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Sexy step mother

"As she pushed my face to her pussy I could see a string. Morisca pulled a pair of eggs from her pussy."

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Growing up I had enjoyed being seen out with Nigel’s mother.  The best way I can describe her was she was the most gorgeous glamorous woman I had ever seen.  Long flowing brown hair.  Big tits and very shapely legs.  Nigel was the envy of every boy in school.  Morisca had a slight accent that in later life I found out was Italian and that she wasn’t Nigel’s mother she had been his nanny before Nigel’s dad married her making her his stepmother.  That explained how come she didn’t seem to be an awful lot older than us.   I was now twenty three and although Morisca was that little bit older she was still as gorgeous as ever.


I had just finished building an off road car and had entered a time trial at an event about thirty miles away.  It was Friday, the night before the event and I went round to see if Nigel wanted to go with me.  Sadly, he had other things planned, but just as I was about to leave I heard this small voice call out that she would love to come with me.  When I turned and saw it was Morisca, I had the biggest smile.  Not only doing something I wanted to do but having what would probably be the best looking woman there with me, what could be better.  I arranged to pick her up early the next morning.


When I arrived Morisca was dressed in a pretty floral dress that showed quite a lot of cleavage.  I pointed out to her it would be muddy and dirty and even stood around waiting was in muddy fields, I did think her high heels would fair too well although they looked great.  Also, it could get cold and she would need a jacket or something.  Off Morisca dashed and returned with a pair of thigh high leather boots and a leather jacket.  As if her outfit wasn’t sexy enough already.  Leather boots and leather jacket had my cock showing signs of interest.


The ride there was uneventful and my cock was soon back under control.  The moment we arrived Morisca was a bigger pull than any of the cars.  At I went to register Morisca went off to the bathroom.  When she arrived back Morisca pointed out that the bathroom was a block of six portaloos and she wasn’t to impressed.  Well, what had she expected, It was in the middle of nowhere!  Then it was getting close to my turn and to my surprise she wanted to be seated in the car for my run.  I quickly got her strapped in with the three point harness and off we went.  I thought the Ooohs and Aaahs were for the bumps and lumps we went over.  I just about finished having hit a rather hard lump of bank causing Morisca to let out a loud Ooooh right at the end.  She looked extremely hot and bothered and I asked if she was ok.  To my surprise she said she wanted to come again.  Naive me, I didn’t realise that she had just come, let again wanting to come again.


The second run I pushed the car much harder and we both got thrown around a lot more and this time Morisca looked extremely red faced and dishevelled by the time we crossed the finish line.  During the run I managed to catch a peek at Morisca as her tits were being thrown around, I could feel my cock straining to get out my pants at the sight of her being chucked around.   Again, I asked was she ok and all Morisca could say was, “Oooh yes.”  The third and final run Morisca sat it out.  Of the thirty six competitors I had come nineth which for my first outing I thought was pretty good.  I decided to take the long route home and enjoy watching Morisca sat looking not quite so glamourous having been thrown around so much.


We hadn’t gone that far when Morisca pointed out that there was some rough ground coming up and suggested that it might be good place to try taking the car across.  I pulled over onto it and hadn’t got far when Morisca groaned very loudly.  I stopped to see if the last bump had hurt her.  Then it dawned on me from the look on Morisca’s face that she had just come and to confirm that as she started to regain control Morisca pulled my head down to her lap as she pulled up her dress.  I could smell her sex well before my nose and lips touched it.  The heat from her crotch was incredible.  Then I saw it.  The string hanging out of her naked pussy.


I initially thought that she was wearing a tampon but as Morisca slowly pulled the string first one then two balls popped out of her pussy.  Then my face was roughly pushed into her fanny, not that I was resisting.  She was hot and wet down there and in just seconds she was coming yet again.  I was still licking away as she regained some control and told me to get in the back.  As I climbed in with her she was like a demented woman ripping at my clothes to get my cock free.  As you can imagine it was rock hard and the moment it was free Morisca was on top of me feeding it into her pussy.  If it were not for the fact that I was enjoying it so much, it would have looked like I was being raped the way she was thrusting herself on my cock.


I couldn’t last very long and was soon coming with Morisca as she groaned and rolled her eyes at yet another orgasm.  Now much calmer Morisca instructed me to reinsert her love balls.  Then she told me to go once around the rough ground before taking her home.  I thought that Mr. H……. would be in for a good time tonight as she started to get excited as we went over the rough ground.  Once back on the road, Morisca became a bit more composed.  That was when she informed me that she hadn’t finished with me yet and to get a move on to her home.  I asked about Nigel and Mr H…….   Morisca told me that neither would be home until very late and we had several hours yet.


I drove as fast as I dared bearing in mind that each hump and bump in the road excited Morisca even more and also that I didn’t want to get stopped by the police.  As we got close to her house I took the long way around and Morisca asked why until she remembered the speed humps.  There are six in a row and I hit each one just as hard as I dared.  By the last one Morisca was a quivering mess.  Her normally well groomed hair looked like she had gone through a hedge and her clothing was all over the place and she was mewing as I pulled up on their drive. 


I had to help Morisca out of the car and the few steps to the front door.  I was having to practically carry her.  I had to rummage in her bag for her house keys to let us in.  Then I did carry her and took her straight up the winding staircase to her bedroom.  As I let her go and she flopped back onto her bed I could see a rather wet area on the back of her dress.  I guessed it was a mixture of her and my juices.  I was again between her gorgeous shapely legs and licking at her pussy.  Morisca was telling me to just take the balls out and fuck her.  I was surprised just how much juice came out of her alongside of the balls.  Her pussy remained open like and invitation to lick her some more but Morisca had other ideas and told me to just fuck her.


I was soon stripped naked and with her feet over my shoulders I trust my cock like a spear into her gaping pussy right up to my balls.  Morisca gasped and then groaned and I started to pound her pussy again.  This time I had far more control and even though Morisca groaned and came several times I still managed to hold onto my cum.  It was only when she was building to a massive orgasm and she stuck a finger into my arse did I lose it and pump a second load of cum into her pussy.


Afterwards as we both lay there trying to regain our composure I asked about her cheating on Mr. H…….   Morisca stunned me by telling me that he wasn’t interested in having sex with her anymore.  He was a lot older than she was and now suffered with Erectile Disfunction and no amount of Blue Pills helped.  She said that it was agreed that as long as she was discrete Mr. H……. was ok with her getting her fix of sex elsewhere.   Morisca came right out with it and asked if I wanted to be her toyboy.  


That was the start of a seven year affair.  Poor Nigel had no idea that I was shagging his stepmother just as often as I could.  Mr. H…….. seemed happy with the arrangement as we were discrete and although he nearly caught us at it once we managed too blag him that I was waiting for Nigel.  Then Sadly due to his poor health Morisca and Mr. H…….. Moved closer to his sister’s house leaving Nigel on his own.  He seemed pleased with the arrangement as he had never been that close to his father and he was able to move his girlfriend in with him.


I also found myself a new partner and settled down.  I still wonder about Morisca and if she found herself a new lover.  I miss those days.

Written by James

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