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What the bet led to

"His cock was ten inches long and thick, with a bend to the left and upwards."

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My wife Jenny and I had often swapped and had the occasional threesomes. We were on holiday in the west country and was enjoying a drink in a country pub when a disagreement turned into a bet. The bet was if I was right Jenny had to have a threesome with myself and a woman of my choice. If I lost she would make love to a man of her choice and I would have to watch. After we googled the answer Jenny won! The evening was slow and after several local lads came into the pup Jenny informed me that she didn't fancy any of them. I upped the stakes that if she didn't try to bed the next man I could choose one for her. Then the next man walked in. He was an elderly man probably in his early fifties. He was well turned out and quite distinguished. I nudged Jenny and she laughed that he was old enough to be her father. I just said that he'd have lots of experience. After he sat down with his drink Jenny went over to him and engaged him in conversation. Soon she was sat chatting with him like a long lost uncle. I could hear the occasional laugh and giggle. Then Jenny was pointing over towards me and they were both looking my way. I see the man nod and then he finished his drink and the two of them came over to my table. "Ready lad?" was all he said. I gulped the last of my pint and followed them out the pub. Jenny was walking arm in arm with the man and I was a few paces behind. To anyone else watching it looked like a father and daughter walking together. As we walked up the high street they ducked up an alleyway and I followed. Then he was undoing a door to an old cottage and the three of us went inside. As soon as the door was locked the man had Jenny's tits in his hands as he pulled her to him and kissed her. Jenny kissed him back and wound one of her legs around his legs. When they broke for air he turned to me and said, "So you're going to watch me fuck your wife," it sounded more a matter of fact rather than a question. I just nodded and smiled. He led Jenny up the stairs and into a bedroom. I followed behind them and found a chair to sit on. The man eased Jenny down onto her knees and she started to undo his belt and trousers. Then as she eased them down I heard a squeal from Jenny she gasped, "Oh my god." The trousers and pants fell to the floor and the man turned sideways to take a foot out of his trousers and then I saw it. His cock was the best part of ten inches, at a guess, and even though it still looked soft, it was quite thick. His trousers shoes and pants were soon in a heap beside him. He grabbed Jenny by two handfuls of her hair and pulled her towards his cock. Jenny's mouth opened and took some of his cock into her mouth. I could see that although only a small amount was in her mouth, she was struggling to take much more of it in her mouth. He was using her hair to move her mouth on his cock. I could see that it was getting stiffer, although it didn't seem to get much more if any larger. He wanked himself with my wife's mouth for several minutes before he pushed her away and lifted her to her feet. I noticed that his long thick cock had a distinct curve to the left and upwards. The man soon had my wife naked from the waist upwards and was sucking on her stiff nipples. "Nice tits," he remarked as he swapped from one tit to the other. Then he was back to undressing her and she was soon completely naked. "Get on the bed," he ordered Jenny. She did as instructed as he stood and removed the rest of his own clothes. Then he crawled up the bed and stopped with his head in my wife's pussy. I couldn't see much, but I could hear licking and slurping as he licked and sucked Jenny's pussy. Jenny was writhing at the touch of his tongue on her pussy and she was moaning and groaning her approval. Then he was working upwards, licking Jenny's Pussy mound before moving to her navel and licking it out. Jenny groaned at that. Then he was back on her tits and spent several minutes on each one. Then he was kissing her on the mouth and they were sharing tongues. Then he lifted himself up and back so he could take aim with his cock. One of his hands steered it towards Jenny's pussy. I was worried that she wouldn't be able to take such a big cock and that it might hurt her. He spat on one of his hands and spread the spit to moisten his cock. Then he eased forward. "Oh my god," left Jenny's lips as she gasped at his length penetrating her pussy. She was then panting and emitting Ooohs and Aaahs as he slowly worked his cock about a centimeter at a time into her pussy with each thrust. It must have been almost ten minutes before he had all of it inside her pussy. Each stroke seemed to turn her pussy inside out as the lips first disappearance up inside her pussy as he thrust in, and then they were dragged out and down his cock as her lips clung tightly to his cock on the out stroke. Jenny was squealing and groaning with each thrust. "Nice pussy," he informed me. I thought it was, and wondered, would it ever be again after he had finished with her. His pounding seemed relentless almost mechanical as he had set a pace and had kept to it for almost ten minutes before he started to pound faster and harder. Jenny was now squealing, "Yes," with each stroke as he got faster and faster. Then he thrust extra hard and held it deep in Jenny's pussy. I could see his cock and balls twitching as I guessed he was pumping his cum into my wife's well fucked fanny. Then he collapsed on the bed, next to Jenny, panting heavily. I could see cum trickling from Jenny's pussy, that was still gaping open, and running down her arse cheek and onto the bed sheets. I see Jenny put her hand down to her pussy to find it still wide open. She looked at me and looked quite shocked how wide her hole was. After several minutes she carefully crawled off the bed and started to dress. The man also got up and went into a bathroom and I could hear him taking a long pee. On his returned he laughed saying, "Not wanting another round then?" Jenny told him no. He added, "I'll be in the pub if you want some more tomorrow." We left and went back to our hotel. Jenny wanted a bath, and I went and poured her one, and she had a long hot soak before coming to bed. As I cuddled up to her I stroked her pussy. It was still partially open and Jenny said she didn't want any more cock tonight. Next morning we did fuck, but her pussy was far from the tight pussy I was used to and it took some while before I came in it. The following night, and the remaining five nights, Jenny went with Sean back to his cottage and I followed to see him fuck her silly each night. the last night he fucked Jenny twice. The second time in the doggy position. I had never heard Jenny wail so loudly while being fucked. Sean kissed Jenny passionately before we left and he handed her a piece of paper. Later I discovered it was his name and address. He was also on holiday and he put in his note that it was his best holiday ever. I think Jenny would agree with him other than the fact that she was sore for several days and it was nearly a fortnight before her pussy was full tightened up again. I was fascinated just how much Jenny's pussy stretched to take his big cock. Some time afterwards Jenny told me that she had often dreamed about an older man and also of taking a big cock, but never for a moment thought that both would happen at the same time. She also said that the bend and curve in his cock seemed to touch places that didn't seem to normally get touched and give sensations that she never felt before. That holiday was in 2003 and we met Sean several times at his own home and went with him on several holidays in the following years. The last one, which was in 2011, Jenny spent almost every night in Sean's bed and it was ages afterwards that her pussy felt normal again. Sadly Sean died the following year. He left some money for Jenny in his will which we used for a holiday returning to where we first met Sean. I asked Jenny if she wanted me to find her another old man or one with a big cock. She told me that she was happy as she was. Although we still went swapping on the odd occasion Jenny never found another large cock like Sean's, or an older man that she fancied. In some ways I was happy that Jenny didn't want any more big cocks, but I also missed seeing how it stretched and pulled her pussy around. But I don't miss having to go without any pussy while her pussy recovers from it's pounding and stretching.
Written by Blue

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