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Interacial Stories


Martín calls part three

Meeting Martin part three

Please read parts ons and two first. As I bent over the bottom of the bed , Martin told my husband to strip and show him his little white cock and why I needed Martin’s black cock . Martin then told My husband to take his black cock and guide it between m...

black guy owns her

Big black guy fucks her in the club

We were sitting on the sofa and a big black guy came and sat the other side of Martina. He wasn’t in good shape or particularly attractive. He made pleasant conversation about the places he had been - asked us what we had done etc. I didn’t really think a...

Claire’s laying on this double bed in a flat in Brixton, totally naked with two black men having had there way with her. Claire stands up and asks where the bathroom is, and Jason points her down the hallway, where she disappears. Jason and Sean are talki...

claires true colours

my other half begins to show her true colours part 1.

Hi so thought i would share with you, Ive been with my current partner for nearly five years, and know that her previous partners have always been black or asian tho,she says her last one was a prick. my current partner is 5ft 8 38yrs old size 14 with a r...

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Debs is back for black - Part 1

Meeting a big lad in the gym and knowing he’ll fill Debs to satisfaction!

Debs has a taste for chocolate, and not just in boxes and bars! She said to me she fancied some more black cock as it’s been a good several months since her last. The only question was where to get her some new prime beef? I asked Debs’s what kinda man sh...

Julian of Kent

An odd one this and I wasn't sure under what category it fell. I have been retired 5 years after selling my small engineering firm ., T. my office manager was a lovely lady about 12 years younger than me. We enjoyed a sexy but not sexual relationship. By...

D Woolley

I know that I had promised to write about what happened in Kent, but we have just got home from the Canary Islands and this account just must take priority. We were at an all-inclusive resort which included evening entertainment. (Some of which was not ve...


The Real Book Worm

How far will her devotion go!!!!!

A true story, no, really it is... Since the day that they met in person, which was also the first time that Sam fucked her, Jenna had been a sub to his black cock. She had promised to fulfil any sexual desire that he has, if he doesn’t deprive her of his...


A Gym Thing

The best appointment she has ever made

KKim walked over to the information desk with a slight limp. ‘Excuse me, is anyone available now to give me a quick massage. It feels like I pulled a muscle while working out.’ ‘Let me check,’ replied Oscar, the owner of Push Gym. ‘Are you okay? It looks...


Hi. Part 2 of my stories about Priya - my sweet, curvaceous, caramel wife. Needless to say, the morning after is always sobering. Where we had great sex the night before, it was awkward when thinking in the morning about the pictures she had sent me. I fe...