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My first time

"My first time at the sex club by Nettie"

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Author's Notes

"This is a true story - and I am just about to write about our second sex club experience!"

I knew my husband had lots of experience before I met him. He had been in open relationships in the past and being bisexual had experience of being with both men and women in sex clubs and saunas.

My past was mainly long term monogamous relationships with some ‘slutty spells’ in between. I’m no innocent but it had never occurred to me to go to a sex club.

When I met my husband, we fell in love and all we wanted was each other. Our sex life was and still is amazing and we would fuck three times a day if we had the time! We are into everything(except pee poo and pain) bit of BDSM, anal, etc. and we use loads of toys, my favourite being the massive strap on that I like fucking him with! We can’t keep our hands off each other.

More recently I have been wanting to get naked, I often get my tits out in public places like the pub garden and I was fantasising about fucking in public, possibly in front of other people. However I was scared of getting caught!

So one drunken night we hatched a plan to go to a club and fuck in front of other people, we also decided we’d like to fulfil another fantasy we had of sucking cocks together. My husband did the research and found a club not far away that not only had a regular bi night but also had a glory hole!

I was nervous and had a few gins before we went to loosen me up a bit. It felt very odd taking my clothes off and swapping it for a small towel but as everyone else was it the same boat it was fine. The club was nice and clean, with a bar, sauna, cinema, spa pool and lots of different rooms. The atmosphere was very chilled and relaxed and everyone was friendly and pleasant.

We headed for the glory hole, went into a cubicle that had two holes and waited for the cocks to arrive! We didn’t have to wait long! We even had a queue!

We had some amazing cock sucking fun, we sucked cocks separately and together. There’s nothing hotter than sharing a cock with your husband, making it hard, taking turns to deep throat and watching them spurt. Hands came through the holes too, touching our bodies, fingering my cunt and wanking his cock. I was so turned on, I wanted to get fucked while sucking cock but there was no room in the small cubicle.

We headed out to the cinema where a woman was getting fucked while three men wanked over her. I took my towel off and proffered my arse to my husband and he didn’t hesitate to plunge his hard cock into my sopping wet cunt. Two guys immediately started fondling my swinging breasts and I grabbed a cock and pulled it towards my mouth to suck. It was amazing, getting fucked, watching other people fuck as well as sucking a hard cock! It didn’t take long for my body to shudder as I orgasmed time after time.

After my husband had filled me with hot cum it was getting late and we had to go. It had been a great afternoon, and I can’t wait to go back.

Written by Netcurtains

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