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Being hired out for gardening

"Little did I know a good turn would have fantastic benefits"

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So my wife (T) had lots of friends who were a bit older than her, T is 55, most of her friends were 60+, they all enjoyed a good social life, lunches out, dance classes, days out. I didn't know much about too many of them other than their names and a little bit of their background. One of T's friends was Marjorie , late 60's, widowed, lived on her own five miles from us, I had only met her a few times, she was friendly, but quiet, but fuck me what a figure, she had lost none of it. I had only ever seen her in everyday clothes but she looked trim and had a nice full boob on her. So the story starts 6 weeks ago, I come home from work and T and I chat about our days, she was angling for something but I couldn't work out what, eventually we got to the point, T wanted to know if I would do a small bit of gardening for Marjorie in a couple of weeks time. I was told nothing too much, after some hesitation I agreed. The job was to remove from her garden a small tree stump, nothing more than a couple of hours work I thought. So the day arrives we go around to Marjorie’s, T is there for introductions and then would disappear into town shopping, it was a nice sunny day so I know instantly this isn’t going to be easy given the heat. I make a start, T says she is off into town and leaves me to it, she will be back in a couple of hours. I get on with the job, it isn’t easy and I am getting hot and bothered but the job is getting done, Marjorie appears after a while and offers a drink, I take it and we exchange pleasantries for a while then I get back to it, after a couple of hours the job is done, I tidy up and then go back to the house, as I get the back door Marjorie greets me thanking me, offering me another drink and suggests perhaps I could use the shower in her guest room to clean up, I was after all dirty and sweaty. I told her it was no bother I could get sorted when I got home, but she insisted, she told me there was a towel on the rail. Thinking no more of it I go into the shower room and have a quick shower, dry myself and then realise I have left my dirty clothes in the guest room. I wrap the towel around myself and walk into the guest room to retrieve my clothes and put them on in the shower room. Just as I am about to turn and go back to the shower room the guest room door opens and Marjorie is stood there, but of my good what is going on, the demur 60+ lady who you wouldn’t think of in a sexual way is stood in the doorway, in heels, stockings, suspenders, a tiny g string (she must have a shaved pussy as the tiny bit of cloth was so small and there wasn’t a hair insight), balcony bra which was fighting to contain her huge boobs and a full length see thru gown, she was a picture of one horny woman all in black, her hair was down. She looked so hot. She stand there looking at me in just the towel and says, good you are ready for your thank you, I say there is no need it was only a small job, the thoughts running through my head were what the hell is happening, I have never cheated on T and here I am being propositioned by her friend and she could return any minute to pick me up. I protest but Marjorie is moving closer to me, I take a step backwards and as I do so my towel falls, I am now stood naked in this room sporting a semi erect cock (which did look reasonably impressive as I am about 8 inches and cut), Marjorie stands right next to me reaches her hand out and gently holds my cock in her hand, says this will do nicely and says follow me, there is more room in my bedroom and then leads me by the cock to her room, I am by now turned on but also panicking about what if T comes back and finds me like this. As we approach Marjorie’s room she pushes back the door and fuck me there on Marjorie’s bed is T in a matching outfit to Marjorie but in blue, glad you could join us says T, I slightly raise my voice and ask what the fuck is going on, relax says T I will explain, she pats the bed and tells me to lie down next to her and Marjorie, I do as I am told….. More to follow if there is any interest.
Written by JackTq

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