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First five years of marriage

"I had to my love to Kate"

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It had been about five years since Dan’s first trip away and we trialled an open marriage , to see if it would work for us .

Since the first time I have been , more open with my escapades with Dan , when he is away and describe them in detail to him when he returns home, before we begin making love .

Well maybe I don’t quite tell him everything .

Dan would also describe some of the women he made love to as well , which also help set the mood for our lovemaking and at no time did either of us feel cheated and encouraged each other to enjoy ourselves .

All of this openness is why we are making our open marriage work .

So far after that first five years we were both still in love with each other as the day we met. As well as our lovemaking being so passionate as ever.

Around this time , there was a restructure in the department where Amber and myself worked .

A couple of work colleges left and a new senior solicitor was appointed , this meant a new boss for us .

The new senior was a attractive , tall , slim , athletic , middle aged African American woman , with large firm breasts , which she wasn’t scared to put on display .

Fortunately for myself as part of the restructure , I received a promotion . With Amber was also promoted to a senior administrator .

Amber and myself were still very good friends and would meet early every morning at the gym to workout together . We would then shower and leave from there for work , picking up a couple of coffees on the way .

Everything was as usual in our department and the new senior Kate , was brilliant to work with, giving myself and Amber more responsibilities which we thrived on . After a month Kate asked us whether we would like to go out with her on Friday for a few drinks after work .

We told her that we would love to.

It worked out well because Dan was away again on another business trip and Amber could come back and stopped over .

Friday came and we all met immediately after work and decided to go to a bar that was around three blocks away , it was a beautiful warm day and we soaked it up as we walked to the bar .

By the time we arrived , it was quite busy , but still managed to find a table away from most of the noise . Kate said it’s her buy first up and we all settled for gin and tonics .

She returned with our drinks and sat down beside me and as she did , her skirt had ridden up slightly and when she was seated she was showing off her stocking tops , as well as the top of her lovely long legs.

We had a sip on our drinks , then Amber asked Kate to tell us about herself .

Kate told us she had just turned forty years old and was born in Dallas .

When she was younger , she played college basketball , in a hope of turning professional.

After five years , when she realised that she wasn’t going to make it . She decided to go and study law , so she could have a good career, when she finished .

While playing basketball Kate did meet her husband .

During the time of her study , she used to do some modelling , as well as a photographer for the same agency, which help with some cash flow over the time of her study .

Amber asked Kate what sort of modelling did she do .

Kate replied saying that she used to work for fashion magazines , she also did some lingerie and swimsuit shots , as they paid very good money .

Amber quizzed her whether she had done any nude modelling or anything else .

There was a moment of silence before she told us that she did pose nude for some mens magazines and also did some nude work for some amateur photography clubs , that were looking for nude models and she was always in demand being an attractive African American woman and they always paid her a little extra .

She said that one time they paid nearly double, when they asked if she would masturbate for them using some toys . She felt a little uncomfortable at first but once she relaxed , there was no issue.

Kate said that she also did some modelling for a couple of photography clubs when she first moved to the UK , until she found a position for her in a law firm as a solicitor . She said that she still has their number , for if she ever gets the urge to do some part time modelling again , because it was something she loved .

Kate went on to say that after a few years of marriage things began to turn bitter . When she found out, he had been unfaithful to her and having affairs with many different women . When realising there was no hope for the marriage , even after trying a few different things , they divorced and went their own way .

It was then two years ago she moved to the UK to start a new life and eventually after working for several other companies and then she ended up here with us .

We both told how her we were not surprised when she mentioned that she was a model , because she had a body like a goddess . Kate was a little embarrassed by our comments and she said told both of us , that we were very attractive ladies and also had nice tight slim bodies and could also do some modelling as well .

I told her that I would be keen to try some nude modelling for these amateur photographers myself , one day to see if I would enjoy it .

I told her that I would find it exciting , having complete strangers admiring my naked body .

Amber said that she would also love to try it , for the same reason .

We asked Kate if she was seeing anyone at this stage in her life . She said that she had a couple of friends , that would come over and pleasure her when ever she was feeling lonely , but nothing serious .

We had some more drinks with Amber telling Kate about herself and how she does not have a partner as well , not dissimilar to Kate and how if she has any sexual desires , she just go out for an evening and find someone to satisfy her .

Then I explained to Kate about how well my marriage works and that I have had multiple lover’s since we decided to trial it , that was nearly five years ago and our love for each other hasn’t wavered , over that time . It is all about trust .

