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Gary's Party invitation 3

"Party cum Fuck Session cont'd"

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My last story ended with Gary our host and Omar a young work colleague of Rob's, who had both just fucked my Wife Amy & Tina who is Rob's girlfriend and who have both become Fuck buddies of ours , we had all stopped for a drink and some of the food on offer , Tina came over to press her body against the front of mine causing my cock to rise and it was soon pressing against Tina's back she turned to smile at me as she rubbed against me. I looked at Rob to see he had his arm around Amy, one hand cupping her boob and rolling her nipple with his fingertip , opposite us Ann was rubbing her bum up and down against young Ryan's cock who she had been sucking a few minutes earlier as all the other Men who had come along joined in with the chat and drinking. As I stood there chatting with a drink in my hand and my other hand on Tina's hip our host Gary stood by me and whispered to me its going well isn't it Dave , all the girl's seem to be enjoying it as do the guy's here , I think in a while we will carry on fucking these 3 sluts , as that is what they are, even tho 1 is your Mrs , Dave ! I think you must agree she is the most horny and popular slut here tonight , as well as the most attractive and am sure you will see her have a lot more cocks inside her tonight . I stood there thinking what a arsehole Gary is but went along with him as everybody was enjoying themselves, soon after Gary said shall we carry on with the party and perhaps the girls can give us a show on the mattress to warm us all up , guys ! There were a few shouts of yes !!! good idea !! from a couple of the young lads . We all watched as Amy took Tina's hand leading her over to the mattress as Ann rushed over to catch up with them , the girls had a quick chat and Amy lay back on the mattress as Tina knelt by her head and kissed Amy as Ann who now had the biggest grin on her face knelt between Amy's legs opening them wide to comments from various guys looking on , eg look at that lovely cunt , cant wait to get my cock in there etc. Then it went quiet as Ann dipped her head and tongue down to lick , suck an probe Amy's pussy , stopping to kiss the insides of her thighs and lick that pussy that I have done many times , all the while Ann's fingers were running over Amy's body teasing an probing , Amy began to make purring noises as Ann worked on her body , then as all eyes were on Ann, they moved up to see Tina straddle Amy's head and lower her pussy for Amy to lick , nibble , probe and suck Tina's pussy and arse. I glanced around to see some of the guy's feeling and rubbing their cocks not realising as they watched closely every move on the bed in front of them, all the guys seemed to be in some state of erection, including me as it was a very horny show the girls put on. It was good to hear the sounds the girls made as they were obviously aroused and enjoying the attention, especially when we all heard Amy cum on Ann's tongue as she probed her pussy , and we watched Tina cum her mouth open ,her eyes shut as she pulled on her nipples and pressed down on to Amy's mouth , then we watched as they moved and Ann lay back as Amy tongued her as Tina again lowered her pussy on to Ann's tongue already seeking out a pussy to tongue an taste . There was a whisper amongst some of the lads watching and Nathan went over to stand in front of Tina holding his erection for her to lick an suck there were a few groans as Tina put her tongue out to lick his cock before taking it into her mouth to suck , when I then saw my office mate Vic kneel behind Amy holding on to his cock to guide it into Amy's hot pussy as he held her hips , Amy gave her bum a wiggle as Vic pushed all the way inside to begin to fuck her. As the rest of us watched comments were made on what the girls were doing to each other , as Ann & Tina were making noises as the tongues took their toll, Amy was making a muffled groan as Vic fucked her still with her face in Ann's pussy, it all became too much for Vic and he soon collapsed on to Amy's back having filled her with his cum. He moved away and the rugby playing bulk of Karl knelt behind Amy to pull her back onto his thick cock as he pressed all the way inside of my Wife as he had done so I saw Gary taking photos once again as was Leigh now as well , Amy groaned as Karl filled her completely and began to rock her back an forwards on his cock . Then we heard Ann scream as she had cum under Amy's tongue an lips , Tina soon followed and then the mattress was awash with bodies as Derek had moved behind Tina to fill her with his cock as she had just swallowed Nathan's cum to be replaced by Omar in her mouth her lips stretching to take Omar's thick cock , as Ann was pulled across the mattress to suck on Alun's cock . Then Rob dived between Ann's legs his cock ready to penetrate Ann's pussy he held her legs up an wide as a few eyes watched the fat head push past Ann's pussy lips , she groaned with a look of panic in her eyes, but with Alun's cock in her mouth it subsided as Rob pressed deeper and slowly pulled back before filling her completely to set up a steady rhythm as I reminded him to pull out as she was not on any contraception, he nodded at me . I looked to see Amy now had Gary's cock to suck and I thought to myself he has a thing about Amy ever since the 1st time he fucked her, it made me wonder if he had other ideas of my Wife or was he enjoying lording it over me as he fucked my Wife, shortly after Karl lifted Amy's knees off the bed as he held her as he came inside her pussy , as Derek groaned as he filled Tina's pussy with his cum now , his creamy cum dribbling out of Tina's pussy. I moved to see Amy's pussy which was now gaping open after Karl's thick cock had come out , to see it full of his white deposit as behind me Ryan was taking a photo of that same view, just as I thought I might just fuck my wife , Andy said excuse me Dave and knelt behind her ,as Gary gave a shout as he filled Amy's mouth with his cum , I watched him as he lifted Amy's head by her hair and told her she was his best little slut. I looked at him as I don't think he knew I was there or hadn't thought I would