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🚿 76

If you knew what I knew

We had persuaded Will to invite Fria and myself to his house on the understanding that we would not tell his wife that he had fucked Fria. Unknown to him his wife, Maddie knew everything and was in on the planning, but Maddie did not want Will to know any...


🚿 75

Clubbing with Fruity

I do enjoy my visits to the south west, when I get a chance to visit Fruity. I never had much work to do, so more time with Fruity, we even had time to go to a club on Saturday It was an old pub that had been very well converted. We started with strip poo...


Paul took me to a club. He told me it was where I could find random men, but there were none I liked, they were all too full on or weak. We did meet June and Keith. “What are you looking for?” Keith asked. “We were looking for a cock.” Paul told him. “......


Lady's night

Pussy cum pussy cum

It was after the second set of films that Tammy and Musky visited. Lucy had invited them, at first I was not sure why. "I know you enjoy me, but the next films star Tammy and Musky. The question is do you want to be a co-star?" Lucy asked. "With Tammy and...


He took it

on the swing

Are hosts told us not to dress for dinner so Paul put on a loose Tshirt and jogging trousers and I did the same, but only a very long Tshirt or you could call it a short dress. There was a knock at the connecting door. I opened it. "You don't have to dres...



Sleeping over

"Are you enjoying making movies?" Lucy asked, as she removed a pot from the oven. "It's a lot of fucking." "Yes, hours, but?" "...but its not the same as…." "...making love?" Lucy completed. "I was going to say fucking for pleasure." "What is your pleasur...


Another swing

I had two men and a woman

We had taken a Hotbed, and been invited to dinner by our hosts. I put on stockings and a matching bra. "Should I wear knickers?" I asked holding up the small black lacey matching knickers." "Are you intending to take them off?" Paul asked. "I am, if no on...


🚿 63

Back in Austria 4 Lina and Otto

1st July We had spent the night in an airport hotel and were up for continental breakfast early. We sailed through security Anna with her phone and toiletries, me with the rest in a small backpack. "Do you see how they touch?" Anna said observing two cabi...

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It was not long after we caught Carol and Irina that they went out with Carol's friends. I dropped Irina off just in time for Carol to share a taxi with her. "Don't keep Carol out too long." Jeff instructed. "He's joking." I explained. They got looks from...


Meeting Paul's friends

and my surprise 😮

"I have some friends coming this weekend." Paul told me. "It will be nice to meet your friends." I replied lying close to his warm body and feeling damp between my legs. "They are very close friends." He continued cautiously. "That's nice." I remember him...


Shower 🚿 51

Putting it about again

Now Anna is pregnant we can go to the club, that is what we did last night. "It's Anna, yes? I'm Frank?" Frank said. "Are you sure Frank?" Anna asked as she turn to look at the man. "Yes" he replied, puzzled. "Sorry, we are looking for a couple." Anna rel...



I was surprised

I had spoken with a couple in the chat rooms and I had an mfm with Tony and Jed. The experience started me thinking again about the couple. Not as they wanted, but as a foursome with Tony. "Have you been to bed as two couples?" I asked. "Yes, it is fun."...


Saga 10

A week to test

When we got home, Kay stripped herself. I could still not believe Kay was there. "Are we sending out for food or are we cooking?" Kay asked. "Sending out, what do you want?" "Cock, what do you want?" "You, food can wait." Kay had told me I could do anythi...


London Hub

and how it became a bareback orgy

Friday We arrived by train and bulldozed our way through London. I hate London tourists, they stop to take pictures with no concern for others, form cues to take pictures of each other at red phone boxes and walk against the follow of walkers just to look...


Spartan 3

Come to meet my wife

It was two months after I joined the barracks that I was invited to Paideian's farm. He was not yet 30 so was not allowed to live with his wife. It was unusual for a man to marry at 25, but he did. "I have seen you on the drill field." Phoebe welcomed me....