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Dan wanted me to fuck his wife

"I stood watching Carrie being spit roasted. How I wanted to fuck her sexy arse."

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We were in the pub when Dan asked my wife and I to see his wife, Carrie, got to and from a mutual friends party the following weekend. I had always fancied the pants off Carrie but as she was married to my best friend I had never even considered making a move on her. Dan explained that he had work In Dublin during the week and he thought it unlikely that he would be able to get the ferry back in time for the party.

Naturally, we told Dan we would take care of Carrie. Dan seemed relieved that she was covered so to speak. Then he asked if I was able to drop him off at the port. It was a little out of my way but he had done so many favors for us that I agreed to do it. So Monday morning I dropped Dan off at the port and went into work. We had told Carrie if she needed anything while Dan was away to give us a call.

Saturday soon came around and suitably togged up we stopped at Dan and Carrie's house and waited for Carrie to join us in the car. I couldn't believe what I was seeing as Carrie stepped out of her house. She was in a very short skirt and an even tighter blouse. Both items of clothing were nothing like her normal attire. Then there was her high heels. Besides emphasizing her shapely leg and arses, it made her look like a hooker. I thought that neither my wife or I had ever seen her like this before. Her outfit was finished off with a large handbag.

Just fifteen minutes later our host was taking our coats. Carrie didn't have anything to take without showing even more of her. As we got drinks from the bar I could see all eyes in our direction and more so in Carries direction. Soon both Carrie and my wife were mingling with our friends. A couple of mates asked me about Carrie and what was the crack with her outfit. I had to confess that I didn't know, unless she had been told it was fancy dress, and she was meant to be a prostitute. If that was the case she was doing a good role with her outfit. I observed several men getting Carrie drinks.

Then I had lost track of where my wife and Carrie were, and it was only when one of the men whispered to me that if I wanted a good time there was a slut upstairs giving freebees. As I followed the guy upstairs I saw the notice pinned to the door that read, "Enter for a good time." As we entered there was Carrie. Her shoes were gone, but she still had her skirt and blouse, even if the blouse was wide open with her tits hanging out and her skirt up over her back showing her naked arse.

Even if she was my best mates wife, I couldn't help but get an erection. There were already three more men in the room and one was preparing to stuff his cock into Carrie's mouth while another was advancing on Carrie's pussy. Within seconds Carrie was being spit roasted. I remembered that Dan had asked me to take care of her. Did that constitute taking care of her like this? I had never seen Carrie in this light, she had always seemed very conservative in both dress and behavior. Now she was not only looking like a hooker but was also acting like one. A complete slut.

For years I had fancied fucking Carrie but never thought I would ever get to see even this amount of Carrie let alone see her getting fucked. The two men using Carrie both came pretty much at the same time and as they moved away the third man and the man who told me of Carries performance took their turn. Three more men entered the room as the first two left. I watched Carrie shake as she was being plowed at both ends and wondered if she had just come. The guy fucking her was the next to come, and as he staggered away, the guy behind me pushed me forward saying to hurry up and take my turn with the slut.

I had my cock out in seconds and plowed straight in right up to my balls and then started to take hard thrusts at her pussy. The next man was taking his place at her mouth, as she swallowed the load just delivered to her mouth. Then she was being face fucked again. I managed to last pretty well as I enjoyed her pussy and held on to her arse. Then I left my cum to mingle with the two loads she had already had. I quickly moved away and after putting my cock away I went in search of my wife. I think partly in guilt and partly to hopefully not get caught.

I found her near the bar and as I got a drink and stood talking with her and another friend I heard giggles and chatter from a few men. I see two of them take several drinks and move in the direction of the stairs and the room Carrie was in. I also saw a few more men returning from upstairs looking hot and sweaty. No guessing how they got like that. It was almost forty minutes later when our hosts husband grabbed his wife and pulled her to our circle of people that were talking and after whispering to his wife he cleared his throat and suggested that my wife and I might want to take a look upstairs in the first bedroom and perhaps take Carrie home.

I pretended to be surprised even though I already knew who was in that bedroom and what was happening, but went with my wife and of course see Carrie getting yet another good fucking as well as a mouthful of cock. There was also four men stood watching, probably waiting their turn. My wife yelled at me to get them off of Carrie and of course I yelled at them and they all filed out the room redressing as they went.

