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My First Visit to The Naturist Spa

"Having tried the nudist beach I was keen to experience a spa"

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Having been to Fairlight a few times now I had been interested in going to a naturist club or spa and experience what it was like to be closer to others. I love to be looked at and was really turned on at the thought of lots of men, and women looking at my naked body. I wasn’t sure about going on my own though until a guy told me about a place I’d not heard of before. A place that was friendly and relaxed and had free entry for ladies on a Monday evening. I didn’t have anything planned for the following Monday so I told the kids I was meeting an old friend after work and going to a spa. As Monday creeped round I began to get more and more excited at the prospect of stripping off in front of strangers and having them looking at my body. So after I finished work for the day the nerves started kicking in. Could I really do this? What if they don’t let me in? What if the guys don’t like me? The feedback on here though made me feel fairly confident that, some at least would like me so I entered the details in my sat nav and off I went. When I arrived the receptionist was really friendly and gave me a little tour and I could see, even tho I was still fully dressed at this point, a few eyes looking at me. She handed me a towel and told me to enjoy myself. Nerves were at full swing now so I popped to the ladies and told myself to just get on with it, if I didn’t like it I could leave. So I found my locker, put my bag in and started to remove my clothes. I was wearing the green wrap dress that Dodgy liked so much and my new purple lingerie set that I’ve shared on here. It felt so good as I started to remove it all. I closed my locker, wrapping my towel around my waist and off I went to explore. I hadn’t really taken much in on the tour, I was so nervous but now I was actually doing it, walking around naked, albeit with a towel, I felt really good. I could see the male eyes alert as I entered each area. Seeing them drawn immediately to my naked breasts felt every bit as good as I hoped it would. I was still a little nervous and as I entered the pool room I could see even more eyes on me. I started talking to a lovely friendly lady who was about to go in the steam room so I thought I’d join her. She went in to an empty room and I followed. We started to talk and I felt myself relaxing. It wasn’t long before we we were joined by a couple of older guys. The conversation was relaxed and fun but nothing too racy. As I sat there, I began to wonder if this really was a place to play or if it was just a spa where people were naked. My nerves we’re almost gone now and I felt comfortable but I was hoping to have a little fun so I decided to get up and see if there were any guys who were a little younger that I might enjoy playing with. I got out and had a look towards both of the jacuzzis, there were 3 people in each so I could have got in either as the limit was 4 but suddenly the nerves returned and I didn’t feel I could just walk up to them and get in, I couldn’t see a step and whilst I am in no means shy, you have all seen my everything from all angles, I didn’t want to be showing my pussy off to any unsuspecting pure naturists. So I decided to pop back to my locker and check my phone. Lots of welcoming smiles wherever I went and after checking in to make sure everything was alright at home I went back to the pool room as I really wanted to get in the jacuzzi. There was still space available so I just approached the first one as I recognised a woman who was in reception when I arrived. I stayed in there for quite some time. Chatting a little about me and also the nudist beach and finding out where others go, to the beach or other spas. Again all very friendly but no sign yet that I might get to play. I had been told people did tho although mainly the evening not so much in the day. I’d arrived at 5 though and it was now gone 6.30 so definitely the evening. It seemed as though nothing much was happening this evening so I began to think about getting dressed and going home. I decided to go and check my phone again, have another look round and if nothing was happening then I’d just go. As I entered the area by the lockers there was a hot guy who I’d spotted earlier in the jacuzzi as I walked in he looked at me, up and down and smiled. We started talking and he was asking if I’d been before because he hadn’t seen me. I explained it was my first visit. We chatted for a minute or two and then he told me he was going home. I think he must’ve seen the disappointment on my face because he then said unless I would like a massage. This was music to my ears, even if I didn’t get to play the thought of this guys hands running all over my body was heavenly. He could see I was interested and said he’d have to nip to his car to get his oil. Where would this potential massage take place I wondered, so I asked him. He explained that there were a couple of rooms we could use. Great, I was really excited now. Maybe I would get some fun. Surely that’s where this would lead, I hoped so at least. I waited while he went the car, my excitement growing, if I was a man I would’ve been hard with anticipation of what might be about to happen. He returned with the oil and an extra towel for me, a thoughtful touch. It was a promising start, if we were to play he’s clearly not selfish. My heart was racing as I followed him to find a massage room. They were both occupied, damn. What would happen now? I was really up for this, I wanted to feel his hands on my naked body. He had already hugged me earlier when he was saying goodbye. My breasts squeezed