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Girl-girl Stories


Taking advantage of the sluts

My wife and her friend were sluts at a party, so I decided to treat them like sluts.

It was by sheer accident that I heard my wife Shelly talking with her best mate. They were discussing what they had gotten up to at a party that I was unable to go to. I was livid to hear that both my wife and her mate Lynn had gone back to a flat with fo...


New found freedoms

Our neighbour was on her back on our bed with a double ended dildo protruding from her pussy.

I can hardly believe that it is coming up for two years since lockdowns ended here in England. My wife Helen and I were fortunate to both be able to work from home, so financially it didn’t affect us that much, if anything we were even better off, but bei...


What happens in Amsterdam deffinitely doesn't stay in Amsterdam

The hulk of a man lifted me and lowered me onto his cock as I watched another man on Jennette

I was on a four day coach trip to Amsterdam. I am Janet at twenty six year old office worker living in Bristol. I became single because my boyfriend of two years dumped me, telling me that I was sexually repressed when I refused to take part in wife swapp...


Watching Nanny masturbating in our bed

There was Sandra and Millie on the bed side by side sucking each other

Although I work from home, if that is what you call it, my wife hired a nanny to look after young George. I didn’t see much of Millie as my office is located in what had been a barn, on our five-acre plot, that I had modified to offices. Millie was a sexy...


Wild time

Nikkiand I agreed to be exclusive once we married

Nikki and I had been going steady for almost three years. In that time, we had been into swapping and some pretty wild parties where threesomes, foursomes and moresomes often took place. I had watched Nikki on lots of occasions taking on multiple cocks. T...


More to this Christmas cracker

My girlfriend was telling me to fuck her friend.

We were fast approaching Christmas 2016 and yet again I didn't have a girlfriend. She dumped me when I suggested a threesome with her best mate. It might also had something to do with the fact that I banged her best mate. In an effort to fill the gap and...

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Didn'tknow Winnie liked pussies.

Winnie was on the top sucking my cum out of Sandra's pussy

When I suggested to Winnie that we try a threesome, what happened wasn't what I had in mind. I had long fantasized about fucking Winnie along with another woman. When I mentioned it as we rested from our latest fucking, Winnie never answered me. At least...


We cuckolded my best mate.

It was another eight months before I got them sucking each other's pussies.

I met Melvin when we started secondary school. We were immediately best mates, all through school and even when we started work. I was best man when he married Hannah and he was my best man when I married Francis. We went out on double dates before we mar...


Introduction to swinging

Nigel was a mummy's boy and I needed to wake him up.

I had barely been married to Nigel for three months when I realized what a mistake I had made. Not only was he a mummy's boy, having to go home for his tea at least once a week, but he had settled into married life and taken to an arm chair like a little...


House Company

Three was the magic number

Melanie lay in bed watching television. She wasn’t really paying too much attention as some rubbish about cooking lobsters was on. Very dull. Thing is, she’d headed to bed early in order to avoid her flatmate, Jane. She’d left earlier on to go on a date w...


Dogging with workers

Penny kept saying please don't come in me.

At twenty three I found myself working for a company that mainly employed women. Of the thirty seven staff there was only three men including myself. In the main I worked in an office with four women. Two of them were very outspoken and would tease me un-...


Being hired out for gardening…Part 2

Little did I know a good turn would have fantastic benefits

So there I am lying naked on Marjorie’s bed with my wife T on one side and Marjorie on the other both are wearing matching outfits, heels, stockings, suspenders tiny g stings and balcony bras and see thru gowns, this feels so mad, after the shock of seein...


Being hired out for gardening

Little did I know a good turn would have fantastic benefits

So my wife (T) had lots of friends who were a bit older than her, T is 55, most of her friends were 60+, they all enjoyed a good social life, lunches out, dance classes, days out. I didn't know much about too many of them other than their names and a litt...