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sexy woman

Sexy step mother

As she pushed my face to her pussy I could see a string. Morisca pulled a pair of eggs from her pussy.

Growing up I had enjoyed being seen out with Nigel’s mother. The best way I can describe her was she was the most gorgeous glamorous woman I had ever seen. Long flowing brown hair. Big tits and very shapely legs. Nigel was the envy of every boy in school....


Grave robbing

June was in a short skirt with stockings, suspenders and crotchless panties, she looked bloody sexy.

At twenty-one I was still very inexperienced with girls as I had only been with three to date. The first one was in the back of a mate’s van. If it was uncomfortable for me, it was doubly uncomfortable for her even though it lasted barely three minutes be...


She was caught fucking a young man

Georgie was a sexy dirty slut that loved younger men until she got caught.

I was in a very crowded bar and trying to get back to my mates with a tray full of drinks and trying not to spill any. I contacted elbows with an older woman and she tongue lashed me saying I had spilt her drink on her dress. I apologized and continued on...


Cheating with an old MP

Her hand dropped to my crutch, my own hand slipped under the hem of her dress to find she was panty-less and very wet.

I have been an amateur photographer for many years, and I was out in the wild countryside setting up to take some photos when I saw movement further down an overgrown field. I wondered if it was a deer or something like a boar and grabbed my handheld and...


Angry customer

She dropped the key between her large gorgeous tits.

Eighteen years ago, it was a lovely sunny Friday afternoon and I had just started my van to make my way back to my home base. It was to be my last day on this job as an engineer, as I had just accepted a new post in lower management. Then my phone rang. I...


Cucked her husband

Woman took me home and cuckolded her husband.

I was in a night club with four mates. I spotted a small group of women who were much older than us at nineteen. They looked like young mum's in their early thirties. On was a real yummy MILF and I pointed her out to my mates, who accused me of grave robb...

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