hear, as Andy leaned over Amy to whisper to her , Andy waved Ryan over who lay down on the mattress as Amy lay on top of him and wriggled down till she had Ryan's hard cock inside her pussy , as Andy held Amy's bum cheeks wide to dribble some spit down on to her tight hole and he even moved to drip some of his pre cum there as well. I had moved away a few feet to take it all in to watch as Andy worked a finger then another into my Wife's tight bum hole as Amy smiled and was wriggling on Ryan's cock as they both kissed and whispered to each other , as Andy kept working his fingers inside my Wife's tight hole before stopping to spit on his hands to rub over his cock , I thought to myself well this is a first as have not seen her with another man's cock in her arse before and wondered if she could take Andy's decent sized cock. Andy dribbled some more spit on Amy's arse and squeezed some pre-cum from the tip of his cock , before straddling Ryan & Amy's legs and holding his cock I watched as he pressed down against her tight hole , Amy's face looked strained when I saw the head of Andy's cock slide inside my Wife's arse , as he face relaxed as Andy pushed slow and steadily deeper before pulling back ,and then pressing deeper again till he had filled her arse with his cock . I looked to see Amy's face now looking relaxed as she had taken his cock and Ryan even commented he could feel Andy's cock pressing down inside Amy, as Andy spoke to Ryan they got a rhythm going as they filled an fucked my Wife with their cocks much to Amy's delight from the look on her face, as her boobs were squashed against Ryan's chest in a very delicious sandwich.. Then I saw Gary creep nearer taking pics of both cocks penetrating my Wife , I had seen him nearby but not noticed if he was taking pic's but guessed he would not have missed this moment , which led me to think had he set Ryan & Andy up to do this to Amy right in front of me , it wasn't long till Ryan cried out he was cumming and carefully wriggled out from underneath Amy's body , as Andy told Amy to keep her head down and stick her arse in the air as he wanted to fuck her arse properly now . As I watched , Ryan came over to stand next to me to tell me you have a great wife there Dave , she is a great fuck you are one lucky guy , I heard his words, but was too busy watching Andy driving his cock into Amy making her boobs shake an swing as it was a horny thing to watch , Andy was really fucking Amy hard now his groin slapping against Amy's arse till he gave a almighty groan and slumped over her back as they both collapsed on to the mattress. I looked on admiring my Wife for taking his cock and that they both looked shattered , as I saw them roll apart to face each other Amy put her hand on his face and I saw Andy lean over to kiss her , as they whispered to each other, again I turned to see Gary busy filming and taking pics on his phone I was thinking of a place I could shove his phone but he might just enjoy it too much . Then I heard Rob talking to me which seemed to break the spell I was under of watching Amy & Andy as he said to me did Andy fuck Amy's arse just then , I nodded a Yes ! , as he went on to say that Ann is not a bad fuck is she ! Mate ! to me , glad you reminded me to pull out otherwise she would have got my load in her cunt rather than over her tits, I said oh yes ! do you think we might have converted her over to our side rather than just girls , as Rob said well she has had some cock tonight and not complained ? I looked around to see Tina laid back on the mattress as Vic & Derek had their cocks pointed at Tina's face as she was busy wanking them off , Ann had Karl & Omar either side of her sucking on her boobs as their fingers were inside her pussy , as I looked back at Amy she was sucking Leigh and Alun's cocks now , as I felt a hand on my shoulder I turned to see Andy & Ryan say they were off now to Rob & myself after saying thanks for a good night the girls were great as I watched them go I saw them go over to Gary to say good night and a bit of high 5ving went on which confirmed to me Amy had been set up to get her arse fucked earlier . Then Gary came over to announce it was time for the girls to feel all our cocks and told them to kneel on all4,s on the mattress all in a line and each man would have 6 strokes each in their pussy till each man dropped out because he had cum Leigh was 1st in line to fuck Ann before moving on to Tina then Amy as Alun followed then Omar , Karl then Rob and I had a turn but Gary made sure he was last as both Vic & Derek had decided enough was enough, even though Vic had his phone out now taking pic's . The lads began to drop out leaving Omar, Rob , Gary and myself then next time around Omar came inside Tina , as I was next pumping my load over Ann's back and bum, Rob went on as Gary followed and let his load fill my Wife's pussy and as Rob was the only one standing he moved Amy on to the middle of the mattress and after a good 3-4 minutes of fucking he filled Amy with his load of creamy cum . I was pleased Rob had beaten Gary to the prize of a longer fuck as Gary said anybody want the hot tub , well Amy , Rob , Tina looked at me and we decided to head home leaving Ann and the guys behind , I drove us back to Tina's house and I climbed into bed with Tina as Rob & Amy got in to bed in the spare room . We woke up the next morning to hear Rob fucking Amy in their bed , as Tina slipped under the duvet to suck my cock before leading me in to their shower where we fucked under the hot water as it ran over us and Tina's aching body from being pulled about the night before. We Rob, Tina and myself went in to work on the Monday to everybody thanking us for a great night and there were photos and video's being shown all around the office and workshop as Gary came up to me later on to tell me to thank Amy for a great night and some great fucks ! Then as he walked away think maybe we should have another night like that sometime , Don't you think ????? Well that the end of that story hope you enjoyed was a bit of a marathon for me as not very quick on the lap top , but hope you think it was worth it , like to hear if you want more of these let me know , Happy swinging !
Written by Anonymous

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