Written by AnonGTB

8 Oct 2018

I guess I should start with the introductions, I am 31 G my partner 29 N and my best mate 28 R. Me and my partner have been together for nearly 5 years and have a great sex life, we have never spoke about anything like what I am about to tell you but N has always hinted that shes been a bit naughty in her past. I on the other hand probably have like many men on here the dirty mind but have never really had the opportunity to act on it.

So a few months ago something happened that I NEVER expected but at the same time has made me the horniest man alive ever since. I hadn’t seen my best mate R for about a year, the usual work life getting in the way scenario, but we always kept in touch and have known each other years. Anyway he comes to stay over as we don’t live too close and we plan on having “a few beers” and a catch up, nothing too heavy as it’s a school night. So I get home from work and N is already home , I Call R and he’s about half an hour away so I run upstairs, get showered and changed ready for his arrival. I had been feeling a bit flush recently so I had bought a hot tub for the garden and I had also bought a draft beer machine. Anyway, R gets here and it’s the usual chit chat, we talk for a while all 3 of us whilst drinking a few beers from the machine and decide we are getting tipsy so best have a walk up to the local restaurant and have some food.

We go up have a few more beers and food then decide we should go back and all jump in the hot tub. R hasn’t brought and swimming shorts so decides he will just go in with his boxer shorts, me and N get in she is looking sexy in her bikini, I should explain N isn’t a size 8 with big tits. She is a 14 with average boobs but a big bum that doesn’t it for me, and even though she isn’t a size 8 most of my mates all have a thing for her.

So we have a few more and by this time we are all pretty pissed so start with the usual sex talk and jokes mentioning that I know N loves me and things like seeing her with someone wouldn’t bother me as I know where her heart lies, but at this point genuinely not thinking anything of it, then we are on to truth or dare (childish I know but we are steaming at this point) the first dare and I am running round the garden naked, next it’s R’s turn to do the same, after a few more me, R and N are all naked in the hot tub. My heart is pounding a bit with excitement but still not thinking much is coming from it.

Me and N start kissing after she kept touching me under the water with the bubbles on so R didn’t see or at least didn’t feel left out, one thing leads to another and I grab N pull her on top of me, and we carry on kissing and I start to finger her in front of R, she whispers in my ear for me to fuck her so I lift her up enough to get my dick and slide it in to her warm pussy then I push us both up so her arse is out of the water and start fucking her in front of R, he is opposite and has full view of N’s arse rippling whilst I’m fucking her but the next bit I didn’t expect.

I was pounding away on N’s amazing pussy when I can feel R’s fingers wrap around the base of my cock, the next thing I know he has his finger inside N whilst I am still fucking her, I ask her if she’s ok and explain what she is feeling and she tells me to “just keep fucking her, it feels amazing” in no time at all I’m about to cum at the excitement of what is happening and sure enough I fill N’s pussy with my cum and then we all decide to Get out of the tub with me and N thinking that was the end of it.

We all go upstairs and all lay on mine and N’s bed, talking and laughing like nothing has happened but also still really drunk, me and N start to kiss again and the next thing I know she is pulling my shorts down so I lay her on the edge of the bed take her pants off and start to fuck her again whilst taking her top off, she is so wet like I have never known before I assume at the thought of us fucking in front of my mate again, then R says,”do you mind if I feel her tits while you guys are busy I’m feeling left out” so I just looked at N she nodded,”so I said do what you want mate I’m busy” the next thing I know he is laid next to N, groping her tits and starts kissing her whilst I am fucking her! Didn’t see this coming at all, I didn’t know how to feel other than being really turned on, I decide to change positions and N gets on her knees facing away from me so I can fuck her from

Behind (she knows this is a favourite of mine as I told you earlier I love her big arse.)

So now I am taking her from behind and she is moaning like crazy, more than normal with R laid next to her on his side in just his shorts as he came up from the tub, I look down to enjoy the view of N’s arse rippling whilst I fuck her and when I look up she is grabbing R’s Cock and wanking it through his shorts! This sent my mind crazy and my cock went even harder, i couldn’t believe it but loved it at the same time, R starts to take off his shorts and repositions himself so he is sat in front of N on our bed with one leg either side of her and his cock in front of her face! Without hesitation I can see N grab his cock again and start to wank it, then I see her head start to bob up and down, she’s sucking his cock and he is loving it, to be honest so am I even though I am so shocked I am not going to last long and after another 5 minutes or so bury my cock deep inside N and fill her with my cum again.

At this point I decide that’s enough for one night and N instantly stopped too, R saying can’t we just keep going a bit longer but the moment was gone and after cleaning up we all laid on the bed, R was hoping for round 2/3 but I think me and N realised we had done enough, enjoyed it but didn’t want to go to far in case we woke up in the morning regretting it.

The next morning R left early for work and me and N laid in bed and discussed it saying we loved it and wouldn’t rule it out again but it would have to happen naturally like with R and we are glad nothing more happened for our relationship as it being our first time but also for mine and R’s.

Since then I can’t get it out of my head and the next day wanked about it many times, and have done ever since watching lots of porn of people sharing there wife and I try find people that look like N so it feels more real as well as reading other similar stories on here. We have had even more sex since and have both been hornier than ever so haven’t once regretted it and loved the thought of N with other people.

Hopefully it will happen again soon but we are a long way from Joining something and planning anything but it does feel like a step in a direction I am excited to keep exploring!!

Hope you enjoyed and will hopefully have another one for you sometime soon!!

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