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Wife's transformation into a slut

Angela was on a bed with five men, one was fucking her while she blew another and wanking a third.

This is about my gorgeous sexy thirty year old wife, and I blame all of you at SH for this and especially those that have written in at some time or other. Angela was your normal typical housewife. We had a great life together. Unfortunately kids were nev...


How I met the wife

Went for a job and got more than I expected

I was feeling pretty down as I had just lost my job. It was the second job I had lost in just eighteen months. Both companies had gone bust. Then there was my girlfriend She seemed to be permanently on the blob. Then a mate told me why, she wasn't having...

Exploring J

The delights of a curvaceous lady

I must admit to feeling pretty nervous as I pulled up outside and knocked on the door. Although we had met before it had been quite a while ago. I needn’t have worried, J opened the door with a beaming smile, wearing a light floaty short dress that showed...

How did it begin? 9

Wild goes out clubbing.

Sunday morning's are always slow starters, It's not a work day for me and the offspring has bounded off early to do charity work with a couple of friends from school days. So, after leisurely eating a light breakfast, the dog walk gets under way. So many...

How did it begin? 8

The posing and more language.

So now there's a girl who has grown, and displayed her desire to be owned. She's bought a collar and leash because she wants to feel both the pleasure and that tinge of belonging. Yes, it's only online, but her intention is to work towards meeting. This g...

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How did it begin? 7

The difference between a Dom and a Prick.

These snippets of conversation are fairly close to the reality. wild had been chatting now for couple of months and no, we hadn't met yet, but then she needed to feel comfortable, needed to arrange a time, a baby-sitter, be sure that bf was well and truly...

How did it begin? 6

The bombshell of realisation.

I had to check with wild about her use of words. Strange that the one who was doing the helping, needed help. Well, as I've mentioned throughout this, communicating, getting clarity of thought and understanding between each other, is important. Being sure...

How did it begin? 5

The conversation just got better.

We'd been trying out a different way of communicating, since the introduction of a language control idea. Wild, liked it, so far. Wild was now the alter ego of the nervous 23 year old, whose beast of a bf had basically dumped her. But, she couldn't get ri...

How does it begin? 3

You're beginning to find yourself, and who you are.

Whenever I accessed the site, there was always a message waiting. She never came across as eager, easy, nor pestering. The connection was friendly, almost naturally unassuming. It was a reflection on how genuine and real she was. Maybe she felt the same....

How does it begin? 2

Exploring thoughts and never asking for an image.

You know, one of the worst parts of starting a connection, is keeping it going. The number of times that the initial conversations start like there's real fire, to only be followed the next day by cool recognition, if that. It's like either a wicked game...

How does it begin?

She'd had enough of vanilla and searched for her fantasies.

How does any connection begin? By finding, and talking, or being in the right place, at the right time. I only go for quality; someone with a genuine desire to discover whether the reality of her dreams and curiosities, can actually exist. So I read profi...