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Taking advantage of the sluts

"My wife and her friend were sluts at a party, so I decided to treat them like sluts."

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It was by sheer accident that I heard my wife Shelly talking with her best mate.  They were discussing what they had gotten up to at a party that I was unable to go to.  I was livid to hear that both my wife and her mate Lynn had gone back to a flat with four lads and ended up getting well and truly fucked.  I knew that Lynn was a bit of a tart and put it around, but I never for one moment thought that Shelley was like that.


In my seething rage I decided that I would find a way of getting my own back on Shelley before kicking her out.  It was hard for the next week or so in not having it out with Shelley, and as I said kicking her out.  Instead, I had to bite my tongue and wait for the right moment.


That moment came on the Friday night when Shelley and Lynn had another party lined up.  I led Shelley to believe that I had to work and she would go on her own with Lynn.  I went up to our bedroom as if to get ready to go to work and Shelly was sat at her dressing table putting on some slap ready for the party. 


I had already noticed that her skirt was far shorter than ones she normally wore and that there was no bra under her blouse.  I went and showered and towelled off and returned to the bedroom as Shelley stood admiring herself in the mirror.  That was when I struck.


Shelley thought at first that I was just going to have a little fun with her before going off to work and at first as I kissed her she even stroked my limp cock.  Then she started to struggle when she realised that it wasn’t just a bit of fun as I forced her into a chair  that sits behind the door, and used duct tape to secure her to the chair.  She was still struggling but to no avail.  She was however still shouting at me to stop whatever I thought I was doing.


I knew exactly what I was doing.  My next target was to remove her panties.  As she was taped to the chair I had to rip the two sides to get them off her.  Then I stuffed them in her mouth and used some duct tape over the top to finally silence her. 


It was now that I told Shelley that I knew all about her cheating on me and that Lynn had also cheated on her husband.  I told Shelley that she was going to pay for her infidelity.  Shelley looked very worried.  Much to her surprise, I got dressed in some clothes suitable for the party and told her that I would be taking Lynn tonight.  Once dressed I pulled the curtains and closed the door leaving Shelley in the dark.


It was just ten minutes later when Lynn was stood at the door.  She was shocked to see me stood there.  I told her that Shelley was unable to go this evening and my work got cancelled so I was here to take her to the party.  Lynn quietly got into the passenger seat of the car and soon she was giving me directions to where the party was. 


It was clear when we got there that Lynn and Shelley were meant to be the party as there were fourteen or fifteen lads and just four girls and that included Lynn and myself.  I noticed that the other three girls disappeared at various times and guessed that they were having fun with the lads they disappeared with.  All the lads kept clear of Lynn, probably suspecting that I was her husband or boyfriend.  I watched as one of the bedrooms became vacant and dragged Lynn up the stairs and into the bedroom, not that she resisted.


Once I shut the door, it wasn’t hard to get her stripped off and then fuck the daylights out of her.  In fact, Lynn was more than happy to go along with it and she enjoyed the banging that I gave her.  When I left the room, two of the scroates there were quick in taking my place and giving Lynn further fuckings.  I hadn’t figured on that, but it just reinforced what I knew of Lynn. She truly was a slut.


A while later, as the party broke up, I took Lynn back to my place and as the lights were all out I suggested that she came indoors with me.  Lynn looked a bit pensive, but putting a hand up her short skirt and giving her pussy another rub soon had her agreeing to come in doors.   Lynn asked where Shelley was and I suggested that she was probably still at her mothers and staying the night.


It wasn’t hard to get Lynn’s tits out and her panties off.  It was then that I suggested it would be more comfortable on the bed upstairs.  Having fingered her sloppy pussy for a few minutes she was more than ready and would have agreed to almost anything.  As we entered the bedroom I didn’t put the main lights on, just a table lamp and in seconds Lynn was on the bed with her legs splayed wide open. 


I was soon naked and between her legs and slipping back into her sloppy pussy.  It was now that I gave the game away when I asked Shelly how she liked seeing me fucking her best mate.   Lynn tried to push me off wondering what the hell was happening, but I pulled Lynn tighter to me as I slammed away at her pussy.  The fact that Lynn started to groan only heightened my pleasure, especially knowing that Shelley was watching and listening to her friend getting fucked.


I must admit that fucking Lynn’s well fucked pussy was especially exciting and enjoyable.  Lynn gave a final groan as I dumped yet another load of cum in her sloppy pussy.  It was only when I rolled off Lynn that she finally saw Shelley sat there restrained in the chair.  Lynn was telling Shelley she was sorry and that she hadn’t meant to fuck me.  Shelley of course couldn’t reply.


It was Lynn that went and undid the tape from Shelley’s mouth first and then her wrists and finally her ankles.  Shelley was stiff having sat there for so long and sort of waddled to me and was crying a she tried to cuddle me and tell me she was sorry and she hadn’t meant to cheat on me.  I told Shelley that she had, as she had planned to go with Lynn to another party where she knew full well that she would be fucked.


I now had both Lynn and Shelley on the bed with me Shelley asking me to forgive her and Lynn asking me not to tell her husband.  I’m not sure whose hand it was that wrapped itself around my cock, but two pairs of tits in front of me and two naked pussies had my cock responding already.


I was still of the mind to kick Shelley out, but decided that a bit more fun first wouldn’t hurt.  I had a hand in both pussies as they continued to badger me.  I’m not quite sure how we got from where we were to both Shelley and Lynn on all fours and me fucking one and fingering the other before swapping around and fucking the other pussy.


Considering I had two pussies to fuck I thought that I had lasted quite well when I finally came deep in my wife’s pussy.  As I climbed back on the bed to rest I told the girls to clean each other up and to my surprise neither argued.  They both climbed on the bed in the sixty nine position with Lynn on the top.  I enjoyed the site of two women licking and sucking the cum out of each other’s pussies.  It was some time before they finished and lay each side of me.  If only I could have got hard again, but it wasn’t to be.


Well, I never threw Shelley out.  Instead, I now attend parties with the pair of them where they both get themselves well and truly fucked and then take them back to mine to clean each other out before having my fun with them.  Lynn’s husband still doesn’t know what his wife is like.

Written by Luigi

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