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"She had a glint in her eyes when she asked me did I have a whopper"

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This was well before Covid. I had just taken early release from work at just fifty two it was very early, but the package they offered me was far too good to ignore. I have several hobbies, but the one I had forsaken the most was fishing. I decided to go off for a couple of weeks to a nice lake I used frequently fish at. My wife was still at work and said she would join me at the weekend. The owner of the lake allowed me to park right next to the lake and it wasn't long before I had a line in the water. It was a grey start to the day, but the forecast was for it to hot up later. The owners wife came around to see I was set up ok and to take payment. I paid for two weeks telling her that my wife would join me at the weekend. She was quick to point out that if she fished she would also have to pay. I assured her that she didn't fish and that she just sat watching and reading her books. Then Janice, as I had discovered her name to be, went off to check on other fishermen and women. The fishing was slow and I only caught a few small ones. I sat thinking about several of the things Janice had said and realized that several of them could have had entirely different meanings. I dismissed it although I did think about what she looked like. She was a woman in her mid forties, fairly tall and had a fair pair of tits. She was far from the best looking woman that I had bedded over the years, but also far from the worst. But she did seem to have a cheeky smile. I got a little stiff thinking about her. That soon changed when I caught me next fish. This was a better size and it was jumping and splashing. My hard on quickly subsided as I fought the fish. Janice returned to watch just as I landed it. It was a fourteen pound Mirror Carp, that after a quick weighing, I returned to the water. As I wiped my hands, Janice said, "That's what I need, a whopper and not just those tiddlers I normally see or get." The way she said it and the glint in her eyes indicated that she wasn't talking about the fish. I joked back that I could help her get a whopper if she wanted. She just said, "Yeah," and then walked off wiggling her arse as she walked away. The sun was just beginning to go down when she returned and looked to see that I was set up for the night. "So have you got a whopper?" she asked. I joked that was for me to know and for her to find out. She went on to check on the two other fishermen that seemed to be settling in for the night. Then as she came back she tapped on the door to my motorhome. When I opened it she said, "I've come to see that whopper." The glint in her eyes showed that fish was the last thing on her mind. I let her in, and as I shut the door she pulled her jumper up and over her head and off. Her tits were gorgeous and now totally naked as she hadn't been wearing a bra. I soon had my head buried between them. It wasn't what Janice wanted though, "Well get your whopper out," she ordered. I stepped back and dropped my jeans and pants. "Well it's not a whopper, but far from the tiddlers that I normally get," she informed me. I thought my seven and a half in cock was pretty good from what past partners had told me. "It'll do," she said as she pushed me onto the bed. She was there in a flash and my cock was buried in her mouth. I was trying to get my hand into her shorts and panties. Then we were disturbed when my bite alarm was going off. I was back in my jeans and out fighting an even better fish. Janice dressed and came out to watch as I fought the fish. It took nearly twenty minutes to get it landed. As I weighed it I noticed that Janice was not beside me any more. The fish was twenty two pounds. I soon had it back in the water and reset my rig. I went over and opened the door to the motorhome, to find Janice was naked on my bed. I was between her legs in seconds after removing my jeans again. Janice moaned and groaned as I gave her a good licking. When she had tired of my licking she grabbed me by my ears and pulled me up and between her legs. As I plunged my cock into her pussy she gasped, "Well it's no tiddler." Then she moaned and groaned for a good while as I plunged in and out her pussy. I asked where she wanted me to come and she told me to come in her pussy. I did just that as her pussy went into spasm around my cock and she groaned and thrashed around as her orgasm consumed her. Then as we lay there recuperating she said, "Not the biggest but it puts up a good fight." I burst out laughing and asked did she always measured her guests against her previous catches. Janice said that she did. I asked about her husband and she said he wouldn't miss her and that they slept in different rooms. Then she was playing with my cock again trying to get me hard again. A while later we fucked again before she went off home. Next morning she was back and we had a quicky before she went off checking on the fishermen. I spent the whole day without a single bite. That night Janice was back again and we fucked several times before she again returned home. Wednesday and Thursday nights were the same and Friday morning I had another quicky with Janice. Unfortunately the fishing hadn't improved much. I changed the bedding on Friday morning after Janice had gone visiting others. Friday night my wife came to join me for the weekend and I could see that Janice wasn't happy about having to return home without a good fucking. It was a good weekend, plenty of good fish and a wife to take care of me. I could see when Janice came round she almost scowled at my wife. Monday morning, my wife had barely left and Janice was in my motorhome bent over the table groaning as I plowed her pussy. Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday nights she was again sharing my bed before she went back to her own home and the mornings treating me to quickies. Friday morning I didn't get my usual quicky, and I see little of her during the day. Then that evening just as I was setting my kit for the night I see Janice slip into my motorhome. When I eventually entered my motorhome she was draped on the bed dressed in a baby-doll outfit that was a pretty lemon colour. It was just seconds before I had her tits out over the top of the nighty and in my mouth. Janice was impatient to get other stimuli and had me turn around so she could suck my cock while I sucked and licked her pussy. She groaned and moaned throughout the licking I gave her. Then she rolled onto her tummy for me to mount her from behind. I fucked her hard to mutual satisfaction. Then when I had recovered we fucked again this time facing each other with me between her legs. Janice came before I did and I kept going until I had come again deep inside her pussy. Afterwards we lay cuddled up. I had expected Janice to return home as she had previously, but she told me that she had decided to stay the night. Next morning we made slow sensual love that must have lasted twenty minutes. Then she was dressed in her day wear and off again checking on other fishermen. Later we had a final knee trembler just before I packed up ready for the twenty minute drive home. Indoors I had to wash all the bedding to hide my indiscretions. Over the next two years I returned many times to the lakes and again spent a great time with Janice. On the third year I discovered that Janice and her husband had separated and they had sold the site. The new woman looked as if she was chewing on wasps and had been slapped in her face with a kipper. Whilst the fishing was still good, the site didn't have quite the same attractions anymore. To this day I have no idea where Janice is, even though I did try to track her down and find her. My other hobbies now consume most of my time and next year my wife retires and that may cramp my style..
Written by Richard H.

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