love

a lesbian tenant gives her virginity to me

I had been setting up quite a portfolio of houses that I rent out. I had just reached fourteen when my wife fell ill. After eleven months she eventually lost her battle to cancer. I struggled on for some while numbed to the reality of loosing my soulmate....


I lost my cherry

Older woman makes a man of me.

This happened a long time ago, just after I had turned eighteen, I am now 66 and remember it vividly. My eccentric rich uncle decided to take me to the pub and make a man of me, as he said. In the pub he bought a round of drinks for a group of people stoo...


Virgin pussy meets mature cock.

Fornication, copulation and propagation - my virgin threesome!

Hi there I'm Tessa and my experience relates back to when I turned 17. My friend Pamela and I were both virgins at that time. Pam is a slim 5ft 6 brunette, short shoulder-length hair and similar colour pussy pubes. She has smallish breasts. I've long blon...

Hi if you read part 1 it will make more sense. So here goes so i go to Jane mum and dads place they are away in Scotland. Jane was so horny years of her folks tell her she couldn't do or do that. Mum and dad away Jane starts to play when I walk in with a...