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Her birthday weekend away

"Hot tub fun"

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Author's Notes

"Weekend away. Part 1."

A couple of weeks back it was my wife's birthday. We had made plans last year to go away to a big house with friends for the weekend but Covid put those plans on the shelf. So a year later it was all booked and we were there and what a weekend it was going to be

The house was huge. 8 bedrooms and plenty of space for all 14 of us that had booked on. we had ordered loads of food and beer to be delivered.

When we arrived we quickly unpacked and explored the house and grounds. We found a bbq hut and next to it a large hot tub that could easily fit 8 people in maybe 10 at a nice squeeze.

Later on after everyone arrived the girls decided to jump in the hot tub nice and early with Prosecco in full flow. Myself and the other guys were unpacking the food delivery and set about with our own drinks.

As time went on the girls were still in the hot tub. I got my swim shorts on, picked up a few beers and a couple of bottles of Prosecco for the girls and made my way to the hot tub with a couple of the other guys. We got in and squeezed our way in between each of our partners. All of them looking great in their bikinis. Especially my wife, who was wearing an all black one piece swim suit which really made her breasts look amazing.

We were all relaxing and someone had put some music on. The beers were flowing and we were all having a laugh and joking around. The topic of conversation soon turned to sex. How regular we had it etc etc. It seemed that the alocoh was really loosening people up as people were talking about what toys they had. With one friend Leanne stating she had bought her self a small butt plug recently and loved (in her words) a bit of bum fun. Then my friends partner Amie stated out of nowhere that she loved my partners figure.

At first she seemed a bit shy and didn't want to take the compliment. She's always been a bit shy concerning her body but she really has a great body. Great ass and large breasts.

The compliments for her continued and some were from my male friends. I egged them all on and was openly saying she's hot I know other people think so.

As the beers and Prosecco continued to flow people's inhibitions were loosening. My wife had to lean over the hot tub reach the bottle of Prosecco which was on the patio as she stood up. Everyone stared at her amazing body. She then bent over the side leaning over. As she did this her arse was slapped by Amie. To which she just shuffled and almost twerked her arse. So I grabbed hold of her swimsuit and lifted it up on her arse exposing both of her arse cheeks fully. She quickly shook away from this and appeared slightly embarrassed but everyone was laughing and giving lots of compliments.

She pulled her suit down and out of her arse. She still had picked up the bottle of Prosecco yet due to our messing around. She lent over again and again I lifted her suit up exposing both her arse cheeks fully. This time she just let it happen. Allowing all in the hot tub to see her amazing arse and appreciate the goods. She quickly picked up the bottle of Prosecco and sat back down but instead on her seat. She sat on my lap.

Straight away she could feel my hard on. She shuffled about on me slightly clearly enjoying my rock hard cock pushing on to her arse and pussy.

Time moved on and everyone carries on having a laugh and the conversation kept coming back to sex and also my partners amazing body. She was loosening up a-bit more and the amount of compliments she was receiving seemed to be making her feel more and more confident about herself, obviously that and the copious amounts of Prosecco she had had over the last couple of hours.

I don't know what came over me but with her still on my lap and my arms around her waist. I put my hands on her breasts. She quickly tried to slap them away. Everybody noticed and jokes were made about me getting a-bit giddy. Then I had a feeling to expose her breasts to everyone. So I slowly moved my hands back up to her breasts. She seemed my comfortable and not thinking I would do anything left my hands cupping both breasts. I then pushed both of her breasts together and pulled her swim suit away from her breasts.

Everyone including my partner gasped as I did this. For the few seconds they were both exposed the whole hot tub got a right eye full and clearly enjoyed what they were seeing. Including a couple Of the girls.

Soon after we all started to leave the hot tub to dry up and party in the house.

Drinks continued to flow for the rest of the evening after exiting the hot tub. We all got together in the main living room and party music was on. Lots of dancing. Bumping and grinding with each other. It was quite fluent with who was dancing with who.

I lost site of my partner for awhile. So decided to go and find her. I looked around the house visiting different rooms. Eventually I stumbled across her and Amie in our room for the weekend. Both of them had gotten in to their pyjamas and both looked hot as, consisting of shorts and top minus a bra so you could say both pairs of great tits.

They both seemed surprised when I entered the room. I asked what they had been up to. They both appeared a-bit shocked and red faced and quickly stated they had just been chatting.

Soon after we all rejoined the party downstairs. It carried on until the small hours of the morning. Me and my partner made our excuses at about 2am and went to bed.

When we got in bed. She quickly dived on me and appeared quite insatiable. I asked what had gotten in to her. She stated the hot tub had got her really horny knowing all those people including the girls thought she looked amazing and sexy. She said when I walked in on her and Amie they were discussing having sex with other people outside of relationships. (It would appear Amie regularly did this). I asked my partner would she ever fuck anyone else? She paused for a moment. The moment just a bit too long and said she'd never cheat on me. My reply was it isn't cheating if I let you is it?

All of a sudden the grin on her face was beaming. She said they when we were in the hot tub. My friend Matt was there. (His body is great he works out religiously) she said he kept checking her out and without me noticing kept putting his hand on her leg and moved it closer each time her dared. I was shocked by this. I hadn't noticed anything. Could have been to do with her being on top of me or also the amount of beers I had drank.

I asked her what she did when he did this. She stated at first she just ignored it and didn't think anything of it. Then he clearly got braver and began to slowly move his hand further up her leg and regularly move it. She said she was too shocked to say anything and actually began to enjoy it. At this point my heart was beating quite fast I was shocked. My cock was also rock hard.

I asked her if she would ever want to fuck another guy. Would it be him? Her reply was almost instant. God yes. He's clearly got a huge dick I saw it through his wet swim shorts before. I know it was probably the alcohol making her tongue this loose but my god. She was really getting ems going.

The sex we had that night was so hot! At one point I even asked her if she wanted to suck matts Cock while I put two fingers in her mouth. She was almost insatiable as I did this and seemed to almost lose control.

Soon after we both came. We both fell asleep. Knowing that day 2 was to come.... to be continued.

Written by K Wilhelm

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