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Lust Story

"Taking my wife's cherry"

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LUST STORY Even after all this time, we're still mad for each other and deeply in love. With no distraction of kids, I think a lot of our mutual attraction is down to our age difference of a good few years.  I met Ellen a few weeks before her 21st birthday  and we immediately hit it off. In her words, i was this ruggedly handsome man, improved by age and a huge step up from the immature and aimless young lads she was expected to relate to and date. We probably weren't initially imagining our relationship to blossom - I was simply satisfying her lust for older men (George Clooney and Hannibal Smith from the A-Team were high on her fantasy fuck list and she had always conjured them up in her mind whenever she'd masturbated in bed as a single girl). As for me, I saw this young girl with twinkling 'come to bed' eyes; a gorgeous heart-melting smile and a fabulous cleavage sculpted by 34d breasts. I vowed immediately that I would have those beauties in my hands and imagined them wrapped around my cock. Always the loveable pervert.  We could both feel the attraction for one another and as we chatted over the next few weeks, via text mainly, I learned that we had a lot in common; not least that like me she had a filthy mind and that we had both enjoyed wanking over mail order catalogues when we were pubescent youngsters (me whilst looking at the lingerie section and her the male models in their y-fronts, in case you were wondering). In short, we discovered she could match my perversions one for one. What I did discover to my surprise though was that she had never had a boyfriend and never yet had penetrative sex. Technically, she was still a virgin. What a find. This girl had yet to discover the pleasure of having a man's cock thrusting energetically into her pussy. This to me was slightly bitter sweet as on the one hand I'd be the first she'd trust to pop her cherry and there'd be no comparison. On the other, she has no stories to share about the men she'd aroused or the cocks she'd sunk or dammit, even the tits or pussy she might have licked.  Our initial circumstances didn't afford us much time to physically meet but we more than made up for it through texting. This soon became sexting, chatting about our personal fantasies and all the sexual things we'd like to do together and to each other. It seemed that no holds were barred and nothing was off the table.  Finally, the day arrived when we both managed to get out together on a date. Discussions of physical entwinement had reached fever pitch. That night, we went to see a show and it was planned that afterwards we'd drive somewhere secluded for some canoodling and take it from there. Excited by the thought of what was going to happen between us later, we held hands in the theatre and began the foreplay by stroking each other's fingers and palms with suggestive and arousing motions.  As soon as the curtain came down we were out the door before the fat lady could finish her song. Heading off in the car, we drove a couple of miles into the countryside to a quiet lane where we pulled into a dark layby. I switched off the engine, doused the lights, locked the doors and checked over my shoulders to be sure nobody appeared to be in the vicinity. We looked at each other in the silence, our faces drew close and then frantically we thust our lips together, our tongues darting at full stretch in and out of each others minty mouths. This, and the palpable electricity in the air got our pulses racing, heavy breathing started immediately and all the blood in my body seemed to rush, with blue lights flashing, to the one place it was now needed. I had a very important and responsible job to do and I was determined to rise to it. For her part, Ellen wore a light and floaty mini dress, despite the coolish weather outside, and had already undone a couple of buttons on the front to expose her breath-taking cleavage enwrapped in a delicate half cup bra. Her legs, long and shapely, were accentuated by the high heels she had worn for me. She had also informed me during the interval at the theatre that she had slipped out of her knickers, so for the last couple of hours I'd already been in a heightened state of arousal.  As I leaned over to her seat, my right hand rested on the smooth, bare flesh of her leg, my fingers nestling under the hem of her skirt. I kneaded her tight skin with a delicate motion and surreptitiously worked my hand further up her leg, making my way to her deliciously firm but squeezable ass. She lifted her buttock to assist my access, confirming that she was most certainly going "commando".  Our tongues were still frantically entwined and my fingers worked in towards her smooth pussy and, my god, was she wet, she was just awash with her warm juices, ready and primed to receive her first ever manly cock.  I released the grip on her mouth, our lips sticking together as we prised apart and without a word, i climbed across the gear stick and knelt in the well of the passenger seat, facing her. "Are you ready, gorgeous?" I said rhetorically. "Oh my god, yeah" she replied. "I want you so badly, darling". She pulled my head towards her and whispered in my ear "I've fantasised about this moment for so long, I've rehearsed it so many times in my head. Baby, get that cock out and just slide it in as far as it'll go. Im dripping wet for you. Please do it baby, put it in". With that she looked at me with longing eyes, provocatively bit her bottom lip and began to undo the remaining buttons on the front of her dress. I, in turn, undid the buttons on my shirt from top to bottom and awkwardly pulled it off in my confined space. Ellen's gorgeous bra-clad tits were now fully revealed and she lifted each one out of the cups. The sight of these beautiful, perfectly rounded breasts with their engorged nipples were just too tempting and I latched my lips over one and then the other like a deprived maniac, sucking them hard and licking fervently all over her breasts. Ellen moaned with delight, her hand diving down to work out the mechanics of my trouser fastenings. With deft skill, my belt buckle clanked open in a split second; my fly zip came down with purpose and a satisfying rasp; the retainer hooks were quickly negotiated and with a swift tug, my trousers dropped down my thighs to my bended knees. Ellen inhaled sharply "Oh hello, you're commando too" (I always like to think ahead and be prepared, though I was worried that the amount of pre-cum I'd been oozing all evening would noticeably seep through the thin material of my trousers). As she released me, my cock thrust skywards like the launch of Thunderbird 1. I was diamond hard. Ellen took the lead and shuffled to the front edge of her seat which pushed the skirt of her dress conveniently round her waist, her pussy lips stretched welcomingly apart as she widened her legs for comfort. I buried my feet almost into the engine compartment to get a downward angle to match her reclining body, but without effort, the tip of my cock homed in to its target and grabbing it for guidance, i rubbed the tip up and down the amazing warm slickness of this darling girl's vagina, as wet and as warm as the Amazon Rain Forest. Ellen gasped with excited intrepidation as the tip of my cock eased gently in. She could now feel the first stage of the joy of penetration as her pussy lips enveloped my shaft and as it edged further in, rolled back my foreskin. To satisfy the now imploring look on her face, i thrust the rest of the way into her with fast urgent, each one becoming quicker and longer. Ellen's eyes  widened, a look of disbelief at this amazing feeling between her legs and the sudden deluge of emotions she was experiencing. My balls were now slapping against her as I buried myself deeply inside her amazingly tight pussy, the car rocking to the rhythm, windows steamed, our lips now locked in a passionate exchange of creamy saliva, my hands grasping and squeezing her fantastic tits, pinching her nipples. Our breathing was now at panting level, oxygen scarce. Ellen announced she was cumming, repeating the phrase over and over.  The feeling in my loins synchronised with hers.  Suddenly, every sinue of my body tensed and my brain went into a vice grip. I let out a deep primordial roar and my balls emptied into her like the spout of a Whale coming up for air. Sperm was just pumping and pumping from my cock as Ellen's orgasm exploded, tossing her body from side to side as she tried to control the intensity of everything that had just hit her.  After a while, the mists cleared and normal breathing was restored, both of us smiling with delight. I leaned forward, laying on top of Ellen and gathering her up in my arms, her breasts cushioned against my firm chest. We cuddled for a while as my cock gradually returned to flacidity and slid involuntarily from her pussy. Cum felt to be everywhere as it cooled in the air of the unheated car. We dressed ourselves loosely and set off for home, deliriously happy that we'd started a new chapter in our relationship but still unaware of the many truly wonderful sexual adventures we'd have together over the ensuing 18 years and counting.
Written by Sir Arthur Cumalot

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