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The ultimate humiliation

"Peter and his wife decide we were ready for the ultimate party"

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Author's Notes

"The end story In three parts."

A couple of weeks later a parcel arrived, which my wife excitedly opened to reveal a his and hers bag containing clothing items and two letters, one for her, sealed  I wasn't allowed to read  with what would be required from us, but mainly her, a broad smile whilst she read it, the other was basically to say that we both shaved fully, the end just said i'd realise my fetishes when we meet, I thought I knew what he meant as he said he'd push my humiliation to a new level, how right he would  be!.

My wife's contained the most alluring  three quarter length sheer black translucent nightie with a deep V neckline that would tantalisingly separate her large breasts, it was difficult whether Peter or his wife had bought that for her as they were both mesmerised by her breasts. Black see through knickers that would show off her shaven mound and a pair of sheer black hold up stockings, she tried the nightie which was a perfect fit. Her breasts now looked magnificent, widely separated as the elasticated material pulled against her breasts making her nipples very  prominent through the flimsy material but failing to support her heavy breasts which hung down, the material seductively cling to her every curve. She looked absolutely gorgeous.

 A sudden realisation that Peter and his wife were getting to know her more intimate measurements. I opened my bag which contained the most beautiful off the shoulder sissy dress , hem just above the knee, slightly elasticated to ensure a good fit, a pair of pink frilly sissy knickers,  suspender belt with sheer black stockings, long blonde wig and the most outrageous high heels I'd ever get to wear, the heels looked about six inches and from experience I knew I might struggle to balance in them, to finish off a collar with the word owned on it, a reference that my wife and I were now the property of Peter and his wife. It all fitted me perfectly so it looked like it wasn't just the wife's measurements they memorised.

 We'd been to a few of their parties so was  fully aware that at some point we'd be the focus of one such gathering, or at least my wife,  the last one was a 'Taster' to see just what our limits really were, I think Peter and his wife already knew!  My humiliation was ongoing and they revelled in that fact but we both enjoyed the concept, especially in bed where she had now become the dominant partner in our marriage and made sure I knew my place in it!. A few days later my wife received an email with a few dates to see which one suited us, A date was chosen and we both waited with great excitement at what Peter and his wife had planned for  us. Finally the day arrived and was surprised when Peter sent a car to collect us, my wife had received a text from Peter earlier with expressed instructions for her to wear a dress similar to the one she wore on our first meeting, this one was more translucent so her legs were clearly visible as  the sunlight shone through it, no bra which showed off her excited nipples as the poked into the flimsy material, turned out this was a dress peters wife had bought for her on one of their 'weekend' shopping trips to London, she never let on that peters wife was also her lover which was a guide thing after what happened to me and Ann. My wife was now the focus of attention to the pair of them! Also  no knickers, although she 'forgot' to mention that part to me. A knock on the door and what a shock and surprise, it was Peter and his wife, we all hugged each other  on the doorstep and the driver loaded our luggage into the boot, they all got into the back whilst I had to sit in the front. This 30 minute drive, or should have been as I was in for a surprise, seemed to last forever, I pulled down my sun visor which had a mirror in it only to see my wife slowly having the buttons to her dress undone by his wife to expose her now heaving breasts, I until recently I hadn't a clue my wife was bisexual and I guess she had similar assumptions about me but what fun we were having now our sexual horizons were broadened. Peters wife had now, in between some very heavy kissing, undone five buttons on her dress to fully expose her heavy breasts which  let them ' flop out' with their weight each side now making an irresistible urge to Peter and his wife to give them the attention they fully deserved whilst I had to helplessly watch with what was my best hard on to date, painfully hard. They playfully sucked and stretched her nipples, each pulling a breast towards them to be able to lock onto her hardening nipples. All I could do was watch, frustrated that my wife was being pleasured by Peter and his wife, as I watched, she suddenly tensed as I guessed her first orgasm hit home. She sank backwards into the rear seat as she had another. By now I'd noticed both had a hand over her presumably moist pussy , playfully rubbing over it,  she was now panting loudly. I was thankful that the rear windows were tinted but there was still an element of risk from being seen which heightened my humiliation to levels I'd never contemplated. 

