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How June became a Hotwife.

"There were six of them taking turns and not the four or five I had expected."

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I married June when she was twenty-one and I was twenty-two.  Within six months of being married we tried swapping.  We hadn’t intended to, but a friend of ours and his lovely wife got us merry on orange brandy and then took advantage of us.  Afterwards we discovered that we liked it, and it wasn’t long before were well and truly hooked into the lifestyle.  June had told me at the very start of our courting days that she never wanted kids and I was ok with that.  So about once, sometimes twice, a month we would swap with another couple.  At first, I was worried that I might lose her to someone else, but as time went on and with more and more swaps, we became a stronger and stronger couple.


Now in our early forties, on the way home from another enjoyable swap June suddenly told me that she would like to try more than one man.  We had done same room swaps as well as separated swaps and during several same room swaps, I had joined in with June and her latest lover, so she had technically had more than one man at a time.  Even to the point one evening we had spit roasted June, before doing the same to the man’s wife.  June then qualified her first statement by saying two or more men without me.  I could be present, but she didn’t want me joining in, well not at first anyway.  To compound things, she even wanted me to set it up for her.


Talking to one of the couples we occasionally swapped with James said he had been in a gang bang with some slut a few years back and he still knew a few of the other men that took part and would see if they were still up for it.  I could see that June was getting excited at the prospects of getting her way with several men.  That evening was a good evening and June was still buzzing as we drove home, and her hand was in my lap playing with my cock.  When I got her through our front door, she practically raped me.  Wow it was fantastic.  Afterwards she admitted that the thought of three men had her wound up tight like a spring all evening.


Two days later James told me that he had two men lined up to share June with him.  We arranged it for two weeks time, and all I told June was that we were swapping with James and Alison again.  On Saturday morning June started her normal routine to get herself ready for that nights fun.  She got a bowl of hot water, my shaving gel, brush and razor.  Then she lathered her pussy and mound and laid back for me to shave her pussy nice and smooth for her.  Afterwards she went off to have her nails done and her hair groomed.  I rang James to see that all was well, and he said that there might be four men not three as one of the men had a mate and he enjoyed sharing a hot wife and was also attending June’s first gang bang.  It was the first time I had thought of June as a hot wife.


I was nervous as I drove June to James’s house.   As James opened the front door, he told June that he had a surprise for her and held out a blindfold.  June looked radiant and excited as she put the blindfold on and then James led her into the lounge.  There was already one other man sat there.  James and Alison led me from the room and just before Alison took me upstairs James spoke quietly to tell me the numbers had gone up and there would be five of them.  It was with some trepidation that I allowed Alison to take me upstairs to their bedroom.  Alison could tell I was nervous and told me that she had been fucked by five men before and assured me that James would take good care of her.


I heard the front doorbell ring and James let others in, just as Alison started to suck my cock.  For the next twenty-five minutes I was engrossed in sucking and fucking with Alison.  Then as we lay there resting, I could hear Alison moaning and groaning loudly.  I was tempted to go and see what was happening, but Alison told me to stay where I was and went back to sucking and licking my soft sticky cock.  As I lay enjoying the labours of Alison’s efforts, I could hear June’s constant moans and groans.  Between June’s moaning and Alison’s lovely mouth I was getting excited again.  Alison got into the doggy position and told me not to stop until she had come at least once.   As I screwed Alison, I reached around and held a tit as I fingered her pussy with my other hand.  I did well and just what Alison asked for as I came deep in her pussy just as she reached her second orgasm.  As I rolled off her and lay next to her, I could still hear June moaning and groaning.  She had been going at it for well over an hour.


Then it went quiet for a short while and then she was going again, moaning and groaning even louder.  Alison reluctantly allowed me to go and see what was happening.  She followed me downstairs and into the lounge.  Alison still had her blindfold on, but she was well aware that there were several men there as she was bent over one stroking his cock between her tits while wanking a second one and a third fucked her from behind.  I was stunned to see James and two other guys sitting it out, and by the looks of them recovering.  There were six of them!   Not the four or five I had expected.  The man fucking her was suddenly groaning as he pumped his cum into my wife.  The guy being wanked took his place as he moved out of the way.  James was up and placing his semi hard cock into June’s hand.  She immediately started to wank James.


All the time June was groaning.  Then she was telling the man, although she didn’t know who it was, to fuck her harder, and as he sped up June came and collapsed onto the man with his cock between June’s tits, squashing his cock tight between her tits.  The man was humping at her tits and groaning as he presumably came on them.  I found that watching June enjoying what was happening to her, I was getting hard again myself, and as the men with June all changed places, I was dragged back upstairs by Alison.  After spooning with Alison for some while and coming a third time in her pussy, I dozed listening to June still groaning. 


I was quickly brought back to reality when I hear a load shriek from downstairs and Alison again followed me downstairs as I worriedly hurried into the lounge.  June had a grin on her face even with the cock that was fucking her mouth, but more to the point was that she was sat on James’s cock and riding him cowgirl as another man had his cock in her arse.  June had lost her blindfold so obviously knew there was six of them.   To my knowledge June had never been double penetrated let alone triple penetrated.  She was clearly enjoying it as she had her hands on the guy fucking her mouths arse, controlling the speed and depth of his cock in her mouth.  He was the first to come and I saw a bit of cum escape June’s mouth and trickle down her chin and drop onto her tits.


The man in June’s arse groaned loudly and then rolled away.  Then June was riding very hard and telling James to hold on.  Then she was coming as her whole body shuddered and then she collapsed on top of James.  As she collapsed James groaned and presumably left another load in June’s pussy.  One of the other three resting went to June and rolled her off James and was trying to get between her legs.  June told him she couldn’t take any more.  The man said it was a shame as she was the hottest Milf slut he had ever fucked and said another time perhaps.  June said yes. another time would be good.


Alison went to June with some tissues and wipes and helped clean her up and was then helping her to redress.  I went upstairs and redressed.  When I got back downstairs the man that had wanted to fuck June again was on top of Alison fucking her.  I gave Alison a final kiss while she was being fucked, as June kissed each of the other five men and then we left them to it.  Just before we got in the car June kissed me and thanked me for letting her try a group of men.  On the ride home she said her pussy felt sore, her jaw ached from sucking cocks, and she said her arse still felt like there was a cock still in it.


Back home I ran June a nice hot bath and soaped and washed all remnants of the men from her body.  Then before I tucked her in bed, I applied soothing cream to her pussy and her arse hole.  I cuddled her tightly from behind in the spoon position and we fell asleep.  Next morning June said she was still sore, but only her pussy and as I applied more cream, she told me it had been a fantastic night, but six men were too many in one go.  She said that the next time I organise it for her, four would be more than enough.  I asked who said anything about a next time.  June pouted at me saying that she knew that I had enjoyed it nearly as much as she had.  Then she said that she would see if she could arrange a threesome for me with another woman. 


The thought of my wife with another woman had me rock hard.  June gave me my best blow job ever and threatening to leave me hanging if I didn’t promise her another group session.  Of course, I agreed just before coming in June’s mouth.  It was another four days before June allowed me anywhere near her pussy other than to cream it.  I also got to take a turn in her arse a few weeks later, something that I had never done with any woman before.   June is definitely now a hotwife.

Written by Roy

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