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Our First Time (MMF)

"Things got carried away in the heat of the moment"

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Please note, names changed and I have tried to remember most of the dialogue:

For many years i have fantasized about my wife sleeping with other men.
Not all men, just a certain two or three and i'm not sure why but it turns me on.
Ceri my 43 year old wife knows this, we tease each other about it and depending on her mood she has used it to turn me on.
The spark that led to us fulfilling this fantasy was one of the many neighbourly conversations with Richard.
Richard a tall big built man in his mid fifties lives just down the road from us and always stops and speaks to Ceri.
Call it male intuition, but i can tell he is infatuated with her.
That and the fact that i have caught him staring at her ass many times, especially when she is wearing her gym kit.
Not sure why this turns me on but it does.
The Saturday after my 49th birthday, we went to celebrate with a meal in our local village pub.
Ceri dressed up, she looked gorgeous in her white blouse and a dark blue mid thigh length skirt.
The clothes complimented her, she is a brunette with brown eyes and a size 12/14 figure (depends on what she is wearing) and 36c boobs..
We had just sat at our table in the lounge bar when Richard waved to us from the main bar.
'Your boyfriend's here' i teased.
'You like him more than I do' she joked under her breath.
After our meal we stayed seated at our table when Richard came in.
He was braver than usual, probably due to the drink, and complimented Ceri on her shape and legs.
'Thanks Richard, she works hard in the gym and its great you've noticed' i said as Ceri made room for him to sit next to her.
I loved the fact he was sat talking to Ceri.
She knew this as i noticed her blush as they were chatting.
'He keeps pushing his leg against mine' she whispered to me  when Richard went up to the bar.
'Push back' i smiled the tingling in my groin growing, i teased her 'is that why you're blushing, are you getting turned on?'
Ceri winked back at me.
'You fucking tease' i added.
Richard returned with a round of drinks.
We talked for a few minutes then I went and paid our bill.
I just need to pop back to the house, im not sure if i have left my shaver charging i explained to Richard, look after Ceri for me.

I hadn't it was an excuse.
Leaving Richard to chat Ceri up.
I gave it a good 20 minutes before returning.
I felt so turned on, and after all, it was my birthday!
 Ceri and Richard had been just been joined by Mark a friend of his.

They were all talking.
'Time for home'  i said as i finished off my drink, knowing Ceri doesn't drink alot, she'd already had quite a few glasses of rum and coke which would explain her red face.
We stopped for a few passionate kisses on the way home, something we haven't done for years.

'I'm as horny as fuck' she whispered.
As soon as we got into the house she was on me, her tongue was straight into my mouth.

Within seconds my hand was between her legs and up her skirt.
Her knickers were soaking.
I pealed them off her and we fucked like we used to when we got married, on the sofa, still half dressed, no time to go upstairs.
Afterwards she explained.
'When you left we talked about my gym routine which led to more compliments.
It felt good when he said those nice things about me.

He mentioned my legs, I offered him my knee, to squeeze the muscles.
He discreetly squeezed it.
He rested his hand there, i didn't move him, we just carried on chatting, i was happy as long as nobody noticed.
He then started stroking my leg, gently.
But when his fingers slowly started to work their way a little higher i teased him by opening my legs a bit.
I felt my legs shake a little with excitement.
He was very gentle, it felt good to feel his fingers stroking my inner thigh and a bit naughty.
We both were vigilant, we were the only ones in the lounge bar, in the corner out of the view of the camera and bar staff.

My mouth went dry, we didn't speak, we just kept looking out across an empty bar.

We did our best to act natural, occasionally talking or taking a drink. .
Every time his finger circled a little higher, i teased him by opening my legs a little wider.
It ended with his fingers gently rubbing me through my knickers, I was pushing myself against him, trying to feel his fingers more, I did sigh a little a few times which seamed to please him.

He was good, he knew what to do, I was so turned on, i wanted him, i wanted to kiss him but I couldn't.
If he had carried on i would have come, i did curse at the time but i'm now pleased his mate came in.

Then you came in shortly afterwards.

I trembled with excitement hearing this, I was hard again, within seconds I was in her.

That wasn't the only seed sown that night, while screwing me she promised to seduce him, get him into bed, tell me everything and if it all goes to plan, let me watch
I can carry on with our story if people are interested:

Written by Darren

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