I hadn't noticed but we'd deviated from our normal route down a country lane, pulling up at a remote off road parking and woods. about 3 cars and a camper van parked up, must be a picnic spot BUT we were soon to be educated as this was a little known dogging spot only known to a select few. Here was going to be the first of my most intense humiliations as a husband. We parked up and I was handed a ball gag which Peter put on me, then some velcro wrist cuffs with my arms behind my seat to give the illusion I was bound to it. Meanwhile peters wife and mine had got out and round the back where I couldn't see them, peters wife came back for some lipstick, I think she'll need this and went back and lifted up her dress and wrote on her lower back and bottom something I was to find out later it read slut wife. I was a little shocked as we were now out of our usual comfort zone. Peter told me a safe word was agreed and condoms would be used.

With that my wife was lead to the front of the car and told  to lie over the bonnet , arms stretched out, her wrists were secured by some velcro cuffs to the wiper arms so we were face to face. Her legs spread eagled for easy access to basically strangers, looking to try and inseminate her in front of me. A packet of condoms were placed on the bonnet ready so no chance of sloppy  seconds! .

Once done Peter went over to one of the cars , talking to its occupants. Then coming back. Nothing happened for about 5 minutes then a couple slowly came over to check us out, I could hear his wife tell him ' she'll do now breed with the slut 'with that she watched with great interest as her husband went behind her and ran his hands up to the top of her legs, then in-between them  The look on her face said it all as his fingers found her clit and pushed some exploratory fingers into her. Her dress was hitched up to reveal her smooth buttocks and the sign on her back, that must have got him excited as he just dropped his trousers and boxers, slipped on a condom  and just went for it, being face to face I could see every emotion as he slowly skewered my wife, his wife telling her husband to fuck that slut, this was totally new to us both, yes I felt useless watching my wife being fucked like that in front of me but I had to remember that was the intention by all present which included my wife, the sound of his balls slapping on her buttocks with every thrust into her was a good indication he was now fully into her.

Her eyes wide open staring at me as thrust after animalistic thrust pushed her up and down the bonnet, his wife telling him to fuck her hard. Within the minute he came in her, his hands clenching her waist tightly, the final thrust pushing her further up the highly waxed  bonnet towards my face as he filled the condom with a mighty roar, his wife telling him he'd done a good job shagging that slut. Once done he pulled straight out causing my wife to say a long ahhhhh  as he did so. He came round the side of the car, his now softening cock, still with the condom on but now filled with quite a lot of spunk, he showed me this whilst saying what a good fuck she was, with that they both went back to their car and drove off, in the meantime there was rustling from the trees as a few single men came out, presumably to watch, they didn't have to wait long as the door to the camper van opened and coloured gentleman came out, no doubt after watching the goings on from behind the drawn curtains. 

