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Ann and date night

Ann enjoys the journey home.

We had been married for little over two years and had our first child. Ann would have been about twenty eight. Our sex life had not slowed, it had improved now she was able to again be the slut she was previously. A point in case, the midwife jokingly sug...

This is 100% true story of when i was working in peoples houses years ago. i priced up a job for a very horny young black woman who just oozed sex ! she was quite cuddly with huge boobs. anyway i started the job and she was always dressed very sexy. leath...

Hubby & Slutwife

My wife at the swingers' club

3 Strangers wanted to fuck my wife, and they did!

I have enjoyed watching other men fucking my wife for over 20 years, starting when she was 35 years old. It began with me watching her with one man. This progressed over the first couple of years to watching 2 men fucking her at the same time. As my wife’...