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Cathy wanted a sex adventure

"Tom made Cathy lick out the asian girl's pussy while he fucked her from behind."

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My wife Cathy was always asking me about what I got up to at university.   She hadn’t gone to Uni and loved hearing about all the naughty things I got up to at the parties as well as the girls I brought back to the house me and some mates rented.  I guess she felt left out at having a sheltered live.  She had barely lost her virginity when I met her.  In fact, she had only been fucked in the missionary position and in bed on all three occasions.  That soon changed and I wasn’t sure if it was her innocence or what, but I fell in love with her and married her.  About three years into our marriage, I asked her one night, after telling her how me and a mate fucked some willing slut in all three holes, if she fancied anything like that.  She said she wouldn’t mind being with two men.


Within eighteen months she had sampled a half a dozen different cocks and had been spit roasted.  There was no doubt in my mind that Cathy had a slutty and kinky streak in her.   One night after we got back from a wife swap, Cathy still wanted more, and I made a monumental effort to shag her one last time that night.  Afterwards, as we snuggled together, I asked her what her biggest fantasy was.  Why is it girls usually either come right out with it or become shy and refuse to tell you.  It took a lot of persuading but eventually she told me that she would like to be abducted by strangers and used for their sexual gratification for a day or so.


The next day I searched the internet and found just what I wanted.  Three men that were more than happy to abduct Cathy and use her as they liked, especially when they saw the photos of my twenty-three year old wife.  I had promised to take her away for a long weekend and pretended to book a lodge up in Scotland in a remote location on a lake.  Cathy was really looking forward to it but had no idea that she wouldn’t see the lake or lodge this time around.


On the drive up there, I was to stop at a fuel station that also had a diner.  From there she would be abducted and taken to an old farmhouse where they would make full use of my wife.  Unbeknown to Cathy I would be sleeping in the next room and listening to everything that happened to her.   Right on cue I arrived at the fuel station and suggested that while I filled up, she went and used the facilities.  Tom who made all the arrangements had told me his make, colour and registration number of his vehicle.  Having just paid for the fuel and returned to my car I watched his truck roll out from behind the filling station.  He gave me the thumbs up sign and I knew they had her and it was on.


It was a forty-minute ride to a very secluded house.  Tom and his three mates took a hooded Cathy indoors struggling and kicking.  Tom returned and suggested that I put my car in the garage out of sight.  Then he showed me to what became my room for the duration.  Tom had set up a camera that was concentrated down onto the bed where Cathy lay awaiting her fete.  She was now tied to the bed by her hands and feet and her hood removed.  I had a good clear view of her as she wriggled to get herself free.  Tom having checked that I was ok with things so far said that it was time for the fun to begin.


I watched as Tom and another man entered the room.  Both were wearing pig masks.  Cathy gave both of them some serious verbal’s, probably still not realising that this was her fantasy. Between Tom and the man, they untied one limb at a time and stripped Cathy of all her clothes.  Then Tom and the man took their cocks out and Cath warned that if they got near her, she would bite them off.  Tom wheeled a contraption on a trolley which had been out of sight to the bed side and took two wires with clips on them and attached one to each nipple.  Then he plugged the machine in and warned Cathy that if she didn’t comply, she would get twenty thousand volts of electricity thorough her.  I could see lots of lights on the contraption.  It looked realistic.


Just to prove it to her he wound some knob right down and pressed a button and I see Cathy jump with a yelp.  The other man for good measure said, “Don’t turn it right up.  You know what it did to the last girl.”  Cathy looked terrified.  Tom asked her was she going to do as she was told or was she going to suffer the consequences as he turned the knob back up halfway.  Cathy told him he could do what he liked but pleased don’t hurt her.  Tom tentatively offered Cathy his cock and she slowly opened her mouth, and he slid it deep into her mouth.  Cathy gagged on it and Tom told her that her man wasn’t treating her right if she couldn’t swallow that much cock.  He kept easing it in between gags until he was balls deep.


The other man was now between Cathy’s legs and licking at her pussy.  Then he told Tom, “This is one of the best pussies so far.”  Giving Cathy the impression that they regularly abducted women.  After Tom had come right down her throat, she was left with just a little in her mouth to swallow.  Then as he left the room his mate mounted Cathy and started to fuck her.   Tom joined me and told me that the contraption wasn’t what it looked like.  It was actually a tens machine that gave small electric shocks for medicinal problems and pain management, it was quite harmless but could give sharp shocks.  He had housed it in a much larger contraption that didn’t actually work but had some pretty lights on it.   After his mate had come in Cathy’s pussy, he joined us and told me that my wife had a good pussy and he intended to enjoy it a lot more before they allowed her to go.


Tom informed me that he had recruited a fourth man to join them.  All four of them used her mouth and pussy during the rest of the day and into the evening.  Tom told me that Cathy had a treat coming the following day but wouldn’t say what.  Just after nine the next morning Tom arrived with an Asian girl and told me that Cathy was going to lick and suck pussy today.  Tom and the girl entered the room and Cathy insisted that she had to use a toilet, or she would mess herself or at least the bed she was on.  Tom left the room and then returned with a bed pan.  He put a pretty heavy chain around one of Cathy’s legs and then told her that if she misbehaved, she would be restrained again and given a long hard shock from the device.


Cathy said that she couldn’t go with them in the room.  Tom told her that she could piss and shit herself, but she would be made to lick it up and eat her own excrement.  At that point she gave in and used the bed pan.  Tom took great pleasure in taking a good look at her pissing.  After she was cleaned up the girl laid on the bed and told Cathy to lick her out.  Cathy looked at Tom and he just said, “Do it or else.”  It was the first time I had ever seen Cathy touch another girl sexually, as she set about licking the girl’s pussy for her.  Tom was up behind her and fingering her pussy.  Then his cock was out, and he was on and in Cathy as she was told not to stop licking.


Cathy must have been doing a pretty good job as the girl came noisily on the end of Cathy’s tongue.  Tom grunted his approval as he came in Cathy from behind.  Tom left the room and came to talk to me as the girl returned the favour for Cathy and went down on her and licked and sucked Tom’s cum from her pussy.  Tom asked if I wanted a go and I pointed out that she would see me and know it wasn’t real.  Tom said he could put her hood back on, but I told him no and stated that this weekend was for Cathy and not me.  The girl left Cathy as two of the men arrived and started to spit roast Cathy.  The girl joined Tom and I.   She saw the erection in my trousers and offered to take care of it for me and dropped to her knees and sucked my cock until I came in her mouth.


Over the next few days all four men used Cathy in any way they liked including anal which she hadn’t done before.  I got to fuck the Asian girl a few times and then it was time for us to be heading home.  Tom and his mates bundled Cathy still naked into his truck again.  I followed back to the garage and truck stop where they bundled a naked Cathy out of the truck and threw her clothes to her as they sped away.


As soon as Cathy had removed her hood she dressed and then saw my car.  I was pretending to be asleep when she climbed in.  I asked had she enjoyed her weekend.  It suddenly dawned on Cathy that it was all staged and that I had arranged it for her.  To my surprise she said that she wanted to do it again with more men next time.


Now Cathy has stories she can tell me, although she still doesn’t know that I am actually there watching her being used.  She has had four sessions with Tom and the lads and is looking forward to another situation I have been arranging for her.

Written by Art

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