An obvious bulge in his joggers showing his intentions with my wife, still sprawled out on the bonnet. Peter had a quick chat with him and he grabbed a condom and came to the side window, he dropped his joggers to reveal a nice large cock,not as big as peters length wise but the girth, It was massive! He rolled the condom on best he could, telling me how he's was going to give my whore wife a good fucking and proceeded back to the front of the car. The man positioned himself behind my wife and placed his bulbous cock at her wet enterance. I don't think she was ready for his first attempt to mount her as she moved forwards to slow him down, his second attempt was more successful, i watched her face contort and gritting her teeth as the gentleman pushed into her, now maybe half way in her he waited untill she was ready then in one push, went all the way in, her face much closer to mine this time  so he must have been fully in her, pushing her up the bonnet,his strokes were erratic, some long and slow, these she enjoyed judging by the moans she was making. The faster strokes, so quick and hard, made the car wobble slightly, her moans of appreciation so loud it drew a few other people out the woods, now 6 men were watching my wife being fucked, all playing with Thier cocks, a real surreal site as this wasn't planned?  The gentleman was visibly getting more aroused by her moaning, then it happened, she gave out a loud scream as she had another orgasm, the men around her engrossed by it but egged them on to finish themselves off. That last scream of approval was the trigger and the gentleman gave several loud grunts and pushed as far as he could go in an attempt to inseminate my wife, pushing her almost up to the windscreen, me looking at my beautiful wife being taken by this muscular fit virle younger man,foiled to achieve his goal by the condom. He came, and came, this was looking rather familiar as he kept cumming, pushing deep into her as he did so. Eventually his momentous climax subsided and he withdrew from her to reveal one of the fullest cum filled condoms I'd ever seen. He swung it right In front of my face,and said , pity this isn't in your  wife and laughed, with that he went back to his camper van leaving now just the six men still wanking off near my wife, Peter had a quick think and released me from the car seat and told me to stand near my wife so I could witness her being covered in cum from the assembled masterbaiting men Peter asked her to turn over and take the dress off ' don't want it stained now do we' he laughed. She did as asked and laid on the ground on a blanket he'd put down, she looked magnificent, moist fanny showing signs it has just been fucked, slightly open from the pounding it had recieved and her huge breasts flopped each side of her chest. He looked at the men and told them not to waste their cum, you know what to do, and with that they surrounded her and wanked off , one by one, a cry as they ejaculated over her tits and face. It was all over in a couple of minutes then they'd gone leaving my wife soaked in warm creamy white spunk, Peter looked at me and said ,your turn, well I couldn't say no as my balls felt like ready to burst, my wife looked a right cum slut, laid there with sperm slowly oozing over her breasts and face, my excitement was obvious as i only lasted about 30 seconds but I came so hard it was worth it , my spunk hit her face and breasts to add to the copious amounts of sperm already donated by complete strangers! she was covered! What a site. Meanwhile peters wife came out the woods with a couple of men, we'd been so engrossed in what was going on that we didn't notice her sneaking off. Oh my,she said your wife's a real cum slut isn't she, I'm really looking forward to having her later, my wife's eyes opened wide at that remark, this sleep over would be the one we both would remember for a long time to come. It goes without saying that my wife and I had an 'interesting' introduction to dogging, one we'd do again just as a couple though Peter and his wife took us back there on several occasions but the first was the best as it was totally unscripted . Peters plan to totally humiliate me  succeeded, My humiliation hadn't quite ended though, my wife was told to put her dress back on and not to worry about the mess she was in, a blanket had been placed on the back seat to protect it from all the spunk now making its way down her body. I was told to ride in the back, his wife sat one side and my wife in the middle. The 10 minutes back to thier house was the most mind blowing of all as his wife slowly and seductively undid the top buttons of her dress to expose her upper body, spunk  covered  breasts, which were, now hanging seductively out , his wife then slowly started to rub the spunk round her breasts, making sure they were totally covered, her fingers circling her nipples making them large and pointing out like bullets, she expertly circled slowly, pulling strings of sperm away from her nipples and offered it to my wife who, at first hesitantly sucked the sperm off them, subsequent offerings were more greedily accepted, my wife just laid back, hands between her legs stroking her pussy, breathing heavily as she was being teased by another woman. Slowly the spunk started to dry up so his wife stopped, only for my wife to put her hand back on her breasts and whispered 'dont stop I've not cum for you yet' minutes later she got her reward and came with such intensity peters wife had to put her hand over my wifes mouth to muffle the sounds , his wife then  gabbed her breasts one last time, kissed each nipple  then  kissed her on the lips, this was really too much for me as I needed to cum myself but denied , leaving me extremely frustrated. part of their plan of humiliation? I felt helpless in the car as my wife was being taken right in front of me , we hadn't even got back to thier house yet  and so far my wife had already been fucked, drenched in cum and been expertly used by both Peter and his wife, his wife more so which made the whole experience even more exciting.I just hoped Id be able to last the weekend, I knew my wife would!

On the drive back I reminisced from the early days when we were a little more prudish, now we, especially my wife had an  insatiable appetite for sex, I smiled at that very thought wondering what was in that letter, we could trust Peter so I awaited my fate with my hardest Hard on to date, peters wife noticed it and gave it a tight squeeze, maybe later she said with a little kiss, 

To be continued 

Written by Christine63

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