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Wifes revenge

"Wife having discovered messages on husbands phone seeks her revenge"

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It's not that I had a boring sex life with my wife Rachel but I'd accidentally just got into text flirting with Becky at work, even though our messages were getting pretty raunchy we hadn't taken it to that next level yet and probably wouldn't.

It was Friday night, Rachel goes out with her girlie friends and I was watching TV still texting Becky who was describing what she was doing to me in her thoughts, I was sat reading them whilst slowly wanking my cock, when I heard the door open.

Fuck, I quickly slipped my cock away at the same time getting up, I had lost all track of time and my wife was now home.

In the hall I could here other voices so shouted through.

" Is that you Rachel? "
" Yes honey I'll be through in a bit"

I sat there listening and was positive she wasnt alone. Rachel came in followed by two fucking huge black blokes.

" Honey this is Des and Mike, I met them tonight and asked them back for more drinks, hope you dont mind?"

My wife in all the years I've known her has never invited anyone back let alone 2  blokes half her age.

" Well it is late, maybe they can come over another night"

" I'm not tired are you? " Rachel asked Des and Mike

" Nope we're good to party" they told her

Rachel responded with a huge smile " And we're certainly going to party" she said laughing.

I've never seen Rachel like this before and was wondering what had gotten into her.

Rachel disappeared out of the room and soon emerged carry a bottle of my whiskey and some glasses.

" Hope you dont mind honey, as Des and Mike love whiskey."

Before I could even respond she was pouring a decent shot in both glasses.

I sat in my chair watching and wondering what my wife was playing at, when I watched Rachel slide inbetween the pair on the settee.

" Move your hunk of a body over a bit and let me squeeze in will you"

I watched my wife squeezing onto the settee between two of the largest males I've ever seen.

When I say large, they had muscles on muscles and both stood around 6' 4" tall, which is a good 5 to 6inches taller than myself.

Rachel without warning cupped Des's face in her hand and began snogging him.

" What the fuck, what are you doing?" I shouted.

Rachel stopped and turned, looking at me said.

" Teaching you a very valuable lesson"

My wife turned back and continued to kiss Des.

I stood up quickly, not knowing exactly what I was going to do but knew I had to try something to stop her.

Rachel again stopped kissing Des and asked Mike to tell me to sit down, which i initially refused until Mike informed me that he had no issues with cracking a few bones of mine, reluctantly I sat back down, Mike told me that if I were to stand again he'd take that as an act of violence and wouldn't think twice in reacting.

I figured I'd better remain seated.

My wife still looking at me informed me that I had been rather irresponsible and left my phone on the side when I'd popped up the garden the other day and that a message popped up on the screen from a Becky, my wife apologised to me telling me that she noticed the message was sexual so opened the phone where she started reading all the messages Becky and I had been sending.

" I see you and Becky have been having a whale of a time, reading the messages you wish to do to each other"

I was going very red and when I tried to apologise and explain my wife cut me short.

" Well I decided it was time for me to have some fun and talking with Mike and Des i discovered that they both have a thing for mature ladies and both thought i was a right milf, you're going to sit there like a pathetic little thing you are and watch Mike and Des abuse me all night."

I felt physically sick and decided to ignore the threats and get up at which both Des and Mike stood up grabbed me and threw me back into the chair.

" If we need to we'll tie you there if you want?"

I just shook my head.

Both Des and mike returned to my wife and picked her up, once standing the pair started to undress her until she stood there totally naked in our lounge, Mike and Des quickly stripped of at the pleasure of my wife who knelt down infront of the pair and started playing with their cocks in turn.

" I hope your watching darling, I'm going to do everything Becky wants to do to you and have these cocks do everything you wanted to do with Becky, I hope I dont forget anything"

I tried protesting that they were just text messages but Rachel wasnt having any of it telling me that shes was going to fuck these two studs whilst laughing at me.

I sat there while my wife using her mouth teased both cocks until they were rock hard and worst of all they both dwarfed mine, which my wife happily pointed out.

" your cock is small and pathetic, that's because you're small and pathetic, unlike these pair of gods that have magnificent cocks, they really are, dont you agree pathetic little man?"

I watched my wife start sucking Des's cock whilst slowly wanking Mike's and then swap to sucking Mike's whilst wanking Des.

