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Fucked by my big cocked lover Connor

"Huge white cock fucks muslim whore wife"

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If you have read my previous stories you will know all about me and Connor and how I'm.addicted to his huge white cock. It's been a while since we last met but we have been messaging each other alot. This time Connor wanted to spend the night with me at our house and after much persuasion I got husband to agree. We will in a muslim community where everyone knows each other so this was extremely risky. We agreed to meet last Saturday, Connor arrived as planned at midday, he knocked on the door my heart was racing as my husband let him in, he walked in and as he saw me he just said come here you muslim whore and kiss your real husband, we kissed so passionately my husband just stood there in the living room with us watching as he squeezed ass. He sat down and made sit on his lap, he started talking to my husband about how amazing I was how good my pussy tasted and how much he enjoyed his cock in my mouth. My hubby just sat there not knowing what to say lol, Connor said get my cock out and show him what I'm talking about, I did as I was told and in no time I was sucking and licking that huge cock, he called my husband over and said sit next to me so you can get the perfect view, he came over and I couldn't help but smile at him. Connor ordered me to stop and kiss my husband, he tried to avoid it but I held his face and kissed him pushing my tongue into his mouth so he could taste Connor. It was such a turn on I didn't realise Connor had taken his clothes off, he pulled me off my husband and started to tear my clothes off, there I was completely naked stood infront of my husband with another man touching me all over, he looked at my husband and said she is mine now. He pushed me onto the sofa and gave me amazing oral tongue deep in my pussy as I held my husbands hand, he stopped positioned himself infront of me and slid right in, fuck it felt so.good these long deep strokes hitting my spot everytime, I was moaning so loud my husband tries to cover my mouth so the neighbours didn't hear but I didn't care, Connor held by the throat and started pounding me calling every name under the sun I was in heaven as he shot his load, he ordered my husband to go down on me and lick me clean he didn't want to but Connor forced him and I held his head down making sure he did, it was such a powerful moment for me. We went upstairs and my husband followed, Connor did what he does best and fucked my dirty mulsim pussy all over,missionary, doggie,me On top. The sex was amazing and felt better because it was in my bed, he sucked on my tits so much I loved it. He asked if I liked humiliating my husband and I said I fucking love it, so made him lay on the bed as I sat across his face, I thought it was for him to lick Connors cum from my pussy again not knowing Connor was about to fuck me from behind as he did it, he took me by surprise and wow it was unreal, I was lost in the moment as my lover was fucking me deep and my hubby licking my pussy at the same time, I started abusing my husband calling him a bitch, a joke of a man, after several minutes Connor started to grunt this was a sign he was about to cum and boy did he cum it was running out of me and all over my husbands face. As I got off he told me tell my husband to fuck off so he could be alone with me, we made love non stop he is so gentle when making love to me, kissing me caressing my tits as my legs wrapped around him taking every inch of him. Later that evening Connor had to leave so he got dressed and told me not to shower so I smelt of sex around my husband. He shook my husbands hand and said thank you I will be back very soon. That entire night my husband didn't say a word, all I could is grin at him knowing what I had just made him do. I spread my legs so he could see my cum filled gaping pussy, I said you know what to do and made his way over and licked me for ages. He knows his place now!!

Written by fuffnready

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