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Teaser gets caught out.

"teasing wife gets gang anged"

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My wife Daisy and I would play this game, we would enter a pub, bar or club separately and I would sit in a corner and watch her tease the men and flirt with them and then at the end of the night when they had fed Daisy with alcohol I would step up and claim my wife and take her home and usually fuck her silly. Tonight we had planned to go to a night club on the edge of the next town over. Daisy went in first and by the time I entered there were four men around her all flirting with her and buying her drinks. Daisy loves being the center of attention and tonight with her short skirt and tight blouse she was certainly that. The drinks flowed freely and I could tell that Daisy was getting a good buzz from the men. I had to go to the toilet and heard several men talking about Daisy. They were talking about how they would fuck her and one declared that he would force his ten inches down her throat before fucking her. I was proud that so many men wanted to use my wife. I returned to the bar area. I couldn't see Daisy and assumed that she had gone to the toilets. But the four men had also disappeared. I wandered around to the dance floor. Daisy loves dancing. No, she wasn't there. Then I spotted some men in the pool table area,and tried to get in the room, but it was too crowded. Then I heard someone say," Go on give it to her. Stick that cock in her mouth." Panic set in and I made a bigger effort to get into the room barging several people as I went. I was too late. "This will teach you to tease," a guy in a blue Tee shirt declared as he stuffed a big fat cock straight up my wife's pussy as she was spread out on the pool table. Daisy sort of gurgled as he stuffed it in. She couldn't say anything due to the large cock trying to tickle her tonsils. I tried to barge forward and a big guy pushed me back, "Wait yer fucking turn," he barked at me, "you'll get some eventually. It might be like waving a banana in a tunnel after she's had this," he said waving a cock twice the size of mine. I saw that Daisy seemed to have adjusted to the size of the cock fucking her and she seemed more able to suck the one in her mouth and throat. I couldn't force my way in and there was at least another nine men waving cocks around, what could I do to save my wife from this gang bang. Then it came to me. I went outside and called the police saying that some drug deals had gone wrong and that there was men with knives and a gun having a face off. It was nearly fifteen minutes before the police came storming through the doors of the club shouting police stay where you are. I see Daisy climb off the pool table and rush to the toilets. I sat at a table with my beer and Daisy joined me shortly afterwards having straightened herself up. The police took names and addresses and slowly let people go. As soon as we were let go we rushed to our car and drove home. We got indoors and Daisy was looking guilty and started apologizing. I stopped her and told her it was my fault as I went to the toilets. She assured me it wasn't my fault. It was one of the men recognized her from another time she had teased some men, and Daisy had recognized him too late. He put the word around and as soon as they see me move took their chances and carried her to the pool table to teach her a lesson for teasing. Well it certainly did that, because by the time the police arrived three men had their cocks in her mouth and four had fucked her pussy. I had a huge hard on and Daisy saw it and said did I enjoy it. I had to admit that on some levels I did, but I didn't want to see her gang banged by such a large group of men. Daisy also admitted that she had enjoyed being fucked, but said two of the men that face fucked her were too rough. We ended up in bed and I licked her clean and then lovingly caressed her as I fucked her. Last night Daisy asked when are we going out next!!!
Written by Anonymous

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