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Bisex Stories


Honesty was the best policy

Revealing our bisexuality

Not all my encounters were of a bisexual nature and I enjoyed liaisons with both sexes. I always managed to use my mouth to good effect no matter what gender they were. I was equally at home sucking cock as well as licking pussy and burying my face betwee...

Home visits

Enjoying sucking cock in the comfort of ones home.

After years of winding myself up, and plucking-up the courage, to take a trip up the A3 cruising venue for a cock to suck I've started to play permanently at home, mainly with the locals I'd met through here and on other sites. The advantage I have over o...

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Jilly wants more

Fun comes in all sizes

I like it rough and to talk dirty to my man

I am Jilly and i have dwarfism , yes i had challenges growing up , but thats life i got on with it , lucky for me i have a great personality ( well thats what my friends say ) , i did have relationships with other dwarfs but i was always attracted to norm...

Antony B

the ultimate cockold

I’m a pathetic cuckhold but I cant’ stop.

Like most people, I’m going to keep my identity a secret and I hope you will understand why. I and my wife are both 23. She is a very attractive red head with very pale skin and quite nice sized and firm breasts. I know men look at her and I know what the...

Slave Sally

I love to please ……..

My master treats me well

Please read before you judge me , Mr Peter is my master , we have been together for 2 years, he is good to me , when I need to be disciplined, I take my punishment like the obedient slave I am . When I am good , he treats me with respect , we have boundar...

Dave T

The happy arrangement

my life with the wife and her lesbian lodger

Hi all. Love your accounts of what you get up to. I am surprised at how many stories seem to be written by people who are surprised that they get to do what they do especially when it involves the Mrs or G Friends having lesbian experiences. I’m 28 and ma...

University Bisexual Awakening

A straight MMF threesome goes in another direction

This happened when I was at university a number of years ago and made me realise that sex is fun and always varied. Me, Mike well I was in my final year and I became good friends with my next door neighbour in Halls who was called Rob. The walls weren’t v...

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My latest bi fantasy

WHat I am fantsising about during lockdown

Over the past 20 or so years I have had quite a few bi experiences, and have a couple of stories on here. I have both top and bottom experiences but lately am tending more to bottom, and like to wear stockings and lingerie from time to time. With lack of...

Billy and Wendy

Good deed led to wonderful family

helped a mom in distress and ended with a wonderful family

I had just left the park and as I passed the small hut that sold refreshments I got an Ice cream. It was a glorious day. I got to my car and sat in it with all the windows and roof wide open to let the heat out, eating the ice cream. I watched a cute look...

The new couple

Our first and only swap

A new experience for both of us.

I’m going to share our story with you but because my wife and our friends don’t know I’m doing it I will use false names. I am 36, I’m married to ‘Jenny’ who’s 35. I know I’m married to her and so I’m likely to say this, but Jenny is hot. She works out a...

A married slut

my first time

my my one and only slutty adventure

I am a 36 year old married woman and up until two weeks ago I had never been unfaithful to my husband and even now, when I thing back at what I did, I never agreed to have sex with anyone else, it just happened, but what is more shocking is the fact that...