By this time just about everyone there had heard or knew what was happening. As my wife pulled Carries blouse together and tried to refasten it I was tasked in finding her shoes and panties. I got another erection as I pulled Carries panties on and up into place. I enjoyed it, but would have much more preferred to be pulling them down and off, instead of on and up. Putting Carrie's shoes on as I looked up at her panties, now stretched over her pussy. I could see the dark spot of her juices along with those of multiple men, including mine, seeping out and into her panties to form the growing wet patch. I also grabbed her handbag.

Shoes on and clothing fastened my wife had me support Carrie down stairs and out to our car. I found myself driving Carrie home as my wife went back to our friends saying she would see me at home. As I drove, Carrie was complaining that she hadn't finished and wanted to return to the party. I told her it was finished and was home time. She seemed pretty drunk as I helped her in doors and into bed. How I enjoyed undressing her. Much more than when I dressed her.

I was going to leave her panties on but Carrie was trying to get them off so I helped her take them off and as I did so Carrie pulled my head so that my face was in her pussy. I wasn't into eating other men's cum, but this was the arse and pussy that I had wanted for many years. I went for it and licked and sucked like a man possessed. It didn't take long before Carrie was shaking again and gasping for me to fuck her. I know I shouldn't, but I undressed and joined her on the bed and soon straddled her legs with my cock between her legs. A few strokes and I managed to line my cock up with her hole and slip it in.

Carrie was humping back as I set the pace as I screwed her. She was pretty wet and slippery down there but with her legs together it gave me plenty of traction and friction to bring me again to the point of coming in her pussy. I was playing with her tits as Carrie came almost at the same time as I did. Afterwards as I dressed, Carrie was already falling asleep and I tidied her clothes and turned lights off as I left. My wife insisted that I check on Carrie the following morning.

I drove around to Dan and Carrie's house to find Dan was there. He informed me that he had arrived home very very late having flown instead off going on the boat. He was still too late to get to the party. I was thinking that it was a good job that he hadn't got there earlier or home when I was there with Carrie. Then in a sort of whisper, Dan asked had Carrie enjoyed the party. I told him from when I saw her she seemed to be enjoying herself. That was an understatement. He asked who had brought her home and I told him my wife and I had. (Small Lie).

Dan asked had she got off with someone. I didn't lie when I told him no, as she hadn't got off with someone, she had actually got off with just about everyone. But I couldn't tell him that. He confided that he thought that someone had screwed Carrie, as when he got home he made love to her and her pussy was soaking wet and particularly slippery. He said she had also been drinking. I answered that I didn't see anyone screw her, but did say that I had seen her have a few drinks. He accepted my answers and thanked me for looking after her.

Now I felt guilty as I had not only let many men use her, but had indeed used her myself. Then a groggy Carrie came down the stairs. I asked her had she enjoyed herself the previous night and form her reply that she had, it put Dan's questions to rest. She admitted that she had drunk too much but said she had enjoyed it. I wondered if Carrie remembered who had used her, but if she did, she didn't let on.

About a week later there was just Dan and I enjoying a pint or two. At first he never mentioned the party. It was only later he mentioned that in the photos of the party he was surprised that Carrie didn't feature in any of them. There was me thinking just as well she wasn't in any with what she had been up to. Dan asked had anyone shown any interest in her. I said that a lot of us find her interesting. He again eluded to her having sex. I asked why he might think that. Dan again said that he thought she might have had sex before he got home.

I told him surely not. That was when he said it had happened before. I hoped that I looked shocked enough. He went on to say that she cannot hold her drink and especially Gin. I had seen her handed several G&T's that evening. He continued that when she get so much in her she gets amorous and will screw just about anyone. I said surely not and joked if that's the case I had better buy her a large bottle of Gin for Christmas. Dan was still pretty serious when he said that I wouldn't need a large bottle. Then he said it wouldn't be so bad if she fucked someone like me, but last time it happened he had caught Carrie with three strangers. I gasped trying to sound shocked.

Then I was shocked when Dan said if I ever see her in that state to fuck her for him so she doesn't go off with strangers. I had to ask him if I had heard him correct and asked if he had just asked me to fuck Carrie. Dan said yes. That way at least he would know who she had been with. When I got home I told my wife of the conversation. My wife huffed and said that I would enjoy that, but to keep my hands off. Little did she know that I already had handled Carrie. Dan never did find out what happened at the party and when I spoke with Carrie she had no memory of what had happened that night other than it caused her a real hangover. She did however remembering having a drink or two before we collected her for the party and a few more at it.