I sat there watching, helpless to stop what my wife was doing.

" Ok ok you've made your point, please stop "

Mike's turned and looked at me.

" Hey dude, do you mind, don't get disturbing your wife when she is eagerly sucking my cock, now shut it."

Rachel stopped sucking Mike, getting up she kissed Dee whilst leading him back to the settee where she told him to sit, as he sat she got on all 4's and I watched her start sucking his cock again whilst wanking it at the same time.

Mike positioned himself behind my wife where he started to rub his cock along the opening to her pussy.

" Mate in just a few seconds time I'm gonna ruin your future sex life with your wife, your small prick will never satisfy her ever again dude"

Whilst laughing I watched Mike ram his cock straight into my wifes pussy, I heard her let out a little gasp soon followed by her moaning in time with Mike's rythem.

I sat there in disbelief watching a total stranger fucking my wife whilst she was sucking another stranger's cock.

Mike was picking up pace and my wifes moans were becoming quicker and louder, whilst still sucking on Des's cock.

Mike was now full on fucking my wife calling her a dirty milf and was fucking her at some speed when I saw all his muscles start to tighten and even he let out a long moan.

No he hasnt, has the bastard just come in my wife?

My question was soon answered when Mick pulled his cock from Rachel's pussy, I could not only see spunk dripping from his cock but it also dribbling from my wifes pussy

" Your turn now Des, she nicely broken in for you mate"

Des whose cock was definitely much larger if at all possible to Mike's remained sited but instructed my wife to come and straddle his cock, he certainly didn't have to ask her twice, that's for sure as I watched Rachel get up and straddle his lap.

Rachel then grabbed Des's cock and guided it towards her pussy as she lowered herself down onto it.

" ow fucking hell that's to big for me" as the tip entered her pussy.

" Trust me, you will" as my wife slowly and hesitantly kept rocking on his cock taking a little more each time.

As Rachel worked Des's cock into her pussy she was split between moans and gasps at her pussy stretched over his cock until his cock was fully home and Rachel started riding it.

" Ow my god, fucking hell yes, yes, hubby his cock is fucking awsome I love it, kiss my tits Des and bite my nipples "

I'm watching not only my wife fucking these 2 guys but talking like a slut, I've never ever heard her talk like this before and I found myself actually becoming aroused, feeling my own dick getting hard.

Rachel was now gyrating her hips on Des's cock with some speed and he was thrusting upwards into her, her moans were getting faster and so was Des's

" Arr man your wife certainly knows how to fuck a bloke" Des told me

I saw my wifes body go all stiff, she was letting out a continuous moan as she tried to get even deeper on his cock and I knew she had just climaxed, this obviously had a knock on effect with Des who too was moaning out whilst impregnating my wife.

Rachel slumped on Des and they kissed before rolling off and lay there on her back on the settee legs spread wide apart and spunk dribbling from her pussy.

Des got up and came over to me.

" Your wifes pussy needs cleaning mate so we can go again."

I was about to tell them where the bathroom was when Des grabbed me by the collar and dragged me over to my wife, I was surprised how easy he picked me up and I found him pushing my head towards her pussy.

" Now lick it clean"

I was looking at my wifes extremely stretched pussy and reluctantly started licking and sucking it. I was tasting a mixture of both my wifes juices and spunk and I was surprised it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. After around 10min I was told to go and sit back down where Mike lowered himself down onto Rachel where he started to fuck Rachel again, Des was now kneeling next to her head where Rachel willingly accepted his cock into her mouth, Des grabbed my wifes hair and started to thrust his cock into her mouth causing her to choke on his huge cock.

The pair continued to fuck my wife between them all reaching further climaxes, leaving me to endure and watch.

Des and Mike dressed kissed my wife good bye telling her that they'll have to do this again soon and left.

Rachel turned to me.

" Did you enjoy that because I certainly did, catch you texting Becky again, Des and Mike will become regular visitors to our bed and you'll have the spare room, am I clear? "

Truth be known towards the end I was becoming very aroused watching your pussy being destroyed by Des and Mike, as long as I can watch you can have them over again.

Rachel had a huge grin on her face as we lay in bed she rolled over and kissed me, I got onto of her and started to fuck my wife, I never got her to climax but I certainly did and loved it.

Written by Lonely_H

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