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I thought that I would let you know how I met my wife and why she has her attitude to sex.

We met at school, most guys fancied her because she had a well developed body, probably the best in the school.

We both stayed on an extra year to take GCSE, which meant we had access to a small lodge building seperate from the main school building where GCSE students could study during "free periods"

Obviously not all the time spent in the lodge was used for studying, my wife and 2 other girls would use the time to flirt with some boys.

My wife was the easiest and never said no, so myself and a friend took advantage of her "free & easy laid back attitude" to allowing us to grope her a bit when no one else could see. Which we did often, either 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 which she never objected too.

The school had a few sports training sessions on saturday mornings, during which time we could access the lodge but hardly anyone did. So it was a good time for my wife to meet me and my friend for heavier groping sessions. Her favourite was for her to lay across a table for us to feel her boobs and finger her.

She was the first girl we had that sort of access to, and she liked the attention. My mate was satisfied with using 1 finger and just stroking her pussy. But for some reason I liked to use more fingers and also pinching her lips and pulling them with my thumb & index finger. She seemed to like that, and when I asked her she said that she preferred it like that.

During the school years she remained a virgin, as we all were. Although she did start allowing us to put our dicks in her mouth and enjoyed swallowing. We had learned about that from some porn magazines that appeared from somewhere.

When we left school we kept in touch and the 2 or 3 of us would meet up. I had a car so we had sex in that and we all lost our virginity in the back. Threesomes were regular, she always swallowed us both and said she liked that.

I was the only one with a car so I had her to myself more often and we started going out together seriously, still having threesomes regularly. She liked to be "taken for granted" which turned us both on. She was on the pill.

She got a job in a garage, and I suppose because she had a great body, she got a lot attention for the guys. We agreed that she could go out with them as long as she told me what happened, whilst she was telling me I would squeeze her boobs and finger her roughly and tell her she was a slut, she loved that and would cum.

Obviously they all fucked her and she soon got a reputation as the "office bike" which she thought was funny. She was groped a lot at work whenever the opportunity arose.

One day at work, during evening overtime stocktake, 2 guys got her in an office they both had her and she had her first doggy fuck whilst sucking a dick & swallowing, they both took turns at that. When she was telling me about it she got very horney and my fingering ended up as a fisting whilst calling her a slut, that was her first squirt cum and "violent" spasm.

We eventually got married and threesomes, and moresomes, became a regular thing, and her first anal, ( now a regular thing although she prefers that with only 2 guys max ). each time followed by me abusing her while she talked about it and me calling her a slut, she loves being called that.

She has had a few jobs since and always gets fucked by work mates.

She meets up with one of her old school mates occasionally and they go out clubing, most times she ends up in the back of a car or back at "a guys place". If she doesn't get laid I get dissapointed with her. She still enjoys telling me about it and taking her "punishment".

Sometimes we go out together, she wears sexy clothes, occassionaly no knickers, and I let her get picked up while I sit and watch. Her body and nice size firm boobs help. That's fun, but it means I get a taxi home alone if I don't get lucky myself ( we have a found a few pubs/clubs with a "good" reputation for pick ups ).

Most of my mates have had her now, she gets used at parties & BBQ's when the other wifes can't see and she has had lots of sessions with internet strangers.

Obvioulsy she doesn't object to me having a fling, but still likes me to "punish her" whilst I tell her about it.

The best ever time was a few years ago in Spain, a group of 5 guys on a golf trip had 2 intense gangbangs with us. She absolutely loved that.

She had some of her bits removed a few years ago, so doesn't need to take the pill anymore.

She has had 3 dogging sessions, fun, but she didn't like the uncomfortable places, so no plans to repeat that.

Being used by guys and called a slut is a very big thing for her.

Most "convential" people can't understand what we do, but it suits us and it's great fun. After a shower she's as good as new again.

Written by swest

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