No more was said about that particular party. Many months later we were heading towards Christmas and my wife decided that she wanted a party at our house. I wasn't that happy about it but it is hard for me to argue with, her who must be obeyed. Eventually I gave in and she made out her list of guests. It was larger than I had anticipated. It of course included Dan and Carrie. I became less pleased with having a party when a week or so before hand I got an infection and a high temperature. I was immediately put on a heavy dose of antibiotics. That ruined things, a party and no alcohol for me.

The party started quiet enough and Dan got stuck into some of my whisky. Wouldn't have normally minded, but I couldn't participate. My wife was merry and the party was swinging along. That's when I noticed that one of the men at the first party was feeding Carrie glass after glass of G&T's. She was already looking a little shaky. I suspected that the man was hoping for a repeat of the first party where Carrie took on everyone who wanted a ride. Dan spotted that his wife was getting sozzled and came to me and pointed out the two men now fueling Carries flames. He was clearly concerned as he asked me to take her home telling me I knew what to do.

Now I knew why it was good not to drink, as normally I too would have been pretty merry. Instead I was completely sober and understood what Dan was suggesting to me. He wanted me to service his wife when I got her home. I asked did he not want a taxi and go home with her. He told me no and to go with her. The two men seemed upset when I wrestled Carrie away from them and then it was Carries turn to complain as I helped her into the car. She was still complaining as I drove her home and helped her into her house. Her tune soon changed as I took her upstairs and started to undress her.

Carrie's attitude changed like turning a switch on and she was suddenly all over me. In no time we were both naked and I decided that I wanted a good taste of her pussy as I played with her gorgeous tight arse. Carrie seemed to love being licked and sucked. and I just loved doing it. Then when I mounted her, with her legs on my shoulders, she gasped as I penetrated her pussy and slowly push on in up to my balls. Then I was banging Carrie for all I was worth and she was urging me on by humping herself on my cock and groaning encouragement mixed with requests for going harder and deeper.

I was soon filling her pussy with my cum as Carrie insisted that I came in her pussy. After a rest I rolled Carrie onto her front and licked and sucked her gorgeous arse as I fingered her pussy. It wasn't that long before Carrie was pleading with me to screw her again. I was semi hard and with a bit of rubbing it into her pussy and the juices I became just hard enough to penetrate her again. As I fucked her, and she thrust that arse up at me, I could feel my cock getting harder. I felt Carrie shaking as she stopped humping and it was up to me to keep the fucking going as she was having her orgasm.

Her pussy was clamping down on my cock. Her excitement and climax along with the pressure on my cock had me coming again in her pussy. I was laid stroking Carrie's back and her arse when I heard a vehicle outside. A quick peek out the window and I saw Dan getting out of a private car and talking to the other occupants. I hurriedly dressed and was just putting my shoes on when Dan walked in the bedroom. Carrie was still naked on the bed.

I had just shagged Dan's wife twice, and here he was thanking me for taking good care of her. Then he was telling me that I didn't have to go because he was home. On looking at my watch I realized that I had been missing from the party for almost an hour and a half. I assured Dan that I wasn't leaving due to him but because my wife would miss me.

I drove home as fast as I dared. My wife was clearing up, aided by a couple of friends, and asked where I had been. I told her that Carrie wasn't capable of walking home so I had run her home. My wife assumed that included Dan. I didn't correct her and got stuck into clearing up. A few days later I met Dan in the pub for a quick pint or two. He was immediately thanking me for fucking his wife. I just couldn't believe that a man would be happy knowing someone else was fucking his wife, but I told him it was my pleasure and I look forward to any further times that I could help out.

That was a very long time back and over the years I have had lots of times that I have taken care of Carrie. It seemed strange the first time, but Dan has now watched me fucking Carrie at least a dozen times and even had a go himself while I watched. Recently Dan informed me that I was slipping in my responsibilities. It was when we didn't go to one of the parties and at lest six men had their way with Carrie before Dan had managed to pull her away. I told him I was sorry that we didn't manage to attend and that I would try harder to care for Carrie.

Written by Louis

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