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Gary's Party invitation 2

"Party cum Fuck session cont'd"

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My last story left off with two cheeky lads Leigh & Alun , both work colleagues of Rob & myself ( Dave ), fucking our other half's in our host's Gary hot tub as we looked on with a few other work colleagues of ours, I looked at Ann now , noticing she was now rolling a condom down over Nathan's erect cock as he sat back in the tub and watched her kneel up over Nathan as he held her as she slipped down wriggling to take his cock in her pussy as he held her and began to suck on her pink nipples. Then I turned to hear Alun shout Fuck ! as he nearly pushed Tina over the side of the tub as he rammed his cock into her filling her warm pussy with his hot cum , Tina's pert nipples stood up proudly from her small chest as she opened her eyes to look at me and blow me a kiss, as Amy was now pushing her lovely bum back to meet Leigh's thrusts , as Rob & I both knew how good that felt . As we watched Amy , the look on her face and the red glow on her boobs an neck we both knew she had cum yet again , Leigh was holding on to her fucking her for all his worth and getting ready to explode inside my Wife's hot pussy as i glanced back at Tina to see her doing a clean up job on Alun's cock much to his delight, when Leigh cried out he was filling Amy with his cum as well now as Amy pushed back to feel all his cock pressing inside her . Rob nudged me to say your Amy is a hot little fuck , she has given me a boner just watching her with Leigh , the lucky sod and laughed , then added think its about time we joined them and had our turn , as we undressed put our clothes on a chair and climbed in to the tub , as we did Leigh & Alun made a rapid exit , I told Rob I think we have them scared laughing to ourselves. When Tina turned to us she said oh we thought you were just going to be spectators, as Rob said well we thought we would show them how to fuck you properly now Tina went to Rob kissed him ,giving his hard cock a squeeze before turning to me to do the same , as Amy went over to Rob as he leaned back against the edge of the tub and watched her kneel down to lick an suck his cock for him , i glanced around to try to find someone not watching them but all eyes were glued to Amy's mouth orking its magic on Rob's big , hard cock. While i kissed Tina she turned her head to see what Amy was doing and asked me did i want her to do that to me , just as my cock gave a jerk against her stomach , tho i think you are hard enough for me now don't you , i smiled at Tina saying i want you now and i too sat back on the edge of the tub ,lifting Tina up as she had her outstretched arms around my neck and pulled her against me ,my cock sliding into her wet ,warm pussy as she put her legs up in the air so she was sat on my cock . I looked at Amy to see her with her back to Rob and leaning back with Rob's cock buried inside her as well now as he reached around to feel her boobs rolling her nipples in his fingers as Amy bit on her lip, as she moved up and down on Rob's erection. I told Tina she was a horny fuck as she pulled herself up and down holding on to my neck as she rode my cock her legs swinging behind me , she smiled at me , saying you would'nt want it any other way ! , i pulled her up against me to suck on her pert nipples and her small boobs , as she said 2 can play at that game and bit my shoulder , as Tina said Amy can look at that next time you fuck her in bed an grinned , then added have noticed a few on Amy after Rob has fucked her, i thought he was turning cannibal an laughed . I was grateful of Tina's small physique as i held on to her as she rocked on my cock, I looked around to see lots of eyes on the activities in the tub as Amy was now bouncing up an down on Rob's cock , Ann & Nathan had just climaxed loudly as they held each other tightly gasping and kissing, I held on to Tina saying that Ann has quite a good body on her , but never expected her to be fucked by a man tonight and told Tina what Ann had said earlier about hoping for some fun with her & Amy at some stage tonight, Tina looked at me grinning an said i bet you Men would love to see us girls eating out each others pussies , but maybe that could be for later ! Tina & myself were both getting close to cumming and when she suddenly began bouncicng on my cock , she told me to fill her up now please i want to cum with you , I was happy to oblige as I pulled her against my chest and filled her hot pussy with my cum as she again sunk her teeth into my other shoulder biting me an laughing saying you have the matching pair now . I stood Tina up now as she held my hand to kiss me again , when she was suddenly whisked away by Ryan who had fucked her earlier to a double air mattress now in place on the patio, i could see Ryan chatting to Tina who smiled as she glanced back at me before the body of Karl ( another early 20,s lad who works with Rob in the workshop and who was a tall ,solid built lad who played Rugby moved to kneel on the mattress behind Tina ) i saw Tina reach behind her to hold Karl's cock as he pulled her on to it. As Ryan was now holding his cock up against Tina's lips for her to suck , I knew she liked Ryan and he was soon knelt grinning broadly , proudly looking around as Tina licked an sucked his cock as Karl was steadily fucking Tina's hot pussy . I glanced back at Amy an Rob as he was still fucking my Wife as she now had 2 cocks to lick and suck as I looked to see they belonged to 2 of the guys from my office Derek & Vic who were both in there mid 40's she was bent forwards sucking as she still rode Rob's hard cock , Derek & Vic saw me looking , smiled and gave me the thumbs up sign , when Vic couldn't seem to stop himself saying you have a beauty here as a Wife Dave ! I stood there taking the sight of Amy taking turns to suck there cocks as these 2 men I had to work with each day in the office stroked my Wifes body an boobs while Rob had his big cock buried in Amy's pussy. As i stood there i felt someone put there