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Martín calls part three

"Meeting Martin part three"

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Author's Notes

"This is a totally true statement of our time with Martin"

Please read parts ons and two first.

As I bent over the bottom of the bed , Martin told my husband to strip and show him his little white cock and why I needed Martin’s black cock . Martin then told My husband to take his black cock and guide it between my cunt lips and stroke his cock head along my wonton pussy crack making me push back against it trying penetrate my vagina.

My husband held the cock head at the entrance to my vagina ready fo Martin to penetrate and stretch my cunt . Martin grabbed my pony tails pulling me hard back to him as he started getting his cock slowly deeper and deeper in my cunt . Ooh god it was amazing giving me multiple orgasms as he started to really fuck his black cock deep and hard into my cunt . I really needed him to fuck me good ., but he only lasted about five minutes before pulling his cock out , he kept stroking it as he moved over my body then gave a grunt shooting his cum into my hair and over one side of my face .

He then told me to sit up as I did so he told me to suck his cock and ball’s clean ready to fuck my white cunt again . As I sat up I looked at my husband who had as wanked his cock and cum over the floor.

Martin told me to open my legs wide then telling my husband to clean my cunt and get me ready for him to fuck again, my dutiful cuck husband done as told licking and fingering my pussy giving me an orgasm as he licked me clean .

When Martin had recovered and was ready he laid on his back then told me to ride him , I climbed above him taking his cock in one hand then holding my pussy lips apart with the other hand I slowly lowered myself on to his cock until he was fully buried in my cunt . I then started riding him with his hands on my bum cheeks lifting and pulling me down onto his cock .

We stayed in this position for around ten minutes, Martin then lifted me off him he stood up and moved to the bottom of the bed , then telling me to lay on my back so my arse was at the bottom of the bed facing him , lift and spread my legs he then moved between my open thighs pushing his cock into my open cunt . He then started to really pound me giving me multiple orgasms as he rammed his cock in and out . I was now in a state of total sexual abandonment, he then started jerking his cock and was growling like a wild beast then slammed really hard into me making me squirt and squeal as he started ejaculating his seed deep inside me.

As he finished we lay in each other’s arms exhausted, as we recovered he told my husband to order some drinks through room service. My husband said no at first but Martin told him to order the drinks or he would send him to the bar in just his pants to get the drinks.

My husband then offered the drinks, when the room service guy arrived and knocked the door Martin told my husband to let him in , As he came into the room Martin and were laying on our backs on the bed naked , Martin had taken my hand and put it on his cock , my husband was in just his pants , the service guy just stood staring at the sight before him me with cum in my hair naked stroking a big black cock , my husband in his pants with a little erection. As I looked at the service guy he too had not gotten an erection. .

My husband paid for the drinks and the service guy left the room.

We drank our drinks, then Martin told my husband that he had to leave me with Martin for the night and he would call him when I was ready to be picked up the next day .

Written by DooRuby

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