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Helpful Neighbour

"My neighbour helps me so I help him too."

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It was Friday morning and the first day of a fortnight's holiday from work. I woke with a very strong feminine urge and decided today was definitely a dress up day.

I got up, had a bite to eat, and then ran myself a nice hot bubble bath. I added some rose petals and bergamot oil to the water and took a nice long soak. I then shaved myself from chin to toe, dried, and spent 20 minutes moisturising my skin - the smell was divine and I felt so smooth and soft.

Now off to the wardrobe. I put on my favourite double strap black lace thong - it has a jewel on the triangle at the back which I just love to look at in the mirror whilst wearing, and then my matching lace bra. I like to wear this without any padding. It's tight on my chest and makes me feel realistic. Next came the 8-strap garter belt & fully fashioned heel seamed stocking - I love these in a natural tan colour. I take my time getting the seams straight and making sure the garter buttons are all equal distance and looking good. My cock is rock solid and I am desperate to milk it but I refrain.

Now I need to put some makeup on: foundation, powder, rouge, and some bronze highlighter on my cheekbones. Eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner - I love well-defined eyeliner and take my time with this. My favourite bright red lipstick & then my matching nail varnish on my fingernails. a spray of Chanel Chance, then my long blond wig to finish it off. I'm feeling sensational.

I choose a white satin blouse and a plain navy blue cotton pencil skirt. Now to step into my dependable sexy Louboutin shoes. Black patent leather with a thin 5-inch spike heel. I'm feeling it now. I am a sexy woman and I'm ready to take on the world.

I paraded around the house, did some chores and just generally felt like a million dollars. I decided to walk down the garden as there is nothing quite like feeling fresh air blowing on my stockinged legs and up my skirt. All the neighbours would be out on a Friday and nobody would see me.

That's when it happened - As I was walking along the path, one of my heels got stuck in a crack in the path and I fell over in a most unfeminine way. I twisted my ankle badly and was spread-eagled stuck to the floor.

Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately my neighbour, Ken, a 57-year-old man, who normally works on a Friday, was also at home and had heard my yelp as I fell and twisted my ankle. He rushed outside to the garden fence, and shouted to me "Are you ok? Love, Do you need any help?" Ken did not know I was a crossdresser and I did not want him and the neighbours finding out, so I did not reply, I just kept my head bent down so he would not see my face and hoped that he would go away. Anyway, Ken is very gallant and thinking I was badly injured he jumped over the fence and ran to me as fast as a 57 year can do. He knelt beside me and put his arm around me to help me sit up.

"Bloody 'ell, Is that you Dave? I thought you had a gorgeous gal around with you. I didn't know it was you. What are you dressed like that for?"

It took a few moments for my embarrassment and Kens shock to subside. He gently lifted my leg and held my ankle firmly, and started massaging around the twisted area. It felt painful at first but was actually fantastic.

After a while, we managed to get me standing, and Ken supported me to walk back into the house. He sat me down and smiled at me. "I'm glad you are not badly injured. You don't half look fantastic dressed up like that - I would never have thought. Let me rub that leg again, It will help" With that he sat down beside and let me rest my leg over his so that he could massage my ankle. He rubbed my ankle, calf and foot. After a while he started to lift my leg and started to muzzle his face onto my stockinged foot. He licked and sucked my toes for a couple of seconds and then looked at me to make sure it was ok to carry on. I was sort of shocked that my neighbour wanted to do this but I was happy for him to continue - It felt lovely.

Seeing that it was ok he returned to the task and he lifted my other leg onto his knee, took my remaining shoe off and started to massage and kiss both feet. He rested my feet on his crotch and I could feel his hard cock pressing against his pants onto my feet. He then stopped and quickly removed his tee shirt exposing his broad chest and stomach . He stood and took his pants and boxers off, freeing his large cock to the air. It was rock hard and bounced up and down with his movements. His body was large, rotund and absolutely covered in hair. Mmmmmm, Lovely! There was a bend to the left in his cock. The veins along the length of it, throbbed and the end of it glistened with precum.

He lifted my feet and placed one each side of his cock as he stood in front of me and started to rub his cock up and down, making sure the head rubbed my silky stockings all the way along my foot. It was scorching hot on my feet. I was desperate to grab hold of his cock or even gobble it, but I was trying my best to balance to get the best view of his cock that I could.

He pumped faster and faster and began to moan. His thrusting became more vigorous as he got nearer and nearer to climax. His long cock was dripping precum and glistening invitingly. Then he tensed up and squeezed my feet as he shot a massive load of cum all over me. He was a huge cummer and I got soaked. My face, my hair and my silk blouse were all soaked with strands of his cum. I lent back and wiped them up and put them in mouth in an exaggerated movement making sure he watched me - I swallow all the cum that I could.

I think me and Ken are going to be good neighbours to each a lot more often. xx

Written by Sally_B

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