arm in mine and turned to see Ann stood by me , she said to me , your Amy is hot ! , Dave !, then I felt her hand hold my cock and slowly rub it , as I looked around I could see Rob watching as he smiled at me , I then heard a gasp from Vic as he had cum covering Amy's face as he had pulled out just as Amy was about to suck on Derek's hard cock . I felt Ann move and watched her go over to Amy hold her chin to turn her face towards Ann's , to see Ann put her tongue out to lick up Vic's cum and then watch as she pressed her tongue into Amy's mouth and us Men watched as they kissed and Ann carried on cleaning up Amy's face with her tongue and shared Vic's cum with Amy . I watched as my cock stirred into life and moved behind Ann as she stood bent over kissing Amy and rubbed my cock over and between Ann's wet pussy lips and slowly pushed the head of my cock past her pussy lips , even feeling Ann push back to take more of my cock inside her warm pussy, i moved closer feeling my cock slide deeper into the warm depths of Ann's pussy, before puliing back to begin a steady rhythmn as fucked Ann. I reached to rub Ann's firm boobs and pull on her nipples still watching Ann & Amy kissing passionately i glanced at Rob who gave a wink and at Vic and Derek who now seemed forgotten about , Derek decided to place Amy's hand around his cock and she slowly began to wank him , as Vic decided to do the same and placed Ann's hand on his cock as Ann began to pull on his cock as well now. I looked around to see we had several men watching us as both girls attended to the 4 of us ,Rob had slowed down fucking Amy as he seemed afraid to stop what was going on in front of us, I was enjoying myself in Ann's pussy fucking her but made a note to remember to pull out before I had cum in her, as guessed she was probably not on the pill as she had used a condom earlier , I glanced over to see Tina now sucking Leigh & Alun's cocks as Andy was now filling her pussy with his cock pushing Tina's head deeper on to their cocks with each thrust. Then Ann stopped kissing Amy moved around to grab hold the side of the tub and told me to fuck her hard as she wanted to cum , i asked her if I had to take it out when I came , Ann said Oh Fuck !!, yes you better Dave as am not on the pill or anything, Sorry !!! As I held Ann's hips as I fucked her , I looked to see Derek had his cock back in Amy's mouth once more as Vic now had Amy pulling on his cock and giving it the occassional suck and Rob was now back to fucking Amy harder and I guessed was looking to fill her up with his cum , out of the corner of my eye I could see Gary filming us all on his phone it made me wonder how much he had filmed and how he would use it against us in the future I could feel Ann really rocking back an forth on my cock and ready to cum and I was not far behind by now , when she gasped out she was cumming, I kept going as I felt her cum over my cock before pulling out , she turned around just as the first spurts erupted from my cock to clamp her lips over the head of my cock to swallow the last of my cum, this semed to set Rob off and he was humping Amy hell for leather knocking Derek's cock from her mouth as he fucked my Wife's pussy and filled it with his creamy load now. As Rob and I stood there and Amy made to move Vic pulled her head on to his cock for her to suck as Derek moved to put his cock in Amy's pussy, now I guessed he had been frustrated enough in the past minutes watching us with Amy , i watched as my office colleagues were now using my Wife's body to satisfy their needs and the need of my horny Wife who showed no sign of wanting to stop, Rob & I looked for Tina to see the lads had moved on and Nathan was now fucking her as another lad Omar from the workshop who must have only just turned up as hadnt seen him earlier was getting his cock sucked along with Gary who were both knelt in front of Tina. I watched as Nathan pulled back from Tina to slap her tight arse to see her arse looked pretty red from the hammering the lads had been giving her pussy , before he pushed his cock back inside her hot pussy, i found myself turning back an forwards between Amy & Tina to watch them both , as Derek filled Amy with another load of cum that evening , Nathan soon followed filling Tina , as Gary was almost pushing Nathan out of the way in his rush to fuck Tina . I then watched as Vic this time filled Amy's mouth with his cum and looked down to see Amy swallow the lot , when out of the corner of my eye i saw Omar making his way to move on to a seat and tell Amy to come and sit on his cock, i guesssed he was horny and Gary had beaten him to Tina's pussy and decided to have some of Amy's hospitality. As Rob & I looked on with the others Omar guided Amy to sit down on his brown cock , she turned her face towards him as he took a handful of her hair to hold her head still and kiss her as his other hand went down between her legs to rub an pull on her clit making Amy gasp between kisses, then he let go of her hair as his other hand tweaked and pulled on her nipples and cupped her boobs feeling the weight of them . After awhile of this , he told Amy to stop , stand and led her over to the mattress telling her to lay down next to Tina and interrupting Gary's fun for a moment, before lifting Amy's legs high and wide and I watched as his dark ,thick cock entered my Wife's pussy and he began to make that mattress rock between him and Gary as they fucked Amy & Tina in front of everybody , even Ann had stopped to watch as she had been sucking on Ryan's young cock not that he seemed to mind as he looked on as well. A few minutes later both Gary and Omar had both deposited a load of their cum into Tina & Amy's pussies, as Gary decided they should have a break for awhile as the girls including Ann came over to chat with Rob an myself , but we were soon joined by the other lads as we had a drink and some of the food on offer . There is more to tell and will let you know the last chapter of this night's story very soon, hope you enjoy the read !!
Written by Anonymous

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