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Ass Stories


'My' Carol

Moving in

It was just before Christmas that Carol spent the weekend with me I had met her at a party where we dragged each other to bed several times and saw her fucking every man she could and they all wanted her. Carol arrived, I was not sure what to do. I intend...

Hubby & Slutwife

My wife at the swingers' club

3 Strangers wanted to fuck my wife, and they did!

I have enjoyed watching other men fucking my wife for over 20 years, starting when she was 35 years old. It began with me watching her with one man. This progressed over the first couple of years to watching 2 men fucking her at the same time. As my wife’...


Our Very First Threesome

In our defence we were young and drunk!

At twenty two years old I moved to the outskirts of Birmingham and was offered a room by Patrick, a manager at my new employers. Patrick, mid 40's had split up from his wife and needed the extra cash to pay the bils. It was a difficult for me as I left my...


Another Hook Up this time in Spain

Meeting a couple for Afternoon Fun

Hi again this is another true story from a few years ago, I was going to Spain for a few days a good friend had a villa in Puerto Banus area and I had agreed to visit and help him fix the carburettor on his boat, as I had booked the flight I thought I mig...


Meeting Mrs C ( Part Two )

After Popping Her Anal Cherry

As in my previous story my first meeting with Mrs C went well and knowing she was very submissive I decided to push her boundaries and fulfil some of my fantasies along the way, unbeknown to Mrs C I advertised for someone that could accommodate us during...


Hi all, I thought as lockdown comes to a hopeful end, that I’d relay a true story about my British Indian wife. Apologies for the lengthy narrative, but I wanted to provide a proper background to how we’ve got to where we are. I’ll start by describing Pri...

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Sexy black bi girlfriend

Carissma loves sex

I have known Carissma for nine years and have been fuck buddies for eight; in that time I remained married and she has had three boyfriends; we prefer it like this. Carissma is thirty years old, slim, size 12, firm 38d tits and a great arse. She is leggy...

What a date

I’d do this again in a flash

I hadn’t seen her for a good few months due to lockdown. We decided to meet up somewhere for nice social distanced walk. We chose Hollinworth Lake near Rochdale. We met in the car park near the amusements and started to walk around the lake. With it being...

Tony T

cuckhold revenge

How I got revenge on a skinny arrogant guy who thought it was ok to fuck my wife.

Like some of your stories, I’m not sure if this counts as swinging but I’ll tell it anyway. I’m married to a fantastic woman, attractive with a great figure and an amazing attitude to life who is very open when it comes to sex and by that, I mean she will...

Bum fetish

Start of my ass fetish

My fetish started when I was around eighteen and I've been enjoying it ever since. My mother's friend would pop on and see us nearly every day she was quite slim but had a really big round bum. I could never take my eyes off it she always wore really tigh...


I Fucked 2 Of My BF's Friends

Mr walked in to see me with 2 of his mates getting fucked!

Hi guys, glad you liked my first story and I’ve had lots of messages to write about more of our encounters. Starting with fucking 2 of Mr's friends! Hope you enjoy. As i've said previously, im 24, 5'5 with dark shoulder length hair and a slim body and big...

It’s a Hard Life (prologue)

When school is out and exams are over, fantasy can finally become reality...

I'm going to tell you something that happened to me quite some time (thirty-odd years) ago. Some details have been changed to protect the guilty... I should set the scene by telling you that I've always been tall and physically well-developed; even as the...