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Dirty weekend Stories

dirty weekend

Sand, Sex and Sea

A weekend away with my new woman

Last weekend I helped Grace buy a car from my brother’s garage; just a Focus, nothing amazing. I twisted his arm into offering her a good deal and service & MOT. I said she was a colleague but I think he’s worked out I’m fucking her and he’s probably real...


My 70 year old boss and me

He paid for my boob job

My name is Jodie and this is something I’ve been wanting to share for a while but didn’t know where until I found this sight. My experience starts a few years back when I was 23, I had a part time job as a cleaner for an older couple they had a big 5 bedr...


A Hotel by the Lake

and a special gift for Drake

I will admit to you, after 3 weeks I could not even estimate how many men had fucked me. I never told anyone outside the party what happened, and I definitely did not tell my parents, who did not approve of me joining the party. I did not go to the Hall e...