up against his torso briefly. I wanted more but I had no idea of the etiquette here and didn’t want to push too much. There was a small tv lounge at the end of the corridor, I hadn’t been in there yet so I wasn’t sure how large it was or what was in there, other than a tv. There were quite a few men stood around so he asked them if they wouldn’t mind leaving as he was going to massage me and we’d like some privacy. I the room there were a couple of massage couches adjoining one another, a double bed sized surface. It was clear what this room was actually intended for but would I get to enjoy that today with this happy fit guy? I really hoped so. He locked the door behind me to the corridor and the the door to the garden was closed. I put the towel on the couch and laud on my front. There was so much anticipation in the air, he clearly couldn’t quite believe I’d agreed it. I thought he must do this all the time but he claims I was the first. He started to massage my back, quite gently at first but after I said I like it quite firm he increased the pressure. I was already relaxed but thus was helping even more. His hands moved down to my bum, all over and down in between my thighs but no further in than that. I moved my legs slightly further apart to indicate it was to do so. He was quite excited and was saying he couldn’t believe this was happening. I was hoping he’d linger longer on my bum but he moved down to my legs now. Not able to resist touching it again he did return his attention there, daring to go a little more in between my thighs but still not actually touching my pussy. My god I wanted him too tho. What happens next I am thinking. I wanted to turn over onto my back but not having been in this situation before I was wary of appearing too wanton. He must’ve read my mind because he asked me if I wanted him to do my front. I immediately responded that yes I did and rolled over. He oiled his hands again and went straight to my breasts. It felt good to have his hands massage them. I was so turned on now and he visibly was as well. “Oh my god” he kept saying as he kneaded them gently. Gradually his hands moved reluctantly away from my boobs to my belly and then my legs. Again his hands went inside my thighs but no further. I opened my legs wider though to give him easier access and view to my pussy. He went down to my ankles and then on the way back up he brushed my pussy ever slightly. Testing my reaction, which was to moan gently. He then told me to tell him to stop if I was uncomfortable. I assured him I would and opened my legs wider. This was cue to start finger fucking me. Gently at first, just to make sure it was what I wanted then as my moans grew and he knew I was loving it his action became harder and faster. He brought me to a gushing orgasm so quickly. Then he kissed me. The kiss was good, would there be more or was this going to be the extent of my first adventure? I wanted more, I was just starting to warm up. He started to finger me again and his rock hard cock was right in front of my face so I leaned forward and took him in my mouth. He gasped with pleasure. I licked his helmet and slid my lips down the length of his gorgeous black cock. He brought me to another shuddering orgasm as I continued to suck him. Fuck this was so hot, I was actually playing with a hot stranger at a nudist spa. We heard some noises outside the internal door, one of the massage rooms was empty and he thought they wanted to come in. He went to the door but actually the woman was less than impressed at her peaceful massage being disturbed by my moans. So off they went and he locked the door again. When he returned to the couch he asked if I wanted him to fuck me. Well as you can imagine, I didn’t need asking twice. Yes please I said eagerly and watched him expertly roll a condom on. He climbed on the couch and pushed my knees back so they were on my chest. Next came the delicious moment when his cock entered me. God it felt good, from his expression and kisses I could tell he felt the same. He was kissing me and playing with my tits as he pounded my wet pussy. He was loving every second, just as I was and couldn’t quite believe it was happening. Next he told me to get on all fours. He fucked me nice and hard from behind, his balls slapping against me as he gently smacked my bum. He reached my g-spot and I was soon howling with pleasure. I think this is ultimately what finished him off and drew attention from a couple of guys in the garden. I hadn’t heard them outside the door but he said there were some others that wanted to come in, I said that was fine. He opened the door and they couldn’t believe what they were seeing. He climbed back on the couch and began finger fucking my pussy again. He removed the condom and I started sucking him again, trying to get him hard again. Our guests were loving it, wanking their hard cocks as they watched. He spread my legs wider for them to see. Talking to them and showing me off as they played. It has been a fantasy of mine for a while to be wanked over. It was so fucking hot having them lusting after me and wanking right there in front of me. He indicated that he wasn’t going to be ready to fuck again for a while and suggested I play with our audience. This is also a fantasy but on this occasion I said no, I think I’ve done enough for a first visit. At that moment we were joined by another couple of guys who I’d been talking to earlier. They were disappointed to have missed the show. As you can imagine I loved my first visit and stayed a while longer to make the most of the facilities and chatted to a few other regulars. I certainly plan to visit again and hopefully fulfill some more fantasies
Written by Bigbustedmilf

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