Amber told Kate how we would go out together on some evening’s and pickup together when my husband is away , like he is at the moment .

Amber suggested that all three of us should go out tonight and make a girls night of it , because we had nothing arranged for the evening , so we should make the most of it , just as long as Kate had nothing arranged as well.

I wasn’t going to say no because by now I was beginning to feeling a little exited with Kate showing off a lot more of her stocking clad thighs , which wasn’t helping either .

We all agreed that it was a great idea .

Kate told us she knew of a pub that play’s music until late and that we should go there .

None of us were dressed for going out , so we decided to go home and get changed . Amber got Kate’s address and we told her that we would meet her at all place and go from there.

We all finished our drinks and left , Amber came back to my place, because she was staying with me , so are able to both change their .

Once home I quickly changed into my favourite black sleeveless mini dress , with a zip up the front , it is that short it only just cover’s my bum , so naturally I wear no underwear when wearing it .

Amber came in wearing her red mini dress , with plunging neck , it could hardly hold her breasts in and she definitely wouldn’t be wearing any panties either .

We called a cab and quickly did our hair .

The cab arrived and we went to Kate’s place to pick her up , I gave her a call to let her know we were on our way and to meet us out the front .

The cab arrived at Kate’s place and there she was , standing on the footpath waiting for us looking like absolutely stunning and oozing with sex appeal . Kate was wearing a short white backless halter dress with a deep V , exposing plenty of cleavage , there were also high split’s up either side and she was wearing white stilettos . I think the cab driver was glad he was picking us up tonight .

Kate slid in the back along side myself , as she did, her dress slipped up , revealing a beautiful shaved vagina , with a labia piecing.

It was only a five minute drive before we arrived . We climbed from the cab , giving our driver a little flash as each of us exited the cab .

We entered the pub , the music was loud and very noisy inside.

There were a lot of people inside , that also added to the noise level . We looked around to find ourselves a table . We eventually found one , the girls went and sat at it while I went and I got three gin and tonics , then went back to the table .

We hadn’t been sitting there long , before we had caught the attention of three admirer’s . They would’ve all been in their early fifties , but still very good looking .

One walked up to the bar and the other two walked in over in our direction and asked if they could sit with us . They introduced themselves as Glen , Alan and the one at the bar was Mark . Mark came back with some more drinks for us , he said that he asked the bartender , what hose three lovely ladies were drinking .

We sat there chatting and found out that they had been here on business and decided to go out for the night . While they were telling us about themselves they had bought us another three drinks each , Alan then asked Amber for a dance . As they got up to dance , they began to play a ballad and soon Alan was holding Amber nice and close , with his hands all over her bum . You could tell that Amber was loving the attention .

The other two guys were left speaking to us, then asked us to tell them a bit about us .

Kate told them that all three of us were work colleagues , going out for a night out together . I looked up at Amber , Alan now had his hand up her dress and playing with her buttocks .

Glen went up to get some more drinks for us. while he was gone Mark tasked Kate if she would like to dance as well .

They would have only been dancing for thirty seconds , before he had his hand up Kate’s dress as well . She made no attempt to push his hand away , but instead she placed her hand down the front of his pants , rubbing his penis .

Glen came back with the drinks and saw that Kate was gone and sat alongside me . We were sitting there for a while , without saying a word , then I asked Glen how old he was .

He told me that all of them were fifty eight , I responded by telling him that he still looks very fit for a person that age .

I was looking over to see what my two friends were up to , I noticed that Alan was now sucking on one of Amber’s breasts .

Whilst I was watching my friend , Glen had placed his hand on my inner thigh and was tickling it , with the amount of alcohol I had consumed I was past the caring stage .

I opened my legs a little more giving him my approval to go further .

I looked around trying to find Kate , then I spotted her over in a dark corner .

Mark now had his hand up the front of her dress playing with her vagina .

With all of this attention my friends were getting , it was beginning to make my vagina even wetter and me hornier .

I then spread my legs wide open then pushed Glen’s hand all the way up and told him to finger my vagina . He began rubbing my clitoris and playing with the piecing through my clitoral hood . I was in absolute ecstasy .

He slid his finger up between my moist labia , I could now feel my vaginal juices beginning to run down the crack of my buttocks , he slid two fingers inside my wet hungry vulva , slowly fucked me with them and rubbing my clit at the same time.

