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Insane Sue Part 1

"Filthy public sex in London"

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Insane Sue If you have read my previous story Pounding the Passionate Pensioner, I mentioned that certain meetings stick very firmly in the mind. Carol was the most fantastic one-off meet I ever had. This is the tale of a different nature, one which is also seared deep into memory, but shame is attached not joy, though being on the ride on the day was possibly the most thrilling riskiest meet I had. I had to be in Islington one Friday morning to deliver some customer training, so I went looking for advertised meets in central or north London, areas I was rarely in, so didn’t have any “friends” there. Sent messages to two or three and one lady, Sue replied, so we chatted for a bit. She wasn’t particularly attractive, bit plain and dumpy to be totally honest, but up for some fun It turned out that her sex life had taken a nose-dive three months previously, when her seriously ill father had moved in, so that she could look after him. Her previous fuckbuddy was married and out of work, so they hadn’t been able to meet up. It was very clear in chatting that she had a very high sex drive with a couple of odd fantasies. The one I remember was to have someone arrive at her door, shove it fully open, grab her by the throat, force her onto the stairs and fuck her, the other was along the lines of being gang fucked by two complete football teams. In terms of the Friday in question, she simply wanted to meet up and if the chemistry was right, maybe a little public fun might occur. So 2pm found me waiting just outside the gates of some public park in north London. I spotted her approaching the pedestrian crossing. She was wearing a light, floaty floral summer dress, thin spaghetti straps. From the absence of other straps, I guessed no bra. The way her breasts moved as she crossed the road confirmed that and directed blood flow south, so that I was at least semi erect by the time she reached me. Closing on me, her face split into a broad smile, arms opening for a hug. Our arms went round each other, her mouth opened slightly and attached to mine for a kiss. I think it would be fair to say that I have never been kissed with such need and desperation Her hips pushed against mine, grinding against my by now rock hard cock. Her chest was heaving up and down, very nice cleavage (E cups) she was moaning as we kissed, panting hard when our mouths separated after a couple of minutes. She took my hand and led me through the gates into the park, a definite goal in mind. The path entered an area set out as a rock garden, we left the path and followed a grass passage around a large boulder to a small area, bordered by those low arched fences and a profusion of flowering shrubs This small lawn was essentially invisible to the rest of the park. Sue reached into the bag was carrying, drew out a picnic blanket, spread it out then pulled out a bottle of white wine and a couple of plastic glasses. We dropped onto the blanket and she poured out some wine. As she sipped her drink, she gave me a very sexy grin. Putting down her glass, she lay on her back, pulling me on top of her for another prolonged frantic kiss. My hand moved up her body to cup her breast. Nice, firm and rounded, but as my thumb stroked it, I grew confused, I couldn’t find a nipple. Suddenly Sue’s hips jerked upwards before she flopped back and said. “Oh God, I just came from the kiss”. “I found this spot pushing Dad round in his wheelchair and we come here regularly so he can sit in peace. I realised it was a good place for this” and at that she pulled down the front of her dress, exposing her tits. Suddenly I understood, she had inverted nipples, they pointed in not out, I asked her about them, and she told me that sufficiently hard and prolonged sucking could make them come out and then a gentle nip would make her orgasm. Also they tended to stick out when she was on the verge of a particularly big orgasm. With a nod of invitation from her, I dove onto her tits, mouth clamping round each nipple in turn, sucking hard, tongue poking into her breast to attack the nipple itself. Slowly but surely, like nervous rabbits emerging from a burrow, I drew her nipples out, right way out they were really long, so I closed my teeth on them and gently chewed on each in turn. Sue bit down on her hand to muffle her cries as her body shuddered and jerked as she went through a series of orgasms. As she relaxed, I decided to slip my hand up her dress, hand going straight to her pussy. I found a pool of her juices between her thighs, soaking her dress, then reaching my goal I pushed my middle finger inside her bald pussy, no knickers to impede me. Commenting on the puddle, she replied that she had deliberately not told me she was a squirter as it put some guys off. Smiling I said not me and pushed a second finger into her. Immediately she exploded again, showering my hand and arm with hot pungent sex juices. I moved downward slightly so it was easier to pump my arm back and forth, slipping a third them a fourth finger inside her very welcoming pussy, achieving frequent soakings as she seemed to be continuously orgasming. Panting hard, she begged me to take my thumb off her clit and get it inside as well, to fist her right there very publicly. Telling her to lift the skirt of the dress so I could see what I was doing, I slowly withdrew my fingers, dragging her labia with them, they were red and engorged. Pushing my fingers together into a sort of spear head shape, tucking my thumb into my palm, I pushed into her, stretching her cunt walls apart, twisting my hand slightly to aid progress until finally she had swallowed my hand all the way to the wrist and just beyond. I had to pause to control myself as I nearly blew my load inside my pants. I curled my fingers to form a fist then started pounding in and out of her. At this point she totally lost control, her body was jerking around like she was fitting. Her mouth was wide open, but her head was bent back so far she couldn’t scream out loud. Her cunt was blasting out jet after jet of her juices, my shirt sleeve and front was soaked. After about three minutes her body went totally limp and she managed to gasp out, No More. Unclenching my fingers, centimetre by centimetre I pulled my hand out. Her cunt muscles were gripping so hard that it was difficult to withdraw, but finally I was free, chased out by a tidal wave of juices. We lay there exhausted sipping wine, recovering. “Thank you, that was amazing, better than I fantasised. Could I treat you to dinner in town, then fulfil another couple of fantasies please?” “Sure why not, I need to pop back to my car and change my shirt first” She replied she needed to pop home and change as her dress was literally dripping wet. We agreed to meet at 6 I was in a fresh shirt and tie, she now in baggy white linen shorts and top, at a restaurant she knew just off Leicester Square. A very pleasant meal followed though Sue avoided looking me in the eyes, nor detailing what we would get up to after. Leaving the restaurant she turned towards the National Gallery, but after a few yards stopped and asked me to take my tie off, tie her hands together behind her back, then lead her onwards. Turning her back to me, she put her hands behind her and I obliged tying her wrists together with the narrow end of my tie, grasping the other end I dragged her forwards, past the gallery and down into Trafalgar Square. Crossing the square on a lead caused her nipples to stand out, visible to all. Again she had a target in mind, we left the square, walking along a main road until we turned off into a small enclosed courtyard, apparently in front of an office she had once worked in. We headed into a corner, where there was a space between a couple of BT utilities cabinets. Sue leaned against one wall, after requesting release. “I always wanted to be naughty here, four CCTV cameras and anyone working late. Quick, finger me and bite my nipples” Obeying I shoved my hand down her shorts, stuck two fingers inside her, bent down and bit her left nipple quite hard. She screamed and squirted hard, big wet patch immediately visible on her shorts. She dropped her shorts, pulled my trousers down, turned, bent over, leaning on the cabinet. I didn’t need an invitation, but stepped forward, with a quick thrust buried my cock into her seemingly insatiable pussy I reached round and grabbed her breasts, squeezing the nipples, while fucking her as hard as I could. I don’t know if anyone heard her moans, but I am sure I saw movement at a window when she screamed in pleasure of a huge orgasm, wetting my legs. I told her I was getting close, so she pulled herself off my cock, turned, dropped to her knees, pulling on me until I blew my load over her face and chest. So she went home with spunk on her face, hair and blouse, big wet patch on her shorts. She told me she had three orgasms in the bus home, thinking about the events and the looks she was getting. TO BE CONTINUED
Written by Anonymous

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