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Cheating boyfriend Stories

cheating boyfriend
Eric M

No sisterly love here

I roughly bent Leslie over the table and took her from behind.

I remember that it was a Monday morning when Jocelyn kissed me and got up to go to work. I had to work both Saturday and Sunday so I had Monday and Wednesday off work. I tried to get her to return to bed and throw a sicky, but she reminded me that she was...


Friends with benefits

We were now face to face and Mirands was rubbing the head of my cock on her pussy

I had been going out with Abbigail (Abbi) for a little over four month and although I was crazy about her, she had kept me at arm’s length. Well not quite. I had copped many a handful off her tits and even a few fumbles in her panties but she refused to t...


Girlfriend turned into Hannibal Lector

I was angry when I see Ray touching my girlfriends arse and tits and wanted to kill him.

I had been going out with Heather for about three years. I had thought about marriage but hadn't got around to it, when along came Ray. Like a cuckoo he put himself into another familys nest and eventualy kicked the husband out. He was a big man that stoo...


From Virgin to sexual fulfillment

Rescued a young girl and turned her into a full sexual woman

I'd like to tell you about Caroline, how she has developed from a repressed timid girl into an outgoing bubbly beautiful woman. That also goes hand in hand with Toby who is a self centered prick. I first spotted Caroline when she came into the pub with To...