All of this attention was driving me wild , I took hold of his hand , I thrust myself onto his fingers , pushing them as deep as I could inside my vagina .

Anyone that may have been watching was receiving some entertainment .

I was now on the verge of a orgasm , but here probably wasn’t the best place for it .

Just then the girls came back and said that the guy’s had invited us back to where they were staying . It was about a fifteen minute walk from here .

I slid off Glen’s fingers and we all finished our drinks then left .

The guy’s were mauling our breasts and pulling nipples all the way back there. When we arrived Glen said we should all go to his room because of it being the largest .

We were no sooner inside and the men had removed our dresses and us kneeling on the lounge carpet .

It wasn’t long before we were presented with three large erect penis’s . Alan was the one standing in front of me , I reached my hand out, wrapping my fingers around his erection and began to slowly wank him .

I pulled him towards me until his penis was right in front of my face , I lent forward running my tongue around the bulbous head of his , licking the small amount of pre-cum that was now being to run from it .

I now placed the entire head in my mouth and began sucking on it like a lollipop .

Alan gave a little moan , then took hold of my head and began fucking my mouth . He was slow at first , enjoying the moment .

I began playing and squeezing his testicles , he began to quicken up fucking my mouth , before thrusting it deep down my throat , making me gag slightly .

His penis erupted , spewing copious amounts of his semen down my throat , which I busily swallowed , trying not to waste a drop and only a small amount running down my chin .

I looked across at the girls , just in time to see Mark remove his erection from Kate’s mouth and spray his hot sperm over her face and beautiful large heaving breasts .

She looked absolutely gorgeous with the sperm running down her dark breasts .

I couldn’t help myself I crawled over to her , giving her a passionate kiss on her lips and began licking the sperm from her breasts , as well as nibbling on her nipples .

I could see Amber out the corner of my eye , she was laying back with semen dribbling down her cheeks , as she was receiving some attention from Alan , who was down between her legs lapping away at her pussy .

I was so aroused at this stage and had to make love to Kate . I grabbed her pulling her towards me , we embraced passionately kissing each other , with our tongue’s flickering in and out of our mouths .

I needed to taste her exquisite pussy , I laid her down and crawled down between her legs with my bum in the air .

Her silk smooth vagina looked absolutely gorgeous , glistening with her own fluids . I then ran my tongue over her well pronounced clitoris , she responded by giving me a little moan of approval .

I ran my tongue between her labia and then buried deep inside her love hole lapping away at her love juices .

I looked over at Amber, to see her being spit roasted , with Alan fucking her vagina and Mark fucking Amber’s mouth .

Amber’s eyes were glazed , being absolute ecstasy .

I was determined to bring Kate to orgasm , I pushed two fingers inside her and began finger fucking her , nice and slow at first , while sucking on her clit .

I was startled when I felt a hand on my buttocks and then some fingers being pushed into my exposed and vulnerable vagina .

I looked over my shoulder to see Glen standing behind me , holding his cock , as he prepared to enter me .

I was nice and wet , making it easy for when he penetrated me . He placed his penis at the entrance of my vagina , then slowly eased it inside of me and thrusting his manhood in and out of me , as he made love to me .

Once he was embedded deep inside of me , I went on pleasing Kate . I pushing my fingers as deep as I could inside her vagina and then added another two more , which slid in quite easily , stretching her vagina to its maximum.

But this only seemed to encourage her more as she forced herself onto my hand , by now most of my hand was embedded inside her .

Kate was moaning with ecstasy , as she stopped fucking my hand and I felt you vaginal muscles began contracting around my hand as she began to orgasm . Soon my hand was covered with her love juices.

With all this entertainment , Glen thought he would get in on the act as well , he began playing with my anus , before slipping a finger inside .

Anal sex is one of Dan’s and myself favourite sexual act’s , so I was enjoying the attention my anus was receiving and only hoped that he will slide his cock in sooner than later .

He then spat on my anus and slid another finger in stretching it a little wider so that it will accommodate his penis .

He removed them , as well as his cock from my vagina and positioned it at the entrance of my bum .

He put more saliva on my anus , then slowly eased his way in , it felt beautiful as he slid his big fat cock all the way in , until my rectum was full of cock .

I reached back between my legs and began rubbing my clit , as he thrusted his cock in and out of my anus , I was now in absolute ecstasy having my arse fucked .

I began rubbing my clit even harder , as I felt an orgasm building . As the orgasm rushed through my body , it was that intense it made me feel dizzy .

