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Facesitting Stories


Being a whore No 2

Gangbang with 2 whores

Hopefully you've read my 1st story, this is another filthy fun packed session, this time with 5 guys and 2 whores. I'd arranged a big session with my playmates (Tom, David, and Chris), but this time Tom's friend was invited, Jason, and Davids girlfriend (...


First ever threesome.

We recruit someone to spice up our marriage.

We lay entwined in a tangle of sweaty limbs, spent. Or at least I was. I had barely caught my breath before my wife Val was attempting to massage interest back into my limp cock. The mind was willing but the flesh was not co-operating. At forty, my days o...


Reverse Gang Banged

Captured and used by three teenage girls

I was driving along a quiet road when a naked girl ran out into the road in front of me and turned and ran back and out of sight. I naturally slammed on the brakes wondering if she was in trouble or hurt. I could see the track she had run down and followe...

Dave T

The happy arrangement

my life with the wife and her lesbian lodger

Hi all. Love your accounts of what you get up to. I am surprised at how many stories seem to be written by people who are surprised that they get to do what they do especially when it involves the Mrs or G Friends having lesbian experiences. I’m 28 and ma...

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Interracial swingers in Africa

Rose has a threesome without Nick

This is a continuation of our last story (which was totally true) in which we describe how we became bisexual swingers in Africa. This is Nick's fantasy. Rose is a gorgeous African woman in her early thirties with the firmest breasts, a wonderfully tight...