Glen was now fucking my rectum like it had ever been fucked before and with one final pushed , he began filling my rectum with his hot sperm .

I collapsed forward , giving Kate’s soaking wet pussy one final lick .

I crawled up to Kate embracing her and kissing her .

It was only for a short time before Kate and myself were rolled onto our backs and Alan climbed on top of Kate and Mark on me . They pushed our legs back to our chest’s and pushed their cocks deep inside our pussies , then began making passionate love to us .

Glen now had Amber on her hands and knees fucking her in her bum as well .

With in five minutes Alan and Mark had cum inside us again . We all rested for a little while , before they grabbed us to have their way with us again .

This time I had Glen on his back and straddled him and began to ride him .

Doing it cowgirl means your in control .

I felt someone push me forward , before running their tongue around my anus . I looked behind too see Amber on all fours being fucked and leaning forward licking my bum hole .

Then I felt hands on my shoulders , it was Mark , who had making love to Amber , but decided that it would be good to fuck my bum , after Amber had been lubricating it .

He ran the head of his penis around the entrance , preparing to enter my rectum .

I have had plenty of anal sex but had never been double penetrated before and I’ll never know why , because when he had slid his penis in , I had never felt so full before and I was in absolute heaven .

This was the best lovemaking session I’d ever had , having two cocks thrusting in and out of me , I could feel another orgasm building , before it rushed through me like a tsunami .

The guys had ejaculated a few times tonight and was a while before they emptied the contents of their testicles inside my orifice’s .

After my lover’s had removed their penis’s , I laid there in euphoria , soaking up the pleasure’s of what had just happened , with their sperm running from my love hole’s .

Our lover’s made love to us another three more times , all having their way with us .

After we finished our torrid love making , we called a cab and put our dresses on.

While waiting for the cab Kate suggested we all go back to her place until morning , which was only a short distance away .

The cab arrived and we all slid into the back seat .

The driver couldn’t take his eyes off us in his mirror , so we decided to give him a little show by exposing our breasts and playing with them, as well as sucking one another’s nipples .

He seemed quite pleased with himself , well that would have been until he seen the three puddles of sperm that we left for him on the seat .

We arrived at Kate’s and she led us into the lounge , where we removed our dresses, leaving them on the floor .

Kate told us we can share her king size bed with her .

We followed Kate to her bedroom , where we all crawled into her bed . I laid in between Amber and Kate .

I then asked Kate whether she enjoyed her night , she rolled over placing her hand on my tummy and Amber did the same , also laying her leg over me .

Kate replied with , when can we do it again , because she hadn’t made love like that since she had in the UK and she definitely needed it .

Amber asked , so you have had group sex before . Kate went quite , then said that she had made love to multiple men before .

She told us when her marriage began going a bit rough , her husband convinced her that they should try swinging and become members of a swingers club .

She decided to try just to see if it will save her marriage . On some visits to the club she would have sometimes , make love up to six different men and she loved every minute of it and was disappointed when it was over .

Unfortunately all of this was a fetish for her husband and he still screwed around anyway.

Kate’s story had made me feel aroused again , so began to played with my clitoris as she was telling it .

Amber had obviously noticed me playing with myself and placed her hand between my legs and ran her fingers began my wet pussy lips .

Kate must have heard me breathing a little heavier and slid down the bed a little , so she was level with my breasts and began nibbling on my erect nipples . This was beautiful having the attention given to me by two gorgeous ladies .

I was moaning with pleasure , as Kate slid between my legs and Amber straddled my face for me to pleasure her with my tongue .

Kate sure knew how to please a female by the way she was feasting on my very sensitive pussy , hitting all the right spots .

I licked away feverishly at Amber vulva , also biting and pulling on her pussy lips with my teeth , but not forgetting her clitoris and sucking hard on it , trying too bring her to orgasm .

Kate had now inserted one finger into my vagina and another in my rectum , this brought to verge of another orgasm very quickly .

Once she began sucking my clit was it , as a orgasm swept through me . She then removed her fingers and forced her tongue deep inside of me , licking away at my love juices that were now running from my pussy .

Amber then decided it was time for me to finish herself off and began grinding her pussy on my face , while I had my tongue buried deep inside her , then I felt her begin climax and her juices gushed from her vagina.

We made love to each other until daylight . After we had finished our lovemaking we were that exhausted we slept until after midday .

What a night to remember and what a new friend we made .

We had more encounters together since then.

Written